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You can vote for super mario flash 2 game if you liked the game, also you can embed super mario flash 2 game to your page/profile. Click on the textbox below to automatically select all, and right-click to copy your super mario flash 2 game code! Don't forget to check our other mario games for your entertainment. Super Mario Flash 3 Hexcorruption. Mario is immune to enemy damage. Mario gets stuck in an infinite running loop when holding an item. Cilit Water: Poof and Big Mario is gone. Blocks affected by Mario or shells can disappear. Said blocks are known to. Super Mario Flash 3. Super Mario Flash 2. Donkey Kong Country. Sonic the Hedgehog. Desert Edition (SMF2) Enhanced Edition.

  • Super Mario Flash 4 - stunning graphics and a slightly improved sound will transfer you into the atmosphere of the 90’s games. Super Mario is once again set off, which means that he will have to go through many obstacles, face to face with a hundred enemies to save the princess.
  • This is a neat flash remake of Super Mario. It uses the old school overworld maps in a similar style to Super Mario Brothers 3 including the Princess' Castle, Toad Houses, and Warp Pipes. There are also parts of the map that will be inaccessible initially but they can be unlocked later.

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Dying gives you lives, key 1 to be able to shoot, key 2 to grow up and 3 to have invincibility
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Super Mario Flash v3 is the absorbing game, which is classic of adventures genre. This game is actually for different players. The main task of the hero is to save the beautiful princess from dangerous monsters. There are many dangerous and difficult obstacles, but you must be winner. There are many new changes in this version, you have opportunity to create the own level. You may save the result of each level. The idea of the game is popular in the different time. This game helps to get many positive emotions for the players.
Mario Flash 3 Hackedwillbrown You should use your keyboard for the moving and jumping the main hero. Also you may read all necessary instruction about the ruling game.

Super Mario Flash 3

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Mario Flash 3 Hacked

Cheats: Hacks are located under the game
Cheats: Infinite Lives and unlocked all Game-Modes
Cheats: Everything in the shop is free
Cheats: Use the Hackbar in game. Health, cooldown, money, upgrade points
Cheats: Hackmenu (Backslash() Open/Close): 1 Money (1000-10000) - 2 Scrolls - 3 Toggle magic - 4 Keys - 5 Leadership
Cheats: evels unlocked, [6] - Health [7] - Ammo
Cheats: Start with 10x more credits, all levels unlocked, buying gives you money

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First appearanceMario & Luigi: Partners in Time (2005)

Yoob is a giant Yoshi-like creature created by the Shroobs that appears in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. He starts out as a large pink and green Yoshi Egg, where it becomes an attraction that tourists can see for five coins. When Yoob hatches from the egg, he eats the Yoshis.


Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time[edit]

Yoob appears in the Yoshi village.

Yoob is first seen after discovering a group of Yoshis still hiding on Yoshi's Island. He quickly eats all of them, including Yoshi and Kylie Koopa, although Kylie is quickly spat out. Yoob then leaves the area, though he is later seen eating Kamek after the quartet find him on the island. After the adult and baby Mario Bros. beat Kamek and they corner Baby Bowser at the cliff, Yoob climbs to where they are, and two Shroob UFOs appear and enlarge him. Yoob then proceeds to eat Baby Bowser, Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario, and Baby Luigi.

Once inside Yoob's Belly, the group (sans Baby Bowser) helps some of the previously swallowed Yoshis move forward in Yoob's stomach by pushing a Chomp Rock, which clears a path that lets them walk through Yoob's intestines. They then discover that part of Yoob's belly is a factory for trapping Yoshis. The factory, maintained by RC Shroobers, stores Yoshis in Yoob Eggs, then places them on a conveyor belt that takes them to Sunnycide. The group helps the Yoshis push the Chomp Rock away, then find Toadbert, who has forgotten everything that happened after he traveled back in time, but is still taking care of some trapped Yoshis. Toadbert tells them that Sunnycide is guarding the exit, and they go to confront it at the end of Yoob's belly. Sunnycide uses the Yoob Eggs in battle, and likewise, the heroes can free the Yoshis by breaking the eggs. Eventually, they defeat Sunnycide, and everyone, including the Yoshis, Toadbert, and Baby Bowser, escapes Yoob through the digestive tract, while Yoob stops functioning altogether.

If Mario and Luigi return to Yoshi's Island, they can find Yoob's inactive body still on the cliffside. They are able to re-enter Yoob as they wish, though they must exit through the digestive tract again.

Super Mario-Kun[edit]

The Yoob and his backstory in the Super Mario-Kun volume 36.

In the Super Mario-Kun, Yoob appears in volume 36. Unlike in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Yoob originally was just a giant, carefree, friendly Yoshi who is gluttonous. He is used as a vessel for Sunnycide, as Sunnycide takes control of the giant Yoshi and turns him into a Yoob. After the brothers get eaten, they defeat Sunnycide inside, which reverts the Yoob to his normal state. The giant Yoshi then eats the Cobalt Star Shards, which causes the brothers to panic, and ends the chapter. They manage to get the shards out of him.


Yoob resembles a pink Yoshi, except it is much larger and fatter (even bigger when the Shroobs zap it), has black spines, a black saddle, blue shoes, green underbelly, black irises, red pupils, and pincers. Yoob bears a loose resemblance to Barney the Dinosaur, the host of Barney & Friends, an educational children's program. As a matter of fact, a Nintendo Power issue predating the release of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time mentioned the similarities in a pre-release screenshot of the game.[citation needed]

Names in other languages[edit]

A portmanteau of 'Gedonko' (Japanese for Shroob) and 'Yoshi'
From 게돈코(Gedonko, meaning Shroob) and 요시(Yoshi)


  • Yoob, after growing in size, looking down at Baby Bowser and the Mario brothers.

  • A sprite of Yoob.

  • Credits image of Yoob.


  • When the babies dig underground or attack with the hammer inside Yoob's Belly, Yoob can be seen suffering in pain on the top screen. He also suffers when the babies open a part in his belly using the buttons and when the Yoshis roll the Chomp Rock down his stomach, creating a path. This stops after Sunnycide is destroyed.
  • In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, an enemy named Fawful Guy has an attack where it is eaten and turned into an egg by an off-screen creature, which roars in an identical manner to Yoob's. The game's remake does not retain the roar however.
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