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Horse Sizes
Ira’s Carousel Horses, like traditional Carousel Horses from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, come in three sizes: Inside Row, Middle row, and Outside Row.
Inside Row horses are the smallest since there is less space towards towards the center of the Carousel horse ride which is basically a circular floor as you come inward on the circle platform towards the middle of the ride. Inside Row horses are 32 inches from their farthest measurement from chest to their rear.
Middle Row horses located in the mid portion of the circular Carousel Horse ride, are 36 inches from chest to rear.
Outside Row horses are the largest at 48 inches from chest to rear, and sometimes are up to 60 inches in very large traditional Horse Carousels. Carved horses in the photos of this Web-site are various sizes.
Carousel Brass Pole
Carousel Horses, once sculpted and painted, are mounted on Brass Poles which follow the traditional precedent of being one of two pole types. The client can specify if they prefer the smooth brass pole or the embossed brass pole with swirl pattern. Both brass pole types come with a decorative fennel at top and are delightful to behold.
Carousel Horse Base
The Artist completes the client’s Carousel Horse with its preferred brass pole by mounting it onto a specially created base he crafts from wood. The client chooses which type of wood base they prefer, which typically is in mahogany, cherry, oak, or walnut wood and finishes. As an additional feature, casters can be installed by the Artist prior to the delivery if the client anticipates moving their carousel horse around from time to time with ease.
Horse Painting, Colors, and Finishing
The commissioned Carousel Horses are painted by the Artist in one of the following standard horse body paint themes: Black, Brown, White, Yellow (Palomino), Appaloosa (Dominant Color Gray or White, with Spots in Gray or White) or Pinto also known as a “Paint” (Dominant Color White with either Black or Brown areas)
Horse eyes are brown, painted by the Artist in a realistic manner, except that Appaloosa Horses in real life typically have blue eyes, which the Artist is happy to create for the client. Ira’s horse tales and manes are carved in wood by the Artist in an active pose suggesting motion, though actual horse hair tales are available.
The Artist can create Zebras for a client, upon request, but there is an additional charge for the painting since it takes longer than regular Carousel Horses, but the finished effect is very beautiful and all the more rare.
Carousel Horse Saddles
Prices below include a presumed standard saddle, in the client’s selected color. More complicated saddles and saddles with special figures and carvings are available, upon request, and are priced accordingly.
Prices are as follows according to horse size. Shipping and Handling will be added to the fee. Please allow 6 weeks from ordering to delivery of your custom Carousel Horse.
Inside Row Horse (Typical Commission)-- Size 32” chest to rear
$3,000 for the completed horse including a standard wood base
Add $100 for Casters on the Base
Add $200 for Plain Brass Pole
Add $300 for Fluted Curvilinear Pole
Add $500 for Zebras (involves extra painting time)
Middle Row Horse -- Size 36” chest to rear
$4,000 for the completed horse including astandard wood base
Add $100 for Casters on Base
Add $200 for Plain Brass Pole
Add $300 for Fluted Curvilinear Pole
Add $600 for Zebras (involves extra painting time)
Outside Row Horse -- Size 48” chest to rear
$5,000 for completed horse including a standard wood base
Add $150 for Casters on Base
Add $200 for Plain Brass Pole
Add $300 for Fluted Curvilinear Pole
Add $700 for Zebras (involves extra painting time)
Over-Size Outside Row Horse -- Sized 60” chest to rear
$6,500 for completed horse including a standard wood base
Add $200 for Casters on Base
Add $300 for Plain Brass Pole (will be larger than normal)
Add $400 for Fluted Curvilinear Pole (will be larger than normal)
Add $900 for Zebras (involves extra painting time)
The Client will be asked to sign a Contract with the Artist at the time of Engagement. Typically, the Client will make payments in this arrangement: 10% of fee at time of engagement, 50% of fee when Carousel Horse is completed and approved based upon photos submitted to client, 40% of fee due at receipt and approval of the final Carousel Horse.
Clients will receive a 5% discount on the cost of the Carousel Horse if they wish to pre-pay 100% of the fee at time of Engagement. Clients ordering more than one horse will receive a special 10% discount on their subsequent orders.
Full satisfaction of the final Carousel Horse is guaranteed or else it may be returned in good condition for a full refund within 10 days of its receipt.

