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  • XxxDauzat, Megan- 8th Grade Science; xxxDavis, Kima- 7th Grade ELA; xxxEdwards, Ryan- 7th PE; xxxESQUINANCE, DINA- 7th Social Studies; xxxFalgout, Michelle- 8th Grade Math; xxxGraziano, Melissa- 8th ELA; xxxHaase, Megan - 8th Grade Science; xxxHaulbrook, Meagan- 8th ELA; xxxHawkins, Kent- 7th & 8th ELA; xxxHovanic, Steven- 8th Social Studies.
  • The following six California English–Language Arts content standards are included in the Reading Comprehension strand/cluster and are represented in this booklet by 27 test questions for grade 11. These questions represent only some ways in which these standards may be assessed on the Grade 11 California English–Language Arts Standards Test.
  • Overview: The Introduction to the ELA/Literacy Instructional Practice Guide module focuses on the Instructional Practice Guide as a tool for observation and reflection. The Instructional Practice Guide is for teachers, and those who support teachers, to build understanding and experience with instruction aligned to college- and career-ready (CCR) standards, including the Common Core State.
  • 5th Grade English worksheets for SBAC test practice for free download. These Grade 5 English Language Arts (ELA) worksheets are organized by topics and standards such as - cause and effect worksheets, figurative language worksheets, grammar worksheet, punctuation worksheets, capitalization worksheets, context clues worksheets, vocabulary worksheets, complex sentences worksheet, main idea.

7th Grade Slides

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Resources and tools to support the ELA CCSS - 8th Grade Writing. ELA Common Core - 8th Grade Writing (W.8.1.-W.8.10) By: Rachel Ryan Hartley. Loading Livebinder.

8th Grade Ela Worksheets Pdf

Select the most appropriate method to correct a run-on sentence (i.e., conjunctions, semicolons, periods to join or separate elements). SPI 0801.1.8


Power Point Notes8th Grade Ela Pages


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Ela Notes 8th Grade

  1. Avoiding Comma Splices, Fused Sentences, and Run-On's - from LEO: Literacy Education Online
  2. Combining Sentences for Variety and Clarity - several methods and examples are given, however this page only combines two sentences.
  3. Conjunctions - Conjunctions are words used as joiners. Different kinds of conjunctions join different kinds of grammatical structures.
  4. Conjunctions - Select the buttons to find the correct answer
  5. Conjunctions Quiz I - Select the answer buttons to see the answers.
  6. Conjunctions Quiz II - Combine the sentences using the conjunction given in parentheses.
  7. Conjunction-itis Popup - Find the correct conjunction form to combine two short sentences together into one! (a Quia quiz)
  8. Correcting Run-on Sentences - print for students to correct run-on sentences
  9. Fragments and Run-On's - After each sentence, select the option which best describes that sentence.
  10. The Need to Combine Sentences - Sentences have to be combined to avoid the monotony that would surely result if all sentences were brief and of equal length. This lesson is followed by three quizzes.
  11. Repairing Run-On Sentences - After each run-on sentence select the remedy that would best repair that sentence.
  12. Run On Sentences - Identify if each sentence is a run on sentence or a complete sentence.
  13. Sentence Fragments - Classify by placing the number of each sentence in the appropriate column. If you do it correctly, the total in both columns will be the same. At the bottom of the page, fix the fragments; making them into complete sentences.

Power Point Notes8th Grade Ela Page

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