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Are you exam ready? Want some FREE sample exam papers? You’re in luck! Try our free exam papers below. We’ve also included links to a variety of past exam papers.

Spectrum Tuition’s FREE Test Preparation exams aim to familiarise students with the examination structure. It also gives students the opportunity to apply their skills and implement strategies in order to diagnose specific areas that they need to address in the months or weeks leading up to the actual examination date.

Students sitting Scholarship exams (Year 6) may wish to attempt the sample tests available below:

Here are ten of the most common scholarship interview questions. Question: Tell us about yourself. This open-ended question allows you to direct the conversation.Because it is so broad, your first instinct might be to also answer broadly. The community plan for change project completed in Nursing 340 also meets the scholarship for practice outcome. The outcome was met by selecting 'approaches to population based health issues.

MathematicsReading Comprehension General Ability
Maths Test 1RC Test 1 GA Test 1
Maths Test 2RC Test 2GA Test 2
Maths Test 3RC Test 3 GA Test 3
Maths Test 4GA Test 4

Students sitting Selective Entrance exams (Year 8) may wish to attempt the sample tests available below:

Practice Questions For Scholarship Interview

MathematicsReading ComprehensionVerbal ReasoningNumerical Reasoning
Maths TestRC TestVR Test NR Test

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Scholarship Practice Tests Year 7 Pdf

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Scholarship For Nursing Practice

If you have worked through all the above exams and have consistently scored over 90% in each of the tests, congratulations! You are in a very strong position to reach your goals. We still recommend that you work through the exams again and try to beat your time by 10 minutes to improve your accuracy and speed in order to increase the likelihood of being offered a scholarship or place in a selective school. If you are unable to consistently score over 90%, we can help! We run weekend classes that focus on each aspect of the exams. We will TEACH you skills and strategies and go through how to approach and answer a range of specific questions that are likely to come up on the actual exams. We can also show you how to write a well structured and coherent full length narrative and analytical essay within the 15 minute time frame allotted.

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