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Wouldn't it be great if Apple didn't purposely block cool software from older machines just to churn a few more hardware upgrades? Yeah, it would, and that change in policy will happen right after they raise the Newton from the dead. Luckily, there are Mac lovers like Andrew Escobar, who created Front Row Enabler to make it possible for older Macs to enjoy a 10' UI and whistling sounds when giant media icons swish about the screen. Of course, no good deed goes unpunished, or at least not threatened.


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Apple therefore must insist that you cease use of Apple’s trademarks and copyrighted images and that you stop offering the unauthorized downloads of Apple’s Front Row software.

DownloadFront Row Enabler Lion Download

Front Row Enabler Lion Download Free

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After initially complying with the request from Apple Legal, Andrew has now had second thoughts on the veracity of the letter. To that end, he has made a few changes to the content on his site.

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I’ve added a disclosure to insure that the all 7 people affected will no longer confuse this blog with Apple Computer, Inc.’s official site, nor me for Steve Jobs. And for the remaining 2 idiots, I should also note that this blog is not associated in any way with Apple Corps either. To Paul, Ringo, Yoko, and the estate of George: please –for the love of God– don’t sue me.

And much to the delight of people with Salling Clicker or other means, Front Row Enabler is back. Let's hope the lawyer ninjas aren't already rappelling through the windows of his house.

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