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  • 8th Grade Math Final Exam Take this practice test to check your existing knowledge of the course material. We'll review your answers and create a Test Prep Plan for you based on your results.

8th Grade Algebra Textbook

8th Grade Math

Please read the information below. It should answer most of your questions.
FINDING WHAT YOU NEED: Expand the navigation bar at left or click the links below to help find what you need.
Unit 6- Systems of Equations
Unit 12- Data & Statistics

The Calendar Linkwill show you a tentative calendar.
Assemblies and other things could interfere with the schedule.
For the exact schedule, please refer to Skyward.
You can also refer to the 'Last Week, This Week, Next Week' calendar on the white board in class.
Please make sure you are using it often and effectively.
How to Access and Use Skyward Effectively
Please look for the 'I Can' Checklists on each unit's webpage.
These can be used to study important concepts form each unit.
They can also be used to prepare for the unit test.
'REDO's' & 'LATE' Assignments:The goal of doing practice assignments is to LEARN the skills and concepts, not to get points.

1. REDO and LATE practice assignments must be turned in BEFORE the unit test on that material.
2. You are allowed turn practice assignments that were not done on time or on which you received a low score.
3. You can get up to 100% credit if you were absent and up to 80% credit if you are redoing a low or missing score.
4. Write 'REDO' or 'ABSENT' at the top of the assignment and draw a box around it.
5. For a 'REDO' assignment, draw a box around each problem that was missed and a box around the answer.
6. Put the redo or absent assignment in the turn in basket in class.
a. If you missed lots of problems, sometimes it's easier to get (or print) a fresh copy of the worksheet.
b. The only way to turn in redo or late assignments after the unit test is as part of a retake 'corrective' described below.
TEST 'RETAKES' & 'CORRECTIVES':The goal of retaking a test is to SHOW you have learned the skills, not just to get points.
1. Retaking an assessment requires quite a bit more work that redoing and assignment.
2. The math department has a very specific procedure that allows students to retake tests and quizzes.
3. Please read the documents below so you are familiar with the retake 'corrective' procedure.
Video of Retake Procedure


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