The Of Tape Vol 2 Download

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  1. The Of Tape Vol 2 Download
  2. The Of Tape Vol. 2 Download
  3. Odd Future The Of Tape Vol. 2 Download
  4. Odd Future The Of Tape Vol 2 Download Zip
  5. Odd Future Tape Vol 2
  6. The Of Tape Vol 2 Zip Free Download
The Of Tape Vol 2 Download
The Odd Future Tape
Mixtape by
ReleasedNovember 15, 2008
Odd Future chronology
The Odd Future Tape

The Odd Future Tape is the debut mixtape by Odd Future. It was released independently on November 15, 2008. In 2008, Odd Future consisted of Tyler, the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Jasper Dolphin, The Super 3 (Matt Martians and Hal Williams) and Casey Veggies, the latter of which left after the mixtape's release. The songs were recorded on a computer camera microphone.[1] The mixtape was made available for free download in 2008[2] – LA Weekly dates the release as November 2008.[3]

The Of Tape Vol 2 Download


The Of Tape Vol 2 Download

The songs 'Odd Toddlers' and 'Slow It Down' were later released on Tyler, the Creator's debut mixtape Bastard. The 'Odd Toddlers' instrumental was previously used on Casey Veggies's mixtape Customized Greatly under the title 'Odd'. A few of the songs were released as singles before, such as 'Back for Another One', 'Odd Toddlers', 'Slow it Down' and 'Lisa'.


The of tape, vol. 1 mixtape by odd future. Mixtapemonkey ofwgkta the odd future tape. Domo genesis red corolla full mixtape + download youtube. The of tape vol. 2 (instrumental) mixtape by odd future hosted. Odd future wolf gang kill them all: the of tape vol. Odd future music. 12 odd future songs by odd future on spotify.

Odd Future's manager Christian Clancy announced via Twitter on January 17, 2012 that the second volume to the predecessor tape would be released March 20, 2012. The album was named The OF Tape Vol. 2 and served as the group's official debut studio album.

The album was re-released on Google Play and iTunes on December 9, 2014.


Tom Breihan from Pitchfork has said 'the tape works as a fascinating glimpse of a rap group figuring out its identity, but even with a handful of strong Tyler moments, it's not really anything you need in your iTunes'. He also says of Tyler, the Creator's input to the album, 'A couple of the tracks here later showed up on Tyler's Bastard album, and he's so far beyond everyone else here that it's ridiculous.'[4]

Track listing[edit]

1.'The Tape Intro' (performed by Tyler, the Creator)Tyler, the Creator3:04
2.'Odd Toddlers' (performed by Tyler, the Creator and Casey Veggies)Tyler, the Creator3:36
3.'Laxin' (performed by Hodgy Beats)The Super 31:31
4.'Back for Another One' (performed by Casey Veggies and Tyler, the Creator)Tyler, the Creator3:30
5.'Bubble Gum' (performed by Tyler, the Creator, Casey Veggies, and Hodgy Beats)The Super 34:26
6.'Fucking Lame' (performed by Tyler, the Creator)Tyler, the Creator2:26
7.'Pimp Slap' (performed by MellowHype and Tyler, the Creator)Left Brain4:05
8.'Bitches Brewin' (performed by Tyler, the Creator)Tyler, the Creator2:47
9.'Money Talk' (performed by Casey Veggies and Hodgy Beats)The Super 33:00
10.'Our Story' (performed by Hodgy Beats)The Super 31:56
11.'The Life Like' (performed by Casey Veggies)Tyler, the Creator3:13
12.'McDonalds' (performed by MellowHype)Left Brain2:43
13.'Slow It Down' (performed Tyler, the Creator and Hodgy Beats)Tyler, the Creator3:08
14.'Remember Me' (performed by Tyler, the Creator and Casey Veggies)Tyler, the Creator3:39
15.'Malaya' (performed by MellowHype)Left Brain3:01
16.'Lisa' (performed by I Smell Panties, Casey Veggies and MellowHype)Tyler, the Creator5:09
17.'Fin.' (performed by Tyler, the Creator)Tyler, the Creator5:15
18.'Commercial' (performed by Tyler, the Creator and Casey Veggies)Tyler, the Creator2:52
19.'Dracula' (performed by Tyler, the Creator)Tyler, the Creator2:14
Total length:61:28
Odd future the of tape vol 2 download zip

The Of Tape Vol. 2 Download


Odd Future The Of Tape Vol. 2 Download

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Odd Future The Of Tape Vol 2 Download Zip

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Odd Future Tape Vol 2

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YOUR ALL WELCOME FOR ME TAKING 2 HOURS TO GET THIS ALL TOGETHER! OF FANS HERE YOU GO - Anthony UPDATE 9/29/2020: wow, this is insane, i cant believe this blew up, when i uploaded this i was 15 years old, im 23 now, i got a job, issues, insecurities, real life adult shit, we all stuck in this fucking pandemic and i was having a nostalgia trip and stumbled upon this shit again wow im just so shocked, i remember when i uploaded this, WOLF-Era, didnt have to worry about shit, my family was going through hell, we were so poor, all i gave a shit about was music and felt the need to have this project complete, fuck man im tearing up those old OF days are over and we not kids anymore.... anyways, thank you all for enjoying this as much as i did i make music too so follow me on instagram if you care: @memoryfrom2007 its been a ride guys, love you

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The Of Tape Vol 2 Zip Free Download

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