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Do you know what benefits event sponsors are looking for? Without that information driving your sponsorship proposal, it’s impossible to win the right sponsors in 2018 — and beyond.

Read on to discover five coveted sponsorship benefits you can offer to hook big brands.

Sponsorship benefit #1: Meaningful access to your event audience

Sponsors want access to new and bigger target markets. The better you know your attendee demographics, the more you can prove that your event attendees are that target market.

The key is knowing what type of access to your attendees is going to be most compelling from sponsor to sponsor.

Tip: Dig deep into your attendee and event data to find meaningful ways sponsors can connect with your audience. The right activation will enhance your attendees’ experience of your event — which is a win/win/win scenario for you, your attendees, and your sponsors.

Sponsorship benefit #2: Exclusive market research into their target customer

Some companies go to extraordinary lengths to develop a comprehensive profile of their ideal customer. Lucky for you, you’re sitting on a goldmine of industry-exclusive data that the right brands would love to get their hands on.

From demographics and firmographics to purchase behavior, your insight into their target audience can influence a sponsor’s business strategy and pave the road to success.

Tip: Consider offering sponsors the opportunity to add some key marketing questions (ones they really want the answers to) in your next follow up survey. Or, create focus groups with willing event-goers, so they can get the granular data on their target market they’re looking for.

Sponsorship benefit #3: Influence that other forms of advertising can’t buy


It may sound heartless, but sponsorship is not philanthropy. And it’s certainly not the same as advertising. Savvy sponsors expect you to wield your event’s in-person influence to give them a warm introduction to your event audience. They’re willing to pay for opportunities that create a much deeper connection to their brand than online advertising does.

Tip: When assessing a potential sponsor’s needs, consider how you’ll increase the likelihood that your audience will take action and achieve the intended outcome. Remember: you are the gatekeeper to your sponsor’s target customers. A recommendation from you is much more powerful than other marketing channels.

Sponsorship benefit #4: Measurable outcomes over promises

Sponsors have outcomes they’re seeking to achieve, like increased brand exposure or new customer acquisition. No matter the outcome, they’ll want to measure every aspect of their sponsorship to ensure they’re on track.

Tip: Make sure your proposal explains how their sponsorship will achieve their specific objective. Don’t just assume they’ll make the connection themselves. If their goal is to increase their brand awareness, don’t just say where you’ll showcase their brand. Instead, detail how you’ll track social mentions, measure on-site engagement, and track brand preference post-event so they’ll get results.

Sponsorship benefit #5: A compelling return on investment

Brands will not invest in a sponsorship opportunity unless they think they’ll gain a return on investment (ROI). Some companies have an ROI ratio that they use. 4:1, for example, is a fairly common one, and it means that a sponsor would want to make four times the value of their investment in order to justify the marketing spend.


Sponsors Website Of Secretary Of State

Tip:Use surveys and focus groups to establish initial benchmarks of how well a sponsor’s brand is perceived by your attendees. Use this data to help your sponsors set goals for improvement post-event, and then retest the same metrics after the event.

Sponsors Website Of Trinidad And Tobago

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Sponsors Website Of Usa

Eager to learn what it takes to win event sponsors in today’s competitive market? Read The DNA of Relationship-Based Event Sponsorship. You’ll learn how and why your sponsorship strategy might be leaving money on the table — and causing you to miss out on bigger and better opportunities.

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