Machine Shop Saw Operationthe Mechanic

American Machine & Fabrication specializes in industrial manufacturing and repairs. Unlike our competitors, we can take on industrial jobs from start to finish. Building with American ingenuity and dedication since 1993.

American Machine & Fabrication specializes in industrial manufacturing and repairs. Unlike our competitors, we can take on industrial jobs from start to finish. Building with American ingenuity and dedication since 1993.

Experienced Technicians

Cylinder Repair; Product Design. DEHydS; Forestry. Chain Saw Sprockets; Log Grapple with Chain Saw; Pull Through Delimber; Heel Rack Attachments; Directional Falling Grapple; Grapple Replacement Parts; 4040 Bucking Saw System; Hydraulic & Belt Driven Chain Saws. Simple Saw; Connect & Cut Saw; Grapple Saw; Belt Driven Saw; Electric Saw; Saw. Hartford Machining and Repair is a small machine shop located in upstate New York. The business was started in 1987 by current owner Brian Jones, who has 28 years of maching experience to offer. Originally a part-time operation, the shop has been running full-time for the past thirteen years.

Our trusted professionals get the big jobs done right


We cut, shape, remove, weld, rebuild, and refurbish industrial machinery.


We assemble, manufacture, and repair new, industrial metal parts.

American Machine & Fabrication has proudly been serving the community of Vanceboro, NC for over 25 years. During this time, we have come to gain a clear understanding of what our clients value and expect. As such, we offer unparalleled service from start to finish and seasoned technicians who provide only the highest-quality machining and fabrication work. Build, repair, and serve with integrity. This is our mission and our pledge to you.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“AM&F has been a great company to work with. I own an industrial saw mill and was in dire need of machine repairs and remanufactured parts. Their team was highly experienced, professional, and easy to work with. They gave me a competitive price and are now my go-to guys.”

What Our Clients Say About Us

“As an apprentice working within the business I can say that without a doubt my boss treats ourcustomers fairly and strives to achieve the production of a high quality product. Mr. Gaskins is a rolemodel of mine and is willing to share his extensive knowledge and experience in metalwork to helpme further develop my skills. The team is knowledgeable and professional; a learning experiencecomes with every day. Come down to the shop and let us help your ideas and designs take shape”

Machine & Fabrication

Our expert technicians can repair industrial machines & fabricate new, metal parts to your exact specifications.

Machine & Fabrication

We’re the trusted professionals with 25 years.

Custom Machine Manufacturing, Repairs, & Metal Fabrication of New & Remanufactured Parts



We use high-definition plasma to weld metal including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.


We cut, shape, remove, weld, rebuild, refurbish, and repair industrial machinery.


Machine shop saw operation the mechanic shop

We assemble, manufacture, repair, and rebuild new, industrial metal parts.

CNC Machine Repair and Industrial Machine Service

Machine Techs is a versatile team of service techs & project engineers. First and foremost, we all share a passion for problem solving. As a result, you will be relieved knowing we are invested in the actual repair, not pushy sales. At the moment, balanced budgets & machine efficiency is a must. In support, we supply you with a unique Machine Part & Service Option Guide. Without a doubt, the guide allows you to make informed decisions to meet your production needs.Additionally, we can provide free quotes on PM Programs, Rebuilds & Retrofits.Most importantly, 24hr Emergency CNC Machine Service in Houston,Tx. Specifically, Houston CNC repair of mills, lathes, routers & plasma tables. Including, Houston Bandsaw repair, Manual Mill Lathe & Hydraulic Press Repair. In addition, 24hr service for Austin CNC Repair & Corpus Christi CNC Repair.

Free Service Estimates and Part Quotes

Machine Shop Saw Operationthe Mechanic

Free service estimates and part quotes are available for all CNC Machines, Bandsaws, Manual Mill, Lathes and Fabrication Machinery. However, some complex electrical or control issues require a service call to pinpoint, as well as prevent “part swapping”. Standard service rates apply for mechanical issues that require invasive troubleshooting. Typically, this is needed to prevent any missed, related parts, causing additional downtime. We also provide remote technical support at reduced hourly rates 24/7. Lastly, our engineers stand ready for any of your processing and packaging service, conveyor system service and industrial automation service needs. Feel free to submit an inquiry, request or schedule a visit by simply filling our our hassle free request form here: Service Appointments & Service Estimates

Here are just a few examples of some of the free service estimates provided:

  • Headstock & Apron Rebuilds
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilds
  • Machine Installations & Precision Leveling
  • VFD & Servo Drive Repair & Retrofits
  • Food Processing and Conveyor System Automation
  • Retrofits & Upgrades

Parts, Consumables, Accessories & Retrofit Packages

The majority of the machines we service are out-of-warranty. Consequently, leading to a wealth of trusted relationships with part distributors and suppliers. Now you will no longer need to rely on the OEM or invest valuable time searching the internet for parts. Additionally, we guarantee all of our parts at a lower price than the OEM. Below are some examples of our products and packages offered.

  • Servo Drives, VFDs and Power Supplies
  • Spindle and Axis Servo motors
  • AC/DC Fuses 1-250AMP
  • Newall DRO Linear Scales
  • Back-up Batteries
  • Encoders/Pulse Coders
  • PLC and Distribution Boards
  • Solenoids, Proximity Switches, and Limit Switches
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Chucks
  • Contactors, Relays, and Transformers
  • LED and CRT Control Screens
  • Hydraulic, Coolant and Lubrication Motor/Pumps
  • Pendants/MPGs and Controllers
  • CNC Router OEM Replacement Parts, Consumables & Upgrade Packages
  • Bandsaw OEM Replacement Parts & Bandsaw Retrofit Upgrade Packages
  • CNC Mill Parts and CNC Lathe Parts
  • OEM Replacement Parts for Manual Mill and Manual Lathe Machines

In addition, we can provide an install estimate as needed for all electrical and mechanical parts. Therefore, stop the quest and fill out our simple parts request form or you call 713.609.0069 or email us [email protected] for a free quote now! If possible, please give part numbers, machine model/serial and pictures. A brief description of your troubleshooting measures will help us find if you are looking for the correct part.

Machine Shop Saw Operationthe Mechanic

CNC, Bandsaw & Industrial Machine PM Programs

Machine Shop Saw Operation The Mechanics

In addition to Houston CNC Machine Repair Service and industrial Repair, our maintenance services include a variety of PM and machine Qualifications. A known issue in the machine tool and fabrication industry is the lack of focus on PM Programs. For example, a broken way lube line missed just for a few weeks can result in having to replace spindle bearings or even having scrap the machine entirely.

Machine Shop Saw Operation The Mechanic Machine

Furthermore, PM Programs extend the service life of the machine, increases efficiency and mitigates production downtime. Additionally, we provide machine qualifications for all CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, CNC Routers, CNC VTLs and more. Manual and Industrial machines are also available for free PM Qualifications. For example, Hydraulic Bandsaws & Hydraulic Press Brakes, Manual Mill & Manual lathes and Pneumatic Punches Presses etc.

Machine Shop Saw Operation The Mechanic Shop

Customers receive a detailed PM checklist for each machine. Furthermore, Machine Techs will provide a signed digital copy of the PM report as well as critical findings and suggestions. For a free custom quote fill out the quick request form or call us anytime.

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