Week 4 Reflectionguided Reading 101

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  1. Offered by Rice University. This course serves as an introduction to the physics of force and motion. Upon completion, learners will have an understanding of how mathematical laws and conservation principles describe the motions and interactions of objects all around us. They will gain experience in solving physics problems with tools such as graphical analysis, algebra, vector analysis,.
  2. Marti is 3rd grade ELA, Reading, and Social Studies teacher at Willow Bend Elementary. She has been in education for the past 15 years. In addition to teaching 3rd grade, Marti has also taught 4th grade and has been the instructional technology specialist at her campus. This is her first year to use the guided reading method in her classroom.

San Francisco +3 = WIN. Result: LA Rams 16 - San Francisco 24-Week 5. My host server was down. I couldn't get my pick or picks in at all for Sunday. If I like anything for Monday night I will. No picks this week. Chicago +3 = Loss. Result: Indianapolis 19 - Chicago 11-Week 3. Since guided reading is a rather difficult and complicated process I usually leave substitutes with lessons and activities that can be taught to the whole class. So, I'm really looking forward to working with my small groups again this week. Today we had a staff development day.


This quiz will ask you questions on the readings for Week 4 'Communication'

You will be asked 5 randomly selected questions and will have 30 minutes to answer them.

Once you start the quiz the clock will countdown even if you log out of Canvas. After 30 minutes your quiz will automatically submit whether you finished or not.

You cannot backtrack on questions, so once you submit your answer there is no going back to it. You cannot skip questions. You get one attempt at this quiz.

If your test freezes in the middle taking it, then email your professor immediately to report the issue so it can be reset before the deadline passes.

The quiz is open book so feel free to look at the readings for this week. You cannot, however, get help from another person - anyone caught doing so will fail the class and will be reported to the Dean of Students for cheating.

Guided Reflection Examples


Week 4 Reflectionguided Reading 101
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Guided Reading Process

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