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After widespread reports that actress Tanya Roberts had died, her long-time boyfriend got quite a shock from the hospital during an interview with Inside Edition — she was actually still alive. The former Bond girl and “Charlie’s Angels” star suddenly collapsed on Christmas Eve after walking her two dogs.

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Newspapers across the nation carried reports of her death. And as Inside Edition’s Steven Fabian was interviewing her boyfriend, Lance O’Brien, he answered the phone.

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“Now, you are telling me she’s alive?” O’Brien said before breaking down in tears.

“The hospital is telling me she is alive. They are calling me from the ICU team,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien said that Roberts did not have COVID-19 but due to hospital protocols, he was not allowed to be at her bedside at Cedars Sinai Medical Center to comfort her until what he thought were final hours on Sunday.

“When she saw me and I was there, I saw her eyes open up. I felt good. I said, ‘Hey, her eyes are opening. Her eyes are opening.’ They told me that's just a reflex,” O’Brien said.

He added that the hospital staff told him she “had no hope to live.”

Roberts would often speak with fans during live chats on Facebook. “I’ve been basically hiking with my dog and doing my workouts in the house,” she said during a Dec. 19 chat.


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