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1964 was the final year for the fourth-generation Impala, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the new model didn’t receive some love from Chevrolet.
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In addition to the more polished look with an overall rounded appearance, the Impala now offered a new big-block option in the form of a 409ci (6.7-liter) V8 that returned to the lineup for those looking specifically for some extra muscle.
At the end of the day, the ’64 Impala remained quite a looker, and you don’t necessarily have to trust us about it because you can very well take a look at a nearly original model in our photo gallery.
The Impala SS we have here is a high-optioned model produced in 1964 and equipped with a 327ci (5.4-liter) V8 engine developing 300 horsepower. An automatic transmission is also offered, though unfortunately, we’re not being provided with two many specifics on the condition of the drivetrain. We’re indeed told this is a “driver quality car that you can get in and go,” so we assume the engine starts and runs as it should.
Since it’s a high-optioned model, it also comes with power brakes, power steering, power windows, cruise control, and tinted windows. The original Chevrolet floor mats are still there, but other than that, we don’t know how original everything on this Impala still is, despite being owned by the same family for its entire existence.
There’s one thing we know for sure, though: the blue finish certainly isn’t the one that came with the car, as a repaint has already been made, and the color is now said to be a little bit lighter than the original blue sprayed by Chevy.
The good news is that, in theory, rust shouldn’t be a problem on this Impala, though some spots can be seen on the underside; still, this makes sense given the car has been parked in a barn for over 18 years. The odometer currently indicates an allegedly correct reading of 79,547 miles (128,018 km).
The Impala is being sold by Classic Cars of S.C. for $25,000, and you can inspect it in person in South Carolina.
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