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    After changing the storefront port as per https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX127945 the BrokerService.exe was not listening to port 1080 (even not at port

    For a release with a longer support term, see XenApp/XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR. XenApp And XenDesktop Component Architecture Poster; Citrix VDI Best Practices for XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR; XenApp/XenDesktop Upgrades – LTSR vs CR, in-place upgrade from 7.x, migration from 6.5; Build Procedures. Delivery Controller 7.16 and Licensing. If you are using the License Server released with XenDesktop 7.6 or from a more recent version, you do not need to upgrade the License server. Click Continue to proceed with the DBschema upgrade. Note: After the database upgrade completes, Studio tests the environment and configuration, and then generates a summary report.




    XenDesktop 7.x: 'Latency' Shows '...' In Citrix Director

    To get the broker site listening on the port configured for SF communication, it is important that the site is configured.
    1. Installed Citrix Xendesktop and opened the console.
    1. Below is the output of the netstat
      As you can see the port-1080 is not listening even in 2012r2 server.
      Now, I go ahead and point my storefront server to this delivery controller, so that a store is created and I try browsing to this storeweb.
      And when I run netstat again, I don’t see the port listening:
      And then I install Storefront on the server:
      And run the netstat command, I still do not see the port listening:
      When creating a store,
      Netstat o/p:
      Browsed to the site now and ran the netstat command, same result- do not see 1080 running
      Then I configured the site, and just created machine catalog, and before creating delivery groups, ran the command netstat, with the below output:
      Yay! 1080 is listening.
      Uninstalled storefront and rebooted the box:
      This time, the process using the port 1080, is not identified. So, changed the port again by running the command:
      Netstat o/p:
      And the port is now not listening. So, I attempted to launch the URL from another storefront server to this same broker and I see the port 8080 listening.
      To test again, I built a new storefront server and then mapped the delivery controller to a newly created store and the behaviour was the same-the port was listening.
      The port will be listening on the controller only when a site is configured. From what we have seen so far, after setting the port using the brokerservice.exe –wiport “port no” , there has to be a store url that needs to be accessed to have the port listening to the storefront.

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