Mar 26, 2013 - Various photos of model Jessica Gomes the new face of David Jones. Total Dimensions: Height 10' x Width 7' Approximate Weight: 9 LBS Original Reproduction: Original John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States, serving from 1961 to1963. Three Dimensional Horse & Saddle Measurement. SNUG PAX Horse Design & Mfg. 10590 Hufford Ranch Rd Whitmore, CA 96096 530-472-1206; Fax 530-549-4734 [email protected] Cantle and Pommel bags for Western, Endurance, English Saddles. Super Deals Saddlery 7957 Merrington Place San Diego, CA 92126 858-566-7688 [email protected]

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Are you looking to commission us to paint or draw your horse? If so, you have come to the right place in preparation for taking photos or emailing us the kind of photos we need to work from. Photos are absolutely key in the process. We both work from one main pose for our portraits, so the photo you choose must capture your horse well. The pose must also be exactly how you would like to see them in the portrait. There are lots of things to take into consideration when taking photos, or choosing photos for a portrait. Hopefully this page will give you a general guide in what to look out for.

Take photos Outside!

If you are looking to take photos of your horse for a portrait, the ideal is to take your horse outside into a yard or field for the photoshoot. As you can see by comparing the photos below, the stables are fairly dark and the camera has used the in built flash to help add light into the scene. This helps us to see the horse more clearly, however it can give unnatural shadows and shiny areas on the horse. We can to some extent remove flash and red eye from eyes, however if you have the facilities to take photos of your horse in natural daylight, it will be much more ideal.

Tack or no tack?

The photo comparison below is also a good example of deciding whether you would like to see your horse in the portrait with or without tack. The photos of Elly below show her with a head collar in one photos and without anything on in the other. In most cases we are unable to remove head collars or tack when painting or drawing your portrait. Many owners like to see their horse more naturally without any reins, rugs, coats, tack etc. Other clients prefer to have their horses painted in their full refinery. It is extremely difficult to remove the tack when working from a photo with your horse wearing tack, as it means 'imagining what is underneath' and in effect making these areas up. So we do prefer to paint or draw the photo exactly how you have taken them.

Get close to your subject!


If you would like us to paint or draw a head study of your horse, the ideal is to fill the viewfinder with the horses head. We aren't for example, able to paint a head study from the full body photo below left. When zooming into the photo on the computer there is not enough information within the photo to work with. However if you step forward a few paces you can quite easily get a photo similar to the example below right. You can clearly see both photos were a taken on the same day, at the same time, however there is far more information within the photo on the right to paint from.
If you are looking to have a full body painting, it is a good idea to take a range of full body photos similar to the photo below left and without altering your eye level, walk forward a few paces to take some close up photos of the horses head. This way we will have plenty of information of your horse for painting or drawing from.

Let the sun shine....

The direction of the sunlight is also an important factor when taking photos of your horses. Make sure that the light is behind you, so it's bathing the subject in light. The photos below were taken on two separate days. In the photo on the left, the sun is shining over the photographer right shoulder bathing the horse in warm sunlight and creating lovely deep shadows. In the photo on the right its a much duller day and the sun is behind the horse, so even though we have a few lovely highlights for instance on the back of the horses neck, the photo isn’t ideal for a portrait. Choose your photo shoot day wisely.

Horse Portrait Pose Packriver Oak Saddlery

Pose Pack Sims 4

Using a Mobile

Finally using a good quality camera or device will help you take better photos. Mobiles are good if you adhere to a few simple rules. Make sure you take photos on a sunny day outside as the lenses in mobile devices aren’t as good as digital cameras. They don’t handle dark rooms or stables very well. Make sure you fill the screen with your subject as there isn’t quite as much information in the photos from mobile devices, so its always best to get as close as you can, making sure you don’t chop out any feet or ears!

Melanie and Nicholas,
Cheyenne arrived today safe & sound!!!! We cannot believe that it got here so quickly – it seems that from Wales is quicker than if I send something to another state. She looks amazing, we are so very happy with the painting & the frame. Your packaging was also amazing. We will definitely send you a photo and a note when we return from Florida but I just wanted to let you know that she arrived.Thank you so very much again,
Best Wishes,
Miriam & Dan

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