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Analytical and Computer-Aided Method for Kinematics of Spatial RSSR Mechanism Hai-gang SUN1, Yong ZHOU2 1,2School of Mechanical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China 1. [email protected], 2. [email protected] Abstract: Aiming at the computing complexity and complicated calculation procedures of Kinematics. Examples of mechanisms Figure 9: Direct kinematic simulation of a redundant planar parallel manipulator. Figure 10: Simulation of a mechanism with a 6R tetrad that is driven from the ground by two cranks. PASIVE MODULE LibAssur provides subroutines for modeling the kinematics of the most commonly encountered passive modules, also.

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Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechanical Systems: Implementation in MATLAB(R) and SimMechanics(R), Second Editioncombines the fundamentals of mechanism kinematics, synthesis, statics and dynamics with real-world applications, and offers step-by-step instruction on the kinematic, static, and dynamic analyses and synthesis of equation systems. Written for students with no working knowledge of MATLAB and SimMechanics, the text provides understanding of static and dynamic mechanism analysis, and moves beyond conventional kinematic concepts--factoring in adaptive programming, 2D and 3D visualization, and simulation, and equips readers with the ability to analyze and design mechanical systems. This latest edition presents all of the breadth and depth as the past edition, but with updated theoretical content and much improved integration of MATLAB and SimMechanics in the text examples.
Fully integrates MATLAB and SimMechanics with treatment of kinematics and machine dynamics
Revised to modify all 300 end-of-chapter problems, with new solutions available for instructors
Formulated static & dynamic load equations, and MATLAB files, to include gravitational acceleration
Adds coverage of gear tooth forces and torque equations for straight bevel gears
Links text examples directly with a library of MATLAB and SimMechanics files for all users
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