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Tens of thousands of retailers are now in significant financial distress as Tier restrictions take their toll. Some 39,232 retailers The post New figures: Retailers in 'significant distress' rises. Force of Will: New Dawn Rises marks a return to Valhalla. After listening to players, FoW is balancing the power level between rulers. Rulers will be independent of booster packs - 10 rulers will be found in the five new starter decks. Rulers will have unique cards called Runes.

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Force of Will CCG
Publisher(s)Force of Will Co., Ltd.
Players2 or more
Setup time< 5 minutes
Playing time< 60 minutes

Force of Will is a trading card game by Force of Will Co., Ltd. It was first released in Japan in December 2012 and later released to English speaking countries in 2013.[1] It has game mechanics similar to Magic: The Gathering.[2] The game has a tournament circuit.[3]

Game overview[edit]

Each player is in control of a main deck of 40–60 cards composed of resonators ('creatures'), chants ('spells'), additions and regalia. They win the game by either reducing their opponents' life points to zero or less, or if the opponent is unable to draw a card when required. As a resource the games uses 'Will' which is usually produced by 'Magic Stone' - cards who are stored in a separate pile of cards called the 'Magic Stone Deck'. A special type of card is the 'Ruler'/'J-Ruler', a special creature card in the 'Ruler Zone'. The ruler can be “rested” to call a Magic Stone from the Deck or it can enter the regular field for combat by using the 'Judgment' Ability.[4]


The story of Force of Will is printed in the lore of its cards and also written on several sites in different languages. It is a high fantasy story with many references to myths, fairy tales, and history. For example a main protagonist of the story is Grimm, named after the Brothers Grimm and a main antagonist is Nyarlathotep, a reference to a being from the works of H.P. Lovecraft.


As a collectible card game Force of Will is sold in booster boxes and pre-structured decks and collections who are separated into clusters. Only the two newest clusters of booster boxes are legal in standard play. The older ones are legal for 'Wanderer Format'.[5] A booster box contains a number of packs with randomized cards, while the pre-structured decks and collections are set with a fixed amount of cards of a specific type. Cards come in different rarities and versions. The rarity can differ from 'common' to 'super rare' and a special rarity for 'Ruler Cards'. The number of versions differs from cluster to cluster. Versions of the same card can be full-art, foil or monochrome. Some cards are also given away as promotions and they often have different artwork from the original card.

New Dawn Rises Force Of Will Release

Cluster and sets[edit]

The following series have already been published:

  • Grimm-Cluster
    • CMF: Crimson Moon's Fairy Tale
    • TAT: The Castle of Heaven and the Two Towers
    • MPR: The Moon Priestess Returns
    • MOA: The Millennia of Ages
  • Alice-Cluster
    • SKL: The Seven Kings of the Lands
    • TTW: The Twilight Wanderer
    • TMS: The Moonlit Savior
    • BFA: Battle for Attoractia
  • Lapis-Cluster
    • CFC: Curse of the Frozen Casket
    • LEL: Legacy Lost
    • RDE: Return of the Dragon Emperor
    • ENW: Echoes of the New World
  • Reiya-Cluster
    • ACN: Ancient Nights
    • ADK: Advent of the Demon King
    • TSW: The Time Spinning Witch
    • WOM: Winds of the Ominous Moon
  • New-Valhalla-Cluster
    • NDR: New Dawn Rises
    • SVN: The Strangers of New Valhalla
    • AOA: Awakening of the Ancients
    • DBV: The Decisive Battle of Valhalla
  • Alice-Origin-Cluster
    • AO1: Alice Origin 1
    • AO2: Alice Origin 2
    • AO3: Alice Origin 3
    • AO4: Prologue of Attoractia
  • Saga-Cluster
    • EDL: The Epic of the Dragon Lord


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