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LVDS / 165 MHz / 3 x 10 bit: More EP104: Rx LVDS LVDS / 90 MHz / 3 x 10 bit / compatible to THC63LVD104: More EP124C: bridge LVDS 2 single ch LVDS In / 2 dual ch LVDS Out incl. Matrix switch / line buffer: More Part-No. Function Standard Description / Features Product Details / Inquiry; EP116: Tx RGB-DP. Connects, converts and scales standard Analog-RGB (VGA), DVI, DisplayPort, SGI and analog video sources to TFT-LCD flatpanels up to 3840×[email protected] Hz Superior picture quality due to improved scaling algorithms Powerful Software Configuration Tools Supports Dual-LVDS, VbyOne and eDP outputs Single or wide-range input power supply (12-24V DC) LED or CCFL backlight dimming support.

The LVDS to DVI converter board can be used for embedded applications. This product is popular for converting LVDS video intended for an LCD panel to DVI video to be displayed on a LCD monitor.

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Covert Single LVDS to DVI or Dual LVDS to DVI

Convert single or dual LVDS video into DVI-D (Digital) video

Effective input pixel rate up to 165 MHz

Accepts Single LVDS input up to 85 MHz or Dual LVDS up to 165 MHz

Output up to WUXGA resolutions

The converter outputs DVI video up to 165 MHz to support resolutions such as WUXGA (with reduced blanking) and 1080p

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Dimensions3.10' x 1.58' x 0.8'
Temperature RangeOperating: 0°C to +70°C
Storage: -40°C to +100°C
Video InputsSingle or Dual LVDS (up to 165 MPixel/sec)
Video OutputsDVI-D (Up to 165 MHz)
FeaturesLDI or SPWG Bit Mapping
Input Power+3.3 VDC, 100 mA
P1DVI-IDVI-D Video Output
J2DF11-14DPPower/LVDS Video Input
(single lane)
J3JumperLVDS Bit Mapping
J5DF11-14DPPower/LVDS Video Input
(secondary lane)
Part NumberDescription
110754LVDS to DVI Converter Board

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Free Download Program Lvds To Dvi Converter


No doubt anyone reading this has access to a few ancient laptops and the displays contained within. While those laptops are probably still stuck with a Gig of RAM and Windows ME, the display panels are probably still good. They don’t have HDMI, DVI, or VGA, though, which means those panels will need a converter.

[Jared] had a different idea. Instead of reusing laptop displays with a converter, why not connect them to an LVDS connector on some modern hardware? He had a RIoT board with a native LVDS connector, and with some clever reverse engineering and PCB fabrication he can put those old displays to work.

[Jared] had a very cool sunlight-readable ‘transflective’ LCD from on old Portege R500 laptop. If he was going to take apart one laptop to use with modern hardware, this was the