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Milling Machine, Bevel Machine, Edge Milling Machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Hydraulic Mechanic Plate Milling Pressing Machine Tool, CNC Plate Drill Machine Tool for 80mm Thickness Carbon Steel, Plate Drilling Machine Tool for 80mm Thickness Carbon Steel and so on.

  • MAZAK VTC-41 CNC VERTICAL MILLING MACHINE. Bridgeport Series II CNC Vertical Milling Machine.
  • Knee-and-column milling machines, also called variable-speed vertical milling machines, use rotary cutting tools to remove material from a workpiece. The cutting tools are held in a vertical orientation and the workpiece is secured in a horizontal orientation on the machine's table. The table can be raised and lowered for making plunge cuts.
  • The 6750 HiTorque Deluxe Large Bench Mill is our top-of-the-line mill for home machinists. It has all the features of the 6700 HiTorque Large Bench Mill - large 29.1'x7.1' table, powerful 1000W DC brushless spindle motor, and tapping mode, to name a few - plus these deluxe features.
  • Established in 1985, Billor McDowell provides repairs on all makes and models of CNC machine tools. We are recognized throughout the Southern United States for responsive service by professional technicians that have an exceptional ability to diagnose and repair any problem that you may have with your machine tool.

At Maximart Corporation, we carry a wide selection of industrial conventional milling machines in a variety of models and sizes to help you find the best machine to suit your specific needs. One of Conventional Milling machine we have is Vertical Turret Milling Machine 6IV, its feature have superior feature boost with milling efficency and accuracy, the other is Bed Mills MX-B5(IV/A), its feature have well-balanced milling head, hardened & precisely ground with table, T-slots and 3 axes slideways. Besides, we have universal milling machine 8UM for more flexible machining (vertical, hohorizontal, huron head).
All Maximart conventional milling machine here are designed to maximize thermal stability and eliminate cumulative errors commonly found in applications.

● Extra Large Worktable

Milling machine demo the mechanics

Milling Machine Demo The Mechanical

● New Type Head Housing, Better Cutting Performance.

● Chromed & Hardened X/Y/Z Axis leadscrews with double nuts.

● CE Safety Specification

● Well-Balanced Milling Head.

● Stable Cutting with milling head.(securely locked)

● Hardened & Precisely ground with table, T-SLOTS and 3 axes slideways.

History Of The Milling Machine

● Stable Meehanite Cast Iron Structural

● X-Axis Gearbox for heavy cutting

Used milling machines for sale

● More flexible machining (vertical, hohorizontal, huron head)

Vertical Turret Milling Machine

ModelWorktableX/Y/Z AxisSpindle Speed (IV)Spindle Nose to Worktable
6IV305 x 1524 (mm)850 x 365 x 360 (mm)70-4200445 (mm)
4IV254 x 1372 (mm)1050 x 395 x 380 (mm)70-4200470 (mm)
3IV254 x 1372 (mm)1005 x 395 x 380 (mm)70-4200490 (mm)
2IV230 x 1245 (mm)970 x 360 x 355 (mm)70-4200435 (mm)

Bed Mill

ModelWorktableX/Y/Z AxisSpindle SpeedSpindle Nose to Worktable
MX-B5IV1575 x 425 (mm)1200 x 580 x 600 (mm)4p/140-3650, 8p/55-1115700 (mm)
MX-B3IV1524 x 380 (mm)1050 x 500 x 355 (mm)4p/140-3650, 8p/55-1115700 (mm)
MX-B2IV1370 x 254 (mm)750 x 445 x 490 (mm)4p/140-3650, 8p/55-1115570 (mm)

Universal Milling Machine

ModelWorktableX/Y/Z AxisSpindle SpeedSpindle Nose to Worktable
8UM1500 x 350 (mm)1150 x 400 x 500 (mm)4p/140-3650, 8p/55-111588.88-128.57 (mm)

Since 1978, our company has specialized in repairing and fabricating parts for production machinery in many industries, including but not limited to, Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Commercial Laundry, Transportation, Packing and more. From prototype to high volume, we manufacture, re-manufacture and restore a wide array of machines and machine parts. We are capable of handling an extensive range of customer requirements, and work with a broad array of metal and plastic materials. We have relationships with a variety of local material vendors and can get materials quickly.

Industrial Machine Corporation is a full service custom machine shop, providing welding, milling, turning and grinding services. Learn more about our capabilities and contact us for more information on how we can take your project from concept to creation.

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