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Music for your church services home page

When you or your church is choosing music, it is important that you think through these issues. You may have the freedom to choose, but use discernment to choose wisely. Any musical style can pass. “Having access to Church Music Solutions is such a blessing. Previously, we would have some spoken services and utilize recorded CDs. So often, members would indicate, “We should be singing this part of the liturgy.” Absolutely! That’s what we want! That’s the ideal! AndChurch Music. For items shipped within the continental United States, expect your item to typically arrive within 4-14 business days from when you place your order. For items shipped outside the U.S., expect your item to typically arrive within 12-25 business days.

Listen to one of our free christian radio stations on the playlists below.

If you do not have Spotify, click here to open a free account.

If you already have an account with Spotify:
1. Simply click on the player below
(You must be logged in to Spotify for the player to work)
2. OR go directly to the Spotify - Ray Watson radio playlist.

Other listening options below.

'Intimate worship... straight from the heart, and sure to capture yours.'

Spotify - Ray Watson


Seek My Face

The heart longs for an intimate encounter with God face to face.


Experience the wonder of our Creator through worship and art.

Throne of Love

Thought provoking and heartfelt worship.

Passionate Pursuit

This is the love call of the saints – to be pursuers of Him.

Deep Calls to Deep

Perfect for creating an atmosphere for prayer and meditation.

Music For Your Church Services Homepage

Church Services Online Live

Listen to our free Christian music at The Secret Place. These songs were not designed as entertainment but as expressions of a heart full of worship.

Some of these songs are intimate worship songs. Others are more upbeat as we celebrate God’s goodness towards us. Some worship songs have been recorded live with orchestration added later. All of them, regardless of their tempo and instrumentation call us to a greater awareness of Who He is.

Background Music For Church Services

We encourage you to spend time listening to the Christian radio playlists on this page. Here, our prayer is that you would fall more in love with Him and be captivated in your pursuit for His Presence. He longs to meet with us, right where we are. God desires to fill every aspect of our lives, not just our Sunday praise and worship services. Spend some time listening today.

Music For Your Church Services Home Repairs


Music For Your Church Services Homeschool

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