Pushing Up The Skythird Grade Reading Streets

Pushing Up The Skythird Grade Reading Streets

Pushing Up the Sky 3rd Grade Resource Pack Reading Street This 168 page resource pack includes posters, worksheets, task cards, games, centers, homework boards, take home study guide, INB pages and more! Also included.a selection test with comprehension, vocabulary and conventions questions. 3rd grade alignment for Reading Street Use IXL's interactive skill plan to get up-to-date skill alignments, assign skills. Week 2: Pushing Up the Sky Phonics. Third Grade Reading Streets: Unit One Unit Two Unit Three Unit Four Unit Five Unit Six Blog If You Made a Million. This packet of supplemental materials will help with vocabulary, comprehension, and more for the story Pushing Up the Sky in the Third Grade basal from Reading Street. The packet includes:.Vocabulary Study Guide.Vocabulary Test.Vocabulary word and meaning match game cards.Vocabulary fill i.

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Answers 1. A totem pole made of wood.2. D 3. A4. B5. C6. C7. C8. A9. A10. D11. C

Pushing Up The Skythird Grade Reading Streets

Pushing Up The Skythird Grade Reading Streets Lesson

1. What did the Snohomish recoreded their history on ________.2. Before the play begins, the author gives instructions about the props and scenery. This helps the reader understand which part of the play?A. speakerB CharactersC settingD theme3.WHAT SECTION DESCRIBES WHAT ALL THE CHARACTERS LOOK LIKE?A costumesB Props/SceneryC Scene ID Scene III4. WHAT PROBLEM DID THE SNOHOMISH TRIBES HAVE?A The people would not work togetherB They sky was too close the earthC The animals were afraid of the people.D The chiefs would not speak to each other.5. FOR WHAT REASON DID THE AUTHOR INCLUDE A TALL MAN IN THE PLAY?A compare the people to their totem poles.B describe how big all of the chiefs were.C tell one of the problems caused by the sky.D explain why people did not climb trees.6. WHICH EVENT HAPPENED FIRST IN THE STORY?A The chiefs had a meeting.B the Creator made the earth.C The people saw there was a problem.C The birds and animals helped the Snohomish.7. WHY DID THE CHIEF THINK THE SKY WAS HEAVY?A He was told that in the past.B The birds and animals had weighed the sky long ago.C They sky was large and spread across the whole planet.D Rain and snow fell from the sky when it was too full.8. THE SNOHOMISH ONLY FOLLOWED A PLAN IF _________.A everyone agreed to do it.B it included the animalsC they saw it on the totem pole.D it was made by the Creator9. WHICH OF THESE EVENTS FROM THE PLAY COULD REALLY HAPPEN?A The different tribes met to talk about the sky.B Tall people bumped their heads on the sky.C Animals helped the people push up the sky.D Arrow that were shot got stuck in the sky.10. WHAT CAUSED A PROBLEM WHEN THE PEOPLE FIRST TRIED TO PUSH UP THE SKY?A They lived long distance from each other.B They did not agree on what the best solution was.C The animals wanted to do the job by themselves.D They could not understand each other's language.11. ACCORDING TO THE STORY WHAT MADE THE READER BELIEVE THE 7TH CHIEF WAS CLEVER?A made the people think the sky was too low.B tricked the animals into helping the people.C figured out how to solve the problem.D found a way to make the stars shine.

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INSTRUCTIONS!MONDAY- Listen to and do the Aurthor's Purpose pages 304 & 305. -Do the LearnZillion Lessons with notes. Watch the video for your group.WEDNSDAY - Listen to the Play 'Pushing up The Sky' as you read along 2 times. Answer the questions below. Put the answer on the last sheet of your LearnZillion papers.THURSDAY- Complete all unfinished work and start the seatwork about writing a play. Post your play to the new Glog. It can be two or three Characters. FRIDAY- Take the Test on Pearson online.Complete your Glog and click finished to turn it in to me. Thanks! As Always! Do your Best, and HAVE FUN!

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