Scary Objects Memory Game

Scary Objects - A Memory Game. Object of the Game: This game will test each players memory of what they see on a tray full of objects for a short time. What You Do: Using about 20 to 25 different Halloween related items, such as rubber bats, spiders, skulls, ghosts, etc. And place a few of them on a tray. Jul 30, 2019 Studies have found that the ancient Chinese tile-based game Mahjong improves cognitive functioning and memory skills — and luckily, it’s available to play for free online. This is a tough game and mastering it requires that you exercise your attention, memory, planning, and calculation skills.

How to Play the Memory Game – A Classic!

I have been playing the memory game since I was a child. Once I explain the directions, the memory game might bring you down “memory lane” as well. It is so simple to set up with objects you have right in your house or really anywhere.

Here is how to play the memory game:

Gather random objects from around the house, your pocketbook or off of the restaurant table. Use fewer objects for younger children and more objects for older children.

Place the objects on the table or a tray.

Study the objects for 30 seconds.

Cover up the tray with a napkin or cloth.

Can you remember every single item on the tray?

Want to make it easier?

Have the children study the objects for 10 seconds. Ask them to close their eyes or leave the room. Remove only one object from the tray. Ask the children to open their eyes. Can they guess what is missing?

Want to make it harder?

Add at least 30 objects to a tray. Try including small items like a paper clip along with brightly colored small toys. Let the children study the tray for 30 seconds. Remove the tray from the room. Give each child a paper and pencil and one minute. Write down a list of as many objects as you can that were on the tray.

Want to make it EVEN HARDER?

Show the children the tray with 30 objects for 30 seconds. Remove the tray. For the next 30 seconds, ask the children completely random questions i.e. what kind of candy do you like? what is the weather today? what is your favorite animal? etc. Then give them the paper to write down as many objects that they can remember from the tray.

Benefits of playing the Memory Game:

This game encourages children to practice working memory skills. Working memory is crucial for our brain to hold onto information. There is auditory working memory and visual-spatial working memory. The memory game facilitates visual-spatial working memory. These skills are necessary to learn and retain academic material in school. The memory game helps to strengthen working memory skills.

Do you need more quick games to play with children?

Waiting Games is a download of 20 games to play while you are on a road trip, waiting at the doctor’s office or restaurant or sitting around the campfire. The games do not require any equipment just creativity and imagination.

Need more working memory challenges? Check out Memory Challenge

This download will challenge your visual memory skills. There are 2 versions of the game. The easier version consists of 20 pages with 12 objects on each page. Memorize the objects, cover them up and write what you can remember. The difficult version includes one recording sheets and 5 memory boards with 100+ objects on each page to try and remember. Perfect for a family game night or for solo play. FIND OUT MORE.


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Scary Objects Memory Game To Play

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Memory Game Printable

Scary objects memory game downloads

Memory Game For Kids

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