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Hymns uzmusic for your church services

Hymns Uzmusic For Your Church Services Live

Our aim is to provide your church with music of quality and integrity, with cost and copyright hassles eliminated as far as is reasonably possible. Your church, whether large or small, should find most items readily accessible and flexible enough to suit your local resources.

Your compilation is informative and useful as far as it goes. However, I believe it has a number of limitations: (1) Although the article’s title is “Top 25 Hymns Sung in Church,” the compilation is based on sales by one company, not actual hymns sung (or number of times sung).

Most items are freely available for normal church use, subject to your acceptance of my copyright and, where applicable, that of other authors and publishers who have granted permission for use of their material here.

The items are in a wide variety of styles, from choral to music-group and blues/jazz. There are hymns, psalm settings, liturgical pieces, modern worship songs, and arrangements, for congregations, music groups and choirs.

  • Hymns are a powerful tool because they can bring together all walks of life in your congregation. A 20-year old and an 80-year old can walk into a church and share the thought-provoking message, deep theology, and more complex music and lyrics that is coming back into style. What are a few of your favorite hymns of all time?
  • The Worship Service Resources collection features seven piano accompaniment CDs with more than 150 beloved hymns of all times. Plus a companion CD-ROM with beautiful PowerPoint slides with simple color background and easy-to-read words. An ideal tool for churches, this CD collection will help you enhance your worship services!Please note: Due to copyright and licensing restrictions, this.
  • Bring your vessels, not a few, (Lelia N. Morris) O P Bringing in the Sheaves, (George A. Minor, 1880) O B Brothers, sisters we are called by God, (Christian Love) O Build on the Rock, the Rock that ever stands O Built on the rock the Church does stand, (Kirken Den Er Et Gammelt Hus) O B Buried in baptism with our Lord, (Ward) O P.
  • Many believe hymns are simply old, outdated, and not a necessity for a successful church service. Others, however, view classic hymns as a rich part of the church history that should be acknowledged.
Hymns Uzmusic For Your Church Services

Texts by Timothy Dudley-Smith, Brian Wren, Andrew Pratt and George Herbert are given settings here. There are also, for those so inclined, appropriate new texts sympathetically set to Gershwin and Lennon/McCartney tunes.

Hymns Uzmusic For Your Church Services Online


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This catalogue continually increases: usually every couple of months or so something is added or revised.

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