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You’ll be sitting for hours, and so will your clients. How comfortable will you all be if you have cheap furniture?

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You need the best tattoo artist chair, client chair, table, and bed. Your furnishings ought to be comfortable, adjustable, and easy to clean.

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Don’t worry – although I think you should stretch your budget for this, there are still ways to save money. Some client chairs double as tattoo beds.

Let’s discuss how to choose furniture for a tattoo studio.


  • Best Tattoo Artist Chair, Client Chair, Table and Bed
    • The best tattoo artist chairs and stools
    • The best tattoo client chairs and tattoo beds

How to pick the best tattoo chairs for you and your clients

When the cheapest choices are online, you’re dependent on photographs, reviews, and specs. You won’t get to try out a chair until it arrives.

Here are three questions to consider when you choose the best tattoo studio furniture.

  • First, how big is your space? Do you have room for a bed and a chair, or is it better to get convertible furniture? You’ll probably have to take measurements because you also need to leave space for a tattoo cart and a lamp.
  • Second, what you need for your own comfort? Would you prefer a stool or a rolling chair with a backrest? Does the height need to be adjustable?
  • Third, are the furnishings upholstered with material that’s durable and easy to sanitize?

Those tips will help you narrow down the competition. If you want to fine-tune your shopping, you’ll need to read the specifications for each piece of furniture.

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For example, chairs are usually made to fit the average human male who is 5’ 10” (1). The seat is usually 16 to 18 inches above the floor. It’s best if the height is adjustable to suit taller and shorter people.

The most comfortable chairs have a seat that’s at least 15 inches deep and 16 inches wide. Take a look at the weight limits, too. Not everyone’s under 250 pounds these days.

Best Tattoo Artist Chair, Client Chair, Table and Bed

Okay, let’s dive into the reviews to help you furnish your studio.

The best tattoo artist chairs and stools

Your tattoo artist stool should allow you to concentrate on your work and not distract you with an aching back or numb legs.

Get the best tattoo artist chair you can afford because it’s essential that you are comfortable.

InkBed ErgoStrad Ergonomic Technician Stool with Backrest

InkBed is located near Seattle. Their purpose is to make better furniture for tattoo artists and studios. They weren’t happy with the selection of steno stools and esthetician beds then on the market. None of it was comfy enough for hours of inking.

Their first innovation was the InkBed, then they created the InkStool. Finally, in consultation with artists, they developed the ErgoStrad chair here. Its attractive features are even popular with people who aren’t tattoo artists.

It’s the perfect stool for tattoo artists because it’s all ultra-adjustable and comfortable. It supports up to 300 pounds and has a broad 22-inch base to prevent tipping. You can raise or lower the height between 20 to 25.5 inches.

The curved backrest for lumbar support slides up to 5 inches to help you find the ideal position. Plus, the 3-inch-thick memory foam cushion seat is sculpted and easy to wipe clean.

Of course, it rolls to wherever you need to work.

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InkBed InkStool Adjustable Ergonomic Chair

Here’s the ultimate tattoo artist chair. You can sit in it facing forward or backward as it’s either a backrest or a place to rest your chest. Adjust the angle to suit the position you prefer.

Imagine how supportive this would be for your back when you’re leaning over a client for hours on end.

The backrest includes a removable headrest that doubles as a place to put your chin when sitting backward.

Use the armrests either forwards or backward, or remove them.

The seat is generously padded up to 6 inches thick. The armrests are 3 inches thick. And everything is covered in a material that’s water-resistant and wipes clean.

You can raise the height from 23 to 28 inches, and adjust the backrest higher or lower, too.

The chair supports up to 300 pounds and rolls on a stable base with 5 wheels.

TAT TECH Ergonomic Tattoo Stool

If InkBed doesn’t fit into your budget, check out this stool with a minimal backrest. It has a regular sculpted seat designed to maintain blood circulation in the lower body.

The tiny backrest raises or lowers up to 10 inches. It doubles as a chest rest if you sit backward and lean on it.

Also, you can raise or lower the seat between 20 to 27 inches.

The whole thing is compact and weighs only 19 pounds.

FRNIAMC Adjustable Saddle Stool

I can’t pronounce the brand name, but I like this stool’s style. It has a true saddle seat that’s thickly padded and adjustable.

The theory is that it corrects your posture to stay upright naturally and save your neck and back from stiffness and pain.

You can raise it from 20 to 29.5 inches to work on your client in a tattoo bed. It has 5 nylon wheels that roll quietly.

The stool supports up to 450 pounds and comes with a 1-year guarantee.

CoVibrant Ergonomic Lockable Rolling Stool with Backrest

I don’t recommend it, but some artists like it. This stool has a curved backrest and nicely padded upholstery.

But the highlight is that it locks in the position. You can push down on levers to lock two of the wheels.

The seat height adjusts between 20 and 27 inches. Its cushion is 3.75-inches thick and padded in polyurethane leather.

The chair holds up to 300 pounds.

The best tattoo client chairs and tattoo beds

Haven’t we all worked on someone who can’t sit still? That’s when it’s crucial to have a cozy client chair like one of these.

InkBed Hydraulic Client Tattoo Chair

In general, hydraulic chairs seem to break down less often than electric chairs. They also adjust, even if the power goes out. That’s why I recommend this option instead of the next one. But you’ll do great either way as both are made by the experts at InkBed.

Instead of purchasing a chair and a bed for your studio, this one piece of furniture does it all. With it, you can access every part of your client’s body for tattooing.

In it, your client can sit upright, recline, or lay flat on their back or stomach. It has a face cradle just like a massage table. When fully extended, it’s 83.5 inches. That’s long enough for a professional basketball player.

You can raise and lower the chair with the foot lever like a stylist at the barbershop. You can also spin it 360°.

If you choose to purchase the armrests, they swivel and tilt, too. The leg rests move independently and swing out of the way. You can pull off the headrest and remove parts of the backrest also.

Is there anything this tattoo bed can’t do? Like, can it roll? As a matter of fact, it can. You can get it with a rubber base or caster wheels. Depending on which option you choose, it’s either 21.25 or 29.5 inches tall. Of course, you can change that as well by simply pumping the lever with your foot.

Electric Tattoo Chair InkBed Client Chair

If you were impressed by the hydraulic chair above, check out the electric version. Not only is it fully adjustable, but it also has 3 electrical sockets and 2 USB ports onboard. Yes, you can run your tattoo iron and charge a phone with it.

Since it’s electric, when you raise and lower it, it moves smoothly. There’s no pumping action.

Both tattoo beds come with a 1-year warranty.

InkBed Hydraulic Tattoo Chair

This attractive chair wouldn’t look out of place in a barbershop. It raises up and down with the help of a foot lever. It spins 360° and tilts backward. You can lock it into position at the angle you desire.

The company padded seat measures 20.5 by 19 inches and has a backrest of approximately the same size.

As with all their products, InkBed offers a one-year warranty.

Artist Hand Hydraulic Reclining Barber Chair

I hate to admit it, but this brand is giving InkBed a run for the money. Compare this barbershop chair to the one above. It’s not as flashy-looking, but it has attractive features.

For one, it holds up to 330 pounds, and it’s fully padded, including the armrests. The headrest moves up and down to accommodate taller people.

Meanwhile, the backrest reclines to 135°, and the hydraulic lift action raises the chair up to 7 inches more.

Everything’s upholstered in polyurethane leather that’s straightforward to clean.

The manufacturer says it comes with detailed instructions and can be assembled in a quarter of an hour. There’s no mention of a guarantee or warranty, however.

Artist Hand Adjustable Tattoo Table Bed W/Free Stool

It’s an adjustable massage table that’s convenient for tattoo shops and beauty salons. The client can sit reclined with their legs bent or straight out. Otherwise, they can lay flat.

The armrests raise or lower, and the headrest cushion pulls out. The surface is padded with high-density sponge underneath PVC leather.

The table is 74 inches long by 31 inches tall by 34 inches wide. It supports up to 375 pounds.

By the way, it comes with a free rolling stool for the technician or tattoo artist.

BELLAVIE Adjustable Table Chair

Here’s another adjustable tattoo table that serves as a reclining chair, too. It holds up to 300 pounds and stands 72 x 32”.

Although you can’t raise or lower the table (it’s fixed at 20 inches in height), you can pull off the headrest cushion and the armrests.

The backrest reclines between 105° nearly upright to 180° flat. You can also adjust the leg rest from 45° 180°.


The tattoo bed is covered in polyurethane leather that wipes clean and resists spills.

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Massage Table by BestMassage

If you travel to clients’ homes to do tattoos, it’s convenient to have a portable massage table like this one. It supports up to 450 pounds, yet it only weighs 28 pounds. It even comes with a carrying case with a shoulder strap. Just unfold it, open the legs, flip it over, and you’re good to go.

It’s an attractive tattoo bed in that it’s available in various colors and has a reinforced beechwood frame. The PVC leather resists water and oil to wipe clean. Moreover, the padding is 2-inches thick.

The height adjusts from 24 to 33 inches with the help of knobs. You can also extend the armrests, or remove them, and attach a unique armrest for clients who are laying face down.

LCL Beauty Complete Tattoo Package

Furnish your studio in one go for a budget price when you choose this package. It includes a bed, an artist chair, and a movable tray.

Let’s start with the tattoo bed. It’s an adjustable massage table with an extendable headrest and removable pillow. It 72 inches long, but you can extend the headrest so that it reaches 78 inches.

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It’s 32 inches wide and features removable armrests. The space between the armrests is 24.5 inches. It’s all padded with 4-inch thick foam. It’s not as cushiony as memory foam, but it’s supportive.

It stands on a welded steel base. Although I didn’t find the official stated weight limit, someone who owns it replied that it supports up to 400 pounds.

Next, the tattoo artist “chair” is a basic rolling stool that raises and lowers when you fiddle with the lever.

Finally, the rolling tray offers a space to hold your ink caps and tattoo machines. The top is 21.5 by 15.75 inches in size and has a 1-inch tall lip to keep things from rolling off. It’s adjustable in that you can raise or lower it by turning the knob.


It’s essential to have a reliable tattoo iron and the best tattoo ink. But please don’t forget the furniture.

You must have an adjustable, comfortable tattoo artist chair. Plus, it’s smart to have versatile, comfy furnishings for your clients.

If you found your new favorite chair or tattoo bed here today, drop by again and tell us how it’s working out for you.


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