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#2 The experienced Mazda pickup rolled to a stop in front of an abandoned barn. Sarah stepped out and contemplated the building.
Is this as bad as it looks?
She unlocked the padlock.
At least the padlock’s new.
The sliding door squealed as it yielded to her pressure.
She squeezed through the opening.

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The divider wall, between the first two stalls on the left, had been removed. A mandrel ran along the back of the two open stalls. It had powered several mechanic’s tools sitting along the wall. The walls and floor hosted belts, filters, bearings, bolts, nuts, washers, springs, scraps of metal, sickle blades, everything an innovative, farm repairman would harbor in his shop. A forge stood in the third stall. Air, for the forge, had been fed by bellows.
Sarah looked across the aisle. The first couple stalls had the look of a separate business; maybe a farrier had operated out of the first two stalls. At the back of the barn, a steep ladder pointed to the loft. She climbed the ladder. As her head cleared the loft floor; she caught her breath.

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As Sarah composed herself; she drove a couple hundred yards down the road to a café. She walked in and strode toward a man standing near the till.
He noticed and said, “Hello, welcome to Jake’s Place. I’m Jake Sunrise; owner, server, chef, bus boy, dishwasher, and janitor of this fine establishment.”

Sarah Smith Blog

“Hi, Jake, I’m Sarah Healer. I bought the mechanic’s shop down the road.”
“What are you going to do with it?”
“I‘m going to build a book and coffee shop in it.”
“So, you march in here, with your flashing eyes, and tell me you’re going to steal my business.”
“Not quite, Jake. I like words. You use ‘steal’ to mean competition. It will be better if we attract enough business for us both to thrive and become friends.”
“I don’t have a dimple.”
She laughed. “We’re going to be friends, Jake. You’ll learn to love me.
“I had a root canal once.”
“Well, buck up and build me a Denver sandwich. Hold the arsenic.”



As we strive for serenity; we often comment on the apparent negatives in others' suggestions. Constructive feedback is helpful. It is better if it comes with five positives for every negative.

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