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Quality Control (“QC”) is one of the most important parts of the post-production workflow, but one of the last things most independent filmmakers consider. The importance of a thorough and professional QC cannot be overstated since a QC rejection costs both time and money, and can make or break a film’s distribution deal or release. Modify the parameters to improve video quality. Choose the type of your video resolution you want ( 480P, 720P, 1080P or 4K ) by dragging the progress bar at the right bottom and stop at the value you need or click Parameter settings and go to the resolution icon to change the resolution into a higher one in the drop-down list. Quality goals are targets for the improvement of quality.These are typically developed as part of quality assurance strategy or goal setting for performance management.The following are examples of quality goals.

When opening videos from YouTube and other video-sharing sites, VLC tries to get the best quality of the video possible. The best quality that it fetches depends on a number of factors like the speed and bandwidth of your internet connection. The player will try to load the best video resolution that is feasible with the current connection. But what if you wanted to choose the quality/resolution of the online video that VLC loads from YouTube? There is an advanced option that allows us to select Full HD (1080p), HD (720p), Standard Definition (560p or 480p), Low Definition (360p), and Very Low Definition (240p). This video quality will be applied to the online media opened from video sharing sites like YouTube.

Here are the detailed steps to change the video quality of videos loaded in VLC from online video sharing sites like YouTube:

  • Go to Tool > Preferences [CTRL + P].
  • Click on All under Show settings for advanced preferences.
  • Click on Input / Codecs.
  • Choose the maximum video quality in Preferred video resolution.

As mentioned before, the video qualities that are possible are–Best available, Full HD (1080p), HD (720p), Standard Definition (576 or 480 lines), Low Definition (360 lines), Very Low Definition (240 lines). Suppose you choose HD 720p, VLC will pick a resolution that is closest to 720p and it won’t go higher than 720p. So, 720p will be the maximum resolution and it won’t go for 1080p. But if you pick something like Very low definition (240 lines) and a video stream containing 240p is not available it will load up the closest one that is 360p. Hit CTRL + J or go to Tools > Media Information to view the video resolution that is currently playing.

Pick a video that fits your internet speed and device’s hardware capability. If you pick an HD video and your device cannot handle it, it will be a bit sketchy and lag while playing.

If you didn’t know that you could load up online videos from streaming sites, then just hit Media > Open Network Stream [CTRL + N]. Paste in the URL and hit Play. The video will be loaded with the quality that you selected in a few moments.

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Quality control, or QC, refers to efforts on behalf of a company to ensure that their mass-manufactured products are free from flaws that affect the functionality and/or aesthetic quality of the product. This has nothing to do with safety-testing which is usually done at an earlier stage of the development process, and which only aims to make sure that the product isn't harmful to the target audience (in the Transformers toys' case, children), but says nothing about the functionality or quality of the product (in fact, safety measures may sometimes affect the functionality).

Usually, quality control involves picking individual samples from a production run and testing them to make sure they're free from a variety of errors. Testing the entire production run is not commercially feasible, so instead, the manufacturer relies on just testing random samples, hoping to catch at least the more widespread problems this way.

Unfortunately, despite these efforts, errors still occasionally creep their way into products available on store shelves. While for the most part, these are limited to flaws on individual samples which aren't caught due to the very nature of the quality control process, the occasional widespread error exists, some of which even affect an entire production run, or at least a considerable percentage of it.

  • 1Fields of quality control

Fields of quality control


Though somewhat in character, the facial expression is one of the most infamous examples of mold degradation.
The good and the bad and ugly.

