Teen Beach Movie 1teen Beach Movie

Get ready for the return of McKenzie, Brady, Lela, and Tanner! Teen Beach 2 is coming this summer, and it’s going to be difficult to wait that long to see all our favorite singing, dancing, bikers and surfers back in action.

Fortunately, it is totally acceptable to re-watch Teen Beach Movie over and over again to get your Ross and Maia fix. Plus, Garrett Clayton and Grace Phipps, who play Tanner and Lela, will be presenters at the Radio Disney Music Awards this year, so you can see them take the stage during the RDMA Disney Channel special on April 26. In the meantime, go back the beach with this quiz and find out which Teen Beach Movie character you are:

Your style is


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Your favorite song from Teen Beach Movie is

'Surf Crazy'
'Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
'Meant to Be'
'Can't Stop Singing'

You like to hang out at

The beach
The local diner
The movie theater
The library

When you have to make a hard choice, you usually

Go with your gut
Do what is expected of you
Sing about it
Follow your heart

Your favorite color is

Teen beach movie 1 teen beach movie free
Teen Beach Movie 1teen Beach Movie

How long does it take you to style your hair in the morning?

10 minutes
20 minutes
30 minutes
Teen beach movie 1 teen beach movie full
Too long to tell

Finish the lyrics: “Take the lead, she likes it when you’re ___ _____.”

Really nice
In control
Very strong
Extra responsible

Your preferred method of water transportation is

Jet ski
Keep me on dry land!

At slumber parties you like to

Sing karaoke
Eat snacks
Watch movies

Teen Beach Movie 1 Teen Beach Movie Online

Talk about your crushes

When it comes to talking to your crush, you are


Your favorite Disney Channel Original Movie (other than Teen Beach Movie) is

High School Musical
Camp Rock
The Cheetah Girls

You’re Brady!

You’re a fun-loving surfer who loves old school movies. You don’t always show how much you care, but you’re romantic at heart and will do anything to take care of the ones you love.

Now see if you can guess who said these lyrics, Ross Lynch as Brady or Ross Lynch as Austin from Austin & Ally.

You’re Lela!

You have a passion for fashion and love hanging out with your best girl friends. Your style is edgy but you love throwing in girly touches.

Teen Beach Movie 1 Teen Beach Movie Full

Now see if you can finish the lyrics to these Disney Princess songs.

You're Mack!

Teen Beach Movie 1 Teen Beach Movie Cast

Smart, confident, and determined, you are a true leader like Mack. You are responsible and always try to do the right thing, but sometimes you take a risk and go outside of your comfort zone. Even though you can be serious, you also know how important it is to have fun with the people you love.

Take this quiz to see how well you know the lyrics from High School Musical.

Teen Beach Movie 1 Teen Beach Movie Free

You’re Tanner!

You sing, you dance, you have fabulous hair. You’re silly and tons of fun to be around. There is nothing more important to you than friendship and you have a solid crew of friends that have your back at all times!

Take this quiz to see how well you know the lyrics from High School Musical.

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