Game Boy Dmg Backlight

Game Boy Dmg Backlight


Installation of LED backlight to the original Game Boy DMG. We recommend an installation of the bivert chip. The bivert chip will improve pixel contrast giving the screen a sharper image. The bivert chip is not required but it is recommended for a better gaming experience.


This screen offers a superior backlight, great contrast, and a comparable refresh rate to the original Game Boy LCD. Kindly note that this is not a drop-in kit. Soldering is required for the existing speaker and for two backlight wires. Custom lenses sized for the 3' display are available here. It turns out there's a lot of untapped potential in that boring, green Game Boy screen. Let's take a look at a pair of mods from Hand Held Legend that will u. Replace your old, broken or cracked LCD screen with this new backlight kit! Make your DMG console display have color!! The advantages of the DMG OSD are as bellow: 1. Built-in 8 color modes, Each 'color mode' can be adjustable.

How do you play your Gameboy DMG and Gameboy Pocket in the dark? You add a little backlight to it!

This is a slim backlight that fits behind the screen once you have removed the back polarizer off the Gameboy LCD. This backlight requires you to soldier 2 wires (not included) to the backlight and then to the main power capacitor on the LCD motherboard. Its Suggested that you install a Resistor between the wire going to the power side of the of the backlight and the main power capacitor. (This Resistor is included). For best results you will also need to install a bivert chip in the system.

Game Boy Backlight Dmg And Pocket V3

What you get.

Game Boy Dmg Backlight
  • Backlight panel
  • Polarizer sheet to replace one you removed
  • 100 ohm Resistor

Gameboy Dmg Backlight Mod


Gameboy Dmg Backlight Battery Life

**Images are taken with a bivert chip installed. Your results my very from the images we have.**

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