Transformers toys are assembled from many smaller parts usually made out of plastic, die-cast metal or rubber. These parts are cast from mass-manufacturing molds. There are several problems that can occur at this stage:

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  • Too little material can be used for the molding of one part by accident, resulting in an incomplete or deformed part. This is usually limited to individual samples.
  • Parts can be damaged during the molding process or after it, again resulting in incomplete or deformed parts, but again limited to individual specimens.
  • The sculpting may be imperfect due to a design flaw, which can result in aesthetically flawed (incomplete or damaged) parts, but also in too little or too much space between connected and moving parts, or too tight or too loose joints. This usually affects the entire production run, and is therefore more likely to be caught during quality control, although some cases still slip through. For example, 2007 Transformers Deluxe Class Decepticon Brawl's shoulders are connected to the torso with diamond-shaped pegs as part of the transformation, but the ports into which they plug are in the wrong shape, resulting in the shoulders being unable connect to the torso. This problem was eventually fixed for the Revenge of the Fallen Deep Desert Brawl redeco of the toy, however. Meanwhile, initial batches of Prime: Beast HuntersCyberverse Legion Class Hun-Gurrr were unable to fold the claws over all the way in both directions due to problems with the plastic tolerances. This was amended by a running change, which also affected international releases of the figure. All subsequent releases and redecos of the sculpt came with problem-free claws.
  • The molds can wear out and deteriorate due to excessive use, resulting in the same problems caused by imperfect sculpting. Again, this would affect the entire production run. Revenge of the Fallen Deluxe Class 'Preview' Bumblebee and Binaltech AsteriskAlert are just two of many examples. Though this sort of problem is usually also spotted during quality control, Hasbro and Takara only address this in rare instances (such as Generation 1Jazz's head whose mouth had degraded into an ugly smirk with various reuses of the mold, and which was eventually either restored or replaced by a brand new, flawless mold), instead just hoping that the flaws aren't being noticed that much, and eventually just retiring the molds in question altogether. Various iterations of the ClassicsStarscream sculpt also came with varying degrees of unstable connections for the included missile launchers. Henkei! Henkei!Thundercracker is particularly notorious in this regard, with subsequent uses of the sculpt having the problem fixed. A particularly nasty example a of molding flaw that affected a considerable portion of the production run (but not the entirety of it) was Dark of the MoonMini-ConRav, whose Powerlinx socket was deformed to the point of uselessness on many specimens.

Materials and stability

Okay, this was honestly hard to foresee.

Sometimes a toy that was perfectly stable as a prototype may develop problems at the manufacturing stage. This can be due to the materials used for the mass-produced version having different properties and qualities than the materials used for the prototypes.

  • Some types of plastic may turn out to be too brittle to be used for small parts or parts put under a lot of stress as part of the transformation process. This affects clear plastic in particular. This is a flaw that usually affects most, if not all of the production run and therefore should theoretically be caught during quality control.
Main article: Design flaw#Common breakage points
  • Some plastic types will deteriorate after being exposed to air or sunlight for a while. Although in some cases one couldn't realistically expect quality control to notice the problem (such as the infamous Gold Plastic Syndrome, which doesn't manifest until years after exposure to the elements), there are instances where materials have degraded very quickly, such as 2007 TransformersLegends ClassScorponok's tail stinger, which might be the reason why the toy has only been redecoed once thus far.

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Paint operations and tampographs

Something's missing from these Decepticon insignias.
Meanwhile, these Decepticon insignias have something they're not supposed to have.

Sometimes something goes wrong at the painting or tampography stage, resulting in weird parts of the deco. Sometimes this is caught before mass production, but the occasional weird fluke gets through:

