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How to convert a webpage to PDF

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Enter the URL of a webpage from which you would like to get a PDF file from and start the conversion. A few seconds later you can download the web page as a PDF.

Supports many content types

The URL can locate to a web page or any other document which is supported by our converter. The tool downloads the content and converts it to PDF.

Easy to use

PDF24 makes it as easy and fast as possible for you to convert a web page to PDF. You don't need to install anything, you only have to enter the URL of a webpage.

Supports your system

There are no special system requirements to convert webpages to PDF. The app functions under all common operating systems and web browsers.

No installation required

You don't need to install any software. The conversion of a webpage is done in the cloud on our servers. The app does not consume resources from your computer.

Security is important to us

Your files are no longer than necessary on our server. Your files and results will be deleted from our server after a short period of time.

At HEI Hotels and Resorts, we are looking for associates who embody our passion for hospitality. We live for our guests and clients and love that we can continue to grow our organization with people who do the same. As a recognized hospitality leader, HEI is the place to learn and continuously grow. Find the career that aligns with your goals by beginning your search online today.


+ Growth

Our portfolio is extremely diverse, ranging in brand, scope and location. Not only do we continue to grow tremendously as an organization, but we also provide our associates with the opportunity to grow and develop in their own career.


HEI is not just a hospitality management company. We are a company that focuses on blending the art and science of hospitality, and for us that means creating the hotel experience that guests appreciate while also achieving a meaningful set of performance targets. It’s a unique approach that is uniquely successful. With unparalleled tools and resources, we are able to grow our diverse population of associates to make them successful in their roles and feel confident in playing their part in HEI's overall success.


Team Environment of Passion and Enthusiasm

We respect the balance between family and work. We recognize achievements and celebrate successes. We provide the resources and tools essential for success. We embrace diversity.


We interact honestly and respectfully. We meet our commitments. We communicate freely and openly. We always check that it feels morally right.


We encourage creative thinking. We capitalize on new ideas. We take measured risks, allowing 'freedom within the framework.' We identify and share best practices.

Social Responsibility

We support our local and global communities through active involvement. We make associate wellness and development our priority. We encourage relationships with suppliers and guests that support sustainability. We promote environmentally-stable best practices.

Commitment to Excellence

We achieve superior investment returns. We are the preferred hospitality employer. We build loyalty by delivering on guest, associate and brand expectations. We realize disciplined growth.


We make associate wellness and development our priority. We are committed to improving your health, while helping you become more value-conscious in your health care decisions. We offer competitive benefit packages for health and wellness, 401(k), and discount programs. Health and wellness includes medical, dental, and vision plans as well as life and disability options. Telemedicine, condition care, and a robust employee assistance program are just some of the additional perks offered through HEI Hotels & Resorts overall health benefits package.

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HEI partners with Fidelity Investments to administer our 401(k) savings and retirement plan, which offers both an IRA and 401(k) option as well as a company match.

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We work hard and we play hard! Both brand hotel discounts and HEI portfolio discounts are available to our associates so that you can travel and relax during your time off.


Among the various discount programs we have available, HEI also participates in the Employee Advantages by You Decide, which is an online rolling discount program. Associates can find savings on everything from auto insurance to amusement park tickets and everything in between.


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Not only is our portfolio growing, but our associates are too. HEI provides uncapped growth potential that allows you to move into the next step in your career, try out a new discipline, or even just to become the best of the best in your current role!


HEI's Women in Leadership program was founded in 2018 with a focus on empowering our female leaders and increasing the representation of women professionals across our portfolio, specifically in Operational capacities. The committee is designed to provide a mentor/mentee relationship that fosters the development of our internal talent as well as to focus on the overall recruitment efforts for other top female talent in the industry.


We can never thank our Veterans enough for their courage, pride and selfless service to protect our great country. We do, however, strive to bring those qualities to our company and therefore partner with multiple Veteran outreach organizations to strengthen our commitment to this part of our hiring practices. We encourage those returning to civilian life to seek opportunities in our organization as there will always be a place for those who have served.



At HEI, we believe that maintaining a safe workplace environment is essential to our success. Our safety program is designed to foster associate safety and awareness until safety in the workplace becomes second nature. The global pandemic has further amplified this commitment to our associates and has allowed us to enhance our protocols by way of additional protective equipment, more frequent cleaning schedules and extensive ongoing training. We have been able to swiftly adapt our policies and training to implement these new standards before they were mandated by state agencies.

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Giving back to the community is one of HEI's core values. Whether our hotels are working alongside a local organization or supporting the company's national partner, Shatterproof, in fighting addiction, we strive to show up for others.

Over 300 Current & Former employees have written reviews of their experience at HEI.

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