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The 1.2.3 version of Desktop Notes is available as a free download on our software library. The most frequent installation filenames for the software are: DekstopNotes.exe, DesktopNotes.exe and DesktopNotesffff.exe etc. You can set up Desktop Notes on Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit. Desktop Notes is categorized as System Utilities. Download one of the emulators, in case the PC complies with the recommended OS prerequisites. It’s very simple to install the emulator if you are prepared and simply takes few minutes or so. In addition you can free download Notes.APK file on your PC by using the download option just underneath, in fact this step is optional.

Please wait 3 seconds for your download to begin, if your download doesn't begin automatically, please click here. ColorNote® is a simple and awesome notepad app. It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists and to-do lists. Taking notes with ColorNote® Notepad is easier than any other notepad or memo pad app. Notice. If you cannot find the widget, then please read the FAQ below. When you're finished using the notepad, an. Official Two notes Audio Engineering software downloads for Torpedo Hardware and Software Updates. Find everything from our Wall of Sound Plugin, Torpedo Remote Software, Firmware Upgrades, manuals, and more here.

  • Products
    Transform information chaos from multiple sources into an organized workplace. Empower yourself or your team to get things done faster with fewer iterations and meetings.
    Show your team, customers, or friends exactly what you're seeing with recorded videos and screenshots that can be annotated and shared instantly.
    Organize your clutter. Grab all kinds of content from web pages. Delete any ads, images, or links from the web page
    • Customer support
      Customer success and efficient onboarding is essential to driving your business forward and ensure high rates of retention. Use Nimbus Note to better coordinate customer support and increase collaboration among your teams.
      • Capture customer feedback
      • Why type? Send videos or screenshots
      • Client document portal
      • Share information with outside clients
      • All-in-one text editor for creating lessons
    • Development / Engineering
      Nimbus Note is a flexible yet comprehensive information repository that helps you simplify your work and bring your team together.
      • Manage tech docs and requirements
      • Maintain roadmap and sprint plans
      • Track bugs, requests, specs, etc...
      • Syntax highlighting and Markdown
      • No need to type. Send videos or screenshots
      • Onboarding new teammates
      • Efficient Bug Tracking with Nimbus Capture
      • Retro meetings
    • Education Students
      Easily organize all your student information in one place
      • Organize & structure
      • Document scanner & Recorder
      • Manage assigments
      • Refine Search
      • File management
      • Personal CRM
      • Web Clipper
    • Education Teaching
      Teaching is not just teaching. It's also a lot of organization and administration
      • Organize your classes or courses
      • Public Sharing
      • Cultivate Collaboration
      • All-in-one text editor
      • Knowledge base and asset storage
      • Student Tracking
      • Video at the service of Education
      • A Web Clipper that works!
    • HR & Recruiting
      Easily manage all of your recruiting, onboarding, and employee administration in a single, highly organized workplace.
      • Onboarding Guides and Resources
      • Interviews / Candidate Tracking
      • Job Descriptions
      • Employee Directory
      • Performance measurement
      • Policies and procedures
      • Refine search
    • Knowledge Repository / Wiki
      Easily maintain an easily-accessible team wiki to keep your knowledge repository in a single, searchable, organized workplace.
      • Manage all team knowledge
      • Share information with customers
      • Digital Asset Management
      • All-in-one text editor for creating lessons
      • Nimbus Capture for knowledge creation
    • Marketing
      Easily manage all your marketing assets and campaigns, from planning to execution. Stay on top of your tasks, collaborate with your team, synchronize with your clients, and never miss a deadline again.
      • Campaign Management
      • Brand Asset Management
      • Campaign & budget tracking / Marketing Plan
      • Content Marketing Management / Content Drafts
      • Competitive Analysis
      • Customer Testimonials
      • Send a Video, Not a Thousand Words
    • Sales
      Organize all of your sales team assets into a single place to let your teams be more focused, collaborative, and consistent.
      • Manage sales team
      • Database & robust text-editor
      • Record Videos
      • Onboarding guides
      • Script templates
    • Organized team space
      Create dedicated workspaces—one for each project, team and client. This guide provides best practices and some examples which can help you create a single, organized place to store and manage the files for your team.
      • Structure your information
      • Structure by department
      • Structure by client
      • Structure by project
      • Use workspaces to control access
      • Full organization example
    • Project Management & Operations
      Accomplish tasks more quickly, while avoiding the complexity of an additional project management tools. Add meeting notes, tasks, documents, images, and code snippets. Easily track any item that you need for your projects.
      • Organize all projects
      • Standard Operating Procedures
      • Powerful all-in-one editor
      • Security
    • Personal use
      A single place to manage all of your information. Declutter your life and get more done.
      • Organize all information
      • Personal CRM & to-do lists
      • Find information fast
      • Scan documents snap photos
      • High Security
      • Web Clipper
      • Personal Digital Asset Management
    • Product Development
      Enable your product teams to get more done, from concept to launch. Create products that your customers love. Brainstorm ideas, define requirements, and track projects through to completion. All in a single workplace.
      • Organize work & manage assets
      • Brainstorm ideas
      • Why type? Use videos and screenshots
      • Product road map and requirements
      • Manage production process
      • Capture user feedback
    • Research and Brainstorm
      Organize your research efforts more effectively and collaborate better with your team.
      • Organize your classes or courses into individual workspaces and folders
      • Structure and organize research
      • Brainstorming sessions
      • Powerful all-in-one editor
      • Web Clipper
      • Nimbus Capture
    • Business
      Nimbus Note is a flexible yet comprehensive information repository that helps you simplify your work and bring your team together.
      • Organize business
      • Business roadmap
      • Business asset management
      • Standard Operating Procedures
      • Scan documents
      • Nimbus Capture for team management
      • Easy IT administration and high security
      • Refine search
    • Team management / Remote Teams
      Nimbus Note enables teams to maintain stronger connections, align more closely, and collaborate better. Give your team members excellent tools to that they can focus on what they each do best.
      • Organize work in one place
      • Maintain roadmaps, goals & plans
      • Weekly Meetings
      • Performance Reports
      • Onboarding new teammates
      • Nimbus Capture for team management
      • Culture and Values
  • For Schools

All your notes, synced on all your devices. Get Simplenote now for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, or in your browser.

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Notes stay updated across all your devices, automatically and in real time. There’s no “sync” button: It just works.

Stay organized

Add tags to find notes quickly with instant searching.

Work together

Share a to-do list, post some instructions, or publish your notes online.

Go back in time

Notes are backed up with every change, so you can see what you noted last week or last month.

Sticky notes download for pcSeekers
Markdown support

Write, preview, and publish your notes in Markdown format.

It’s free

Apps, backups, syncing, sharing – it’s all completely free.

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Sticky Notes Download For Pc


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Notes Download For Pc

Notes Download For Pc

Sticky Notes For Pc Download

Download Simplenote for any device and stay in sync – all the time, everywhere.

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