  • UniverseSpy ChangerIronhide (from the Walmart exclusive two-pack with Ultra Magnus has 'escort vehical' tampographed onto the rear end of his vehical vehicle mode.
  • AlternatorsAutobot Camshaft features tampographed deco details (based on Generation 1Bluestreak, the Alternators toy's originally intended name) on the back of his shoulders. It's possible that this happened because the deco designer didn't take into consideration the fact that the pegs that connect the forearms to the shoulders in vehicle mode are located on the front side of the shoulders, which would have made it difficult to tampograph the deco around them, and thus maybe someone at the factory decided to put the deco on the side without the peg.[1][2]
  • Hasbro prototypes of UniverseSunstreaker used for stock photography[3] and comparison photos in Japanese magazines[4] sported an incorrect 'WE R 82' license plate. Fortunately, this got caught in time, and the entire production run of the mass-released toy sports the correct 'WE R 84' license plate deco.[5] (It's also possible that the '82' version might have been a reference to the year the Diaclone predecessor of Sunstreaker, the 'first transforming car-to-robot toy' according to Hasbro, was released.)
  • Meanwhile, UniverseProwl had an odd problem with the paint on his doors and roof becoming sticky when exposed to warm surroundings (such as the touch of a human hand), resulting in the black paint taking on a washed out look. The problem was repeated with the Silverstreakredeco/retool of the sculpt, and was not corrected for the Henkei! Henkei! release. This is also partly a design flaw, since it was never noticed that the paint and translucent plastic failed to bond.
  • 2010 TransformersTailwhip (from the Targetexclusive 'Rotorwash Rumble' two-pack with Deluxe Class Arcee) sports tiny '™' trademark symbols next to his Decepticon faction insignia.[6] As the symbols commonly show up this way on toy packaging, presumably someone grabbed the wrong file during production. The '™' symbols however do not appear in the stock photos of Tailwhip depicted on the back of the box, most probably because the stock photos use a hand-painted prototype.[7]
  • Initial batches of GenerationsDirge were missing the white section in the center of the crest for all three Decepticon faction symbols. This was fixed by a running change.[8]
  • Some of the Kre-O Kreons' tampographs. For example, Micro-Changers Highbrow, Custom Kreon Robots in Disguise Grimlocks had misaligned eyes and mouth tampographs.

Packaging images and labelling


The packaging can also turn out to sport errors. Sometimes they are corrected before production starts, sometimes a running change fixes them in the middle of the production run, and sometimes they are never corrected at all:

A vampire going by multiple names.
Apparently he don't do much spelling, either.
You gotta be ***in' kidding me.
  • Generation 1Shrapnel's package art for his Hasbro and Milton Bradley releases hilariously depicts him with two left hands. For Takara's Japanese release, this error was corrected.
  • Considerable quantities of the Generation 1 Jumpstarters were available with each other's package art depicted in their Tech Spec/bio strips. Many fans consider the erroneous versions genuine variants.
  • Proof cards of the Generation 1 MicromasterOff Road Patrol featured errors in the instructions: The line art drawing for Powertrain was based on an earlier prototype which had the rear wheels attached to the feet rather than the shins. This was corrected for the production version, as well as a minor fix for Mudslinger's line art that reflects the small indentations added to the inside halves of the wheels on his shoulders.[9]
  • Some versions of Beast MachinesMirage's packaging refer to his weapon of choice as a 'piasma mine blaster'.[10] Presumably, that was the initial production run, since the correct spelling 'plasma' also exists.[11]
  • Both the OTFCC 2003exclusiveSideswipe[12] and the Armada Super-Con Side Swipe[13] sported the toy's name rendered as 'Sideswipe' (one word) on their packaging, although Hasbro had the spelling 'Side Swipe' (two words) registered as a trademark at that point. However, the cross-sell on the packaging for the OTFCC 2003 exclusive Shadow Striker/Roulette two-pack referred to OTFCC Sideswipe as 'Side Swipe',[14] whereas a packaging variant for the Armada toy released as part of the 'Unicron Battles' refresh of the Armada line also saw the name changed to 'Side Swipe'.[15]
  • Commemorative Series VIAutobot Grapple's name was misspelled as 'Auotbot Grapple' in several instances on the packaging.[16]
  • A typo on Beast Wars 10th AnniversaryMegatron's packaging refers to the Darksyde as 'Preadcon ship' rather than 'Predacon'. Since the name sports a trademark '®' symbol after it, Hasbro fixed the error with a sticker sporting the correct spelling,[17] so they wouldn't falsely claim a trademark they don't actually have registered.
  • ClassicsMegatron sports the typo 'working scope becomes anti-proton pulse canon!' on the back of his packaging.[18]
  • Both AlternatorsNemesis Prime and Decepticon Rumble sport the number '24' on their packaging. Since Nemesis Prime was released earlier, common consensus among fans is that Rumble's packaging is the faulty one, seeing as there is no Alternators toy sporting the number '25'.
  • A packaging sample of the Classics-affiliated Toys'R'Usexclusive 'Commemorative Edition' reissue of Generation 1Soundwave displayed at BotCon 2006 identified the included Cassette companions as 'Laserbeak' and 'Buzzsaw', even though the latter name should have been 'Ravage' instead.[19] This was fixed for the final packaging, although Ravage was referred to as 'Battle Ravage' (a name previously used by an Energontoy and an Alternators toy),[20] whereas the instructions simply identified him as 'Ravage', a name subsequently used by multiple other toys.
  • Revenge of the Fallen Scout Class Dead End sported an earlier working name, 'Detour', on the cardboard insert inside the packaging for the first batch of the European production run (as well as for the official in-packaging stock photo of the European version[21]), although the name was 'Dead End' everywhere else on the packaging. Later shipments saw the cardboard insert corrected to the name 'Dead End'.[22] In at least one case, the European 'Detour' name insert was accidentally even included with a US Dead End packaging.[23]
  • Revenge of the FallenFast Action BattlersGrapple Grip Mudflap's name was misspelled as 'Grappel Grip Mudflap' all over the packaging for the entire European production run. However, considering that the spelling was also used on Hasbro's public website[24] and several store websites,[25][26][27] and is repeated with 2010 Transformers 'Solar Storm Grappel',[28] this makes the North American packaging (which uses the correct 'Grapple' spelling[29]) the odd one out, thus raising the question whether the 'Grappel' (mis)spelling was in fact intentionally used for trademark reasons...
  • The Walmart exclusive Revenge of the Fallen 'The Fury of Fearswoop' multi-pack features the Voyager Class Decepticon toys Long Haul and Grindor as cross-sells on the bottom of the packaging, but mislabels them as an Autobot named 'Longarm' and Grindor's mold-mate Blackout.[30]
  • 2012's CyberverseSoundwave (a redeco and retool of Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Legion Class Soundwave) features a bio that is printed in white instead of black ink, making it impossible to read on the white background of the cardback.[31]
  • Transformers (2014) 'Classic' Legion Class Grimlock and Strafe, redecos of Prime: Beast HuntersCyberverse Legion Class Predacon Rippersnapper and Windrazor, respectively, have their instructions printed on the back of their packaging... but those instructions are entirely inaccurate, as they depict the EnergonCruellock and Beast WarsTerrorsaur sculpts, respectively, which were redecoed into Grimlock and Strafe from two Walmart exclusive Age of Extinction two-packs around the same time.
  • Both Voyager Class Optimus Prime and Broadside were released in 'Decepticon' style boxes despite being Autobots. (On the other hand, prior to this, allCombiner Wars and Titans Return figures came in Autobot-style boxes, which makes this one a little more questionable.)
  • Generations War for Cybertron: SiegeDazzlestrike, who came in a two-pack with Greenlight, is spelled 'Dazlestrike' with a single 'z' on the front of the two-pack's packaging, but with a double 'z' on the back of the box and in the instructions.
The Walmart exclusive Siege '35th Anniversary' figures (Classic Animation Optimus Prime, Classic Animation Megatron, Soundblaster and Bluestreak were some of the first figures to be released in a new 'worldwide' multilingual packaging style that combines the languages previous found on American packaging and the languages previously found on European packaging. However, while the other three figures feature French, German, Spanish and Portuguese translations of all the English texts (omitting those translations that would be identical to one another or to the English version), Optimus Prime's packaging repeats the English phrases 'Classic Animation', 'Special Edition' and 'Function: Autobot Leader' four times.
See also: Engrish


  • TakaraTomy products are manufactured under much the same production conditions as Hasbro's, as pretty much everything for both markets is made in China—in fact, according to Hasbro Australia representative and Hasbro designer Eric Siebenaler, all of the Transformers toys jointly developed between Hasbro and Takara/TakaraTomy are manufactured at factories contracted to the Japanese toy company.[citation needed] This means Takara is (at least indirectly) responsible for whatever quality control problems occur with Hasbro-released toys. Takara's standards of quality control for their domestically-released toys are just as likely to let mistakes creep through, and any claims that 'Takara's toys have better quality control' are a complete myth.



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