Training Videos : Cylinder Head Assemblythe Mechanic

Whether you do the work in-house or send it out to a machine shop, checking the piston to wall clearance is an important part of any engine build. Master Technician Mark Kenyon of Garage Gurus guides you through the process.


Diagnose and repair a cracked cylinder head - Part 10 of 51. Click through to watch this video on Diagnose and repair a cracked cylinder head - Part 11 of 51. Click through to watch this video on Diagnose and repair a cracked cylinder head - Part 12 of 51. Click through to watch this video on

  1. Production training in Engine Section. (dismantling, inspection, overhauling and assembling of Diesel Engines and Fuel Injection Pumps, timing, mounting and testing) Parts of the Engine, Engine Assembling, Cooling and Lubrication Systems, Repairing sub units (cylinder head, water pump, oil pump, oil filter and oil cooler) 04 Months.
  2. Cylinder head removal and assembly procedure. Cylinder head war-page measuring and understanding. Cylinder head depth/height measuring and understanding. Measuring and understanding taper and ovality wear on the cylinder bore. Piston disassembly and assembly procedure. Measuring and understanding piston size and wear.
  3. Auto Mechanic v2.1 - Available for download from the zSpace App Manager. Auto Mechanic v1.0. Cylinder head assembly, cylinder block assembly, intake manifold assembly, and front cover assembly.
  4. These diesel engine repair DVDs give an overview of the design, construction, and operation of diesel engines; detail the steps needed to properly disassemble, inspect, and measure the parts of diesel engines; and summarize how to install the major parts of a diesel engine back onto its short block.

From determining the bore size to finding key information on the piston box, Mark shows you how to measure the piston to wall clearance. After watching this video, you'll be ready to calculate this important measurement on your customer's vehicle. Count on Garage Gurus to help you get your customer's vehicle repair done right.

TrainingMechanicalTraining videos : cylinder head assembly the mechanics

The Master Technicians of Garage Gurus have the tips and know-how you need to complete that engine rebuild or car restoration. From on-demand videos and online tech tips to hands-on training courses, you can experience leading-edge automotive training onsite, online or in one of our automotive training centers.

Training Videos : Cylinder Head Assembly The Mechanical

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Training Videos : Cylinder Head Assembly The Mechanics

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  • Cylinder Head Reconditioning & Sealing
  • Block Reconditioning & Sealing
  • Engine Performance & Drivability

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