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The Good Old Days Floppy Collection - Concurrent DOS CDOS 386 - see accompanying information file. Free Software for Windows and Mac – Download free versions of audio, video, graphics, dictation, business and utilities programs. Creating custom Web ADI Integrators. Using custom Web-ADI integrators, you can create custom excel spreadsheets that can be integrated with Oracle Applications Menus. The structure of this excel will be as per your business needs. This excel will have fields validated by LOV, DropDown Lists etc.

This application makes printing your Envelopes just so easy. It saves all your different mailing and return addresses so you do not have to re-key these every time which makes life easier. Just click on the database button, click on the name, click print and you're done. It really is as easy as that. Handles all different types of envelopes and includes a batch printing function too. Prints logos and FIM-A bar codes if you wish.
Give it a whirl, it is fast and easy. (Fully functional)

Registration/Purchase is only $19.95 usd.
No restriction Try Before You Buy Trial good for 30 days.

Over the years, we have received many e-mails and suggestions on ways to improve our initial version of this productive software. We took those suggestions, and weeded through them, and came up with our latest version Star Envelope Printer Pro.

Here is a list of some of the features that are included in this award winning software package, along with a few pics of the system interface. We hope you all enjoy it and find it as useful as we do.

* Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98.
* Unlimited Return Addresses.
* Unlimited Mailing Addresses.
* Intelligent Mail Barcode printing for USPS.
* Postal Code Lookups for multiple countries. (via internet)
* User Definable - Additional Messages to print on envelopes.
* Logo printing.
* Unlimited number of attached printers and types.
* Unlimited number of Envelope Types/Sizes.
* Batch Printing (Print your Christmas lists easily)
* Group definitions for Mailing Lists.
* Don't use complicated procedures when all you want to do is print a simple envelope.
* Used in countries all over the world.
* You can now have up to (7) seven mailing address lines on an envelope.
* Free upgrades/updates for a period of (12) months from date of purchase.
* Many more features, download and try it out for yourself as it is fully functional for 30 days.

We now have a Network Version available. This version allows for up to 5 concurrent users to connect to the system at one time. All the features that are in the Single User Version are available. The cost for the Network Edition is only $60.00usd. You can download from our download page. We offer the same 30 free trial.

All of our software comes with a free 30 day fully functional trial. This will allow you to fully try it our to see if it is the right solution before purchasing. When you decide to purchase, you can just return to this site, and pay for it using one of many different purchase options. Just visit our on-line store for more details.

Choose the right product to manage your projects


Independent projects, advanced planning functionality, Microsoft Project compatibility


Web Adi Concurrent Program Free Download Programs Free

Multiple projects sharing common resources, portfolio management, all the functionality of the Single version


Web Adi Concurrent Program Free Download Programs

Concurrent use, web and desktop access, automatic email notifications, all the functionality of the Multi version


A free Project Viewer for sharing project details in a dynamic manner. See the end of static reports!

Project Viewer

The freeProject Viewer is provided as a way to share details about your projects to other people involved. Instead of emailing reports you can just publish your projects or place them to a shared storage so others can see them using the free Viewer.

Project Viewer is available for: Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

Single Project

Use the Single Project version to handle independent projects (no shared resources, no dependencies between tasks from different projects – if you need any of these you should choose the Multi Project version). Advanced planning functionality is provided through dynamic Gantt charts and timesheets, critical path management, work-driven tasks and more. The Single version will import MS Project files and allows you to share your projects to MS Project users.

Single Project is available for: Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

Multi Project

Built on top of the Single Project version functionality, RationalPlan Multi Project allows you to manage multiple projects sharing common resources. Project portfolio management capabilities as well as clients management support are provided via dedicated views.

RationalPlan Multi can be used as a standalone application or you can connect it to a RationalPlan Server instance so to get access to company’s repository of projects in a concurrent, multi-user environment.

Multi Project is available for: Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

Project Server

RationalPlan Project Server is a centralized project management system that allows your users to access the company’s projects in a concurrent, controlled manner. Access permissions will define what each user can see or change.

RationalPlan Project Server provides web and desktop access, automatic notifications on resources assignments, late tasks, deadlines, etc. Alhough it has the same functionality as the Cloud solution, it can be installed into your private network thus providing 100% privacy, not even our admins can access your data.


Volume Discounts
Basic featuresYesYesYes
Task managementYesYesYes
Project managementYesYesYes
Resource managementYesYesYes
Portfolio managementNoYesYes
Clients managementNoYesYes
Server managementNoNoYes
Data storageNoNoYes

Note: Educational version for Single and Multi can be purchased and used only by students, educational institutions and non-profit organizations and has the same features as Regular version. Governmental Departments and agencies are not eligible for educational versions.

The trial version of Single and Multi products has all the functionality of the full version and can be used for an unlimited period of time. However there is a limitation of maximum 20 tasks. The Server module has only a time limit of 30 days and no functional limitations.

By downloading and using our products you agree to the terms of our RationalPlan License Agreement. For the free use of RationalPlan Viewer please fill in the notification form.

Web Adi Concurrent Program Free Download Programs Windows 10

System requirements

  • All Windows versions are supported
  • Mac version requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
  • Linux supported versions: Ubuntu, Fedora

Older versions of RationalPlan can be found here.

What you will get…


RationalPlan Single, Multi and the On Premise version of the Server are licensed with a one time payment. Once your order is completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that contains a license key. The Cloud version of the Server is licensed on a monthly subscription.

Free minor version upgrades

A minor version may include improvements, bug fixes and even new functionality.

Free support and bug fixes

We offer free support and bug fixes. We answer all support questions within 24 hours.

30 days money-back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our product and services, we offer you a full refund within 30 days from your purchase. Please send us an email and we will refund your purchase immediately.

Web Adi Concurrent Program Free Download Programs Full

1-4 licenses – $87 per license
5-9 licenses – $75 per license
10-49 licenses – $70 per license
50 or more licenses – contact us

Web Adi Concurrent Program Free Download Programs Download

1-4 licenses – $149 per license
5-9 licenses – $132 per license
10-49 licenses – $124 per license
50 or more licenses – contact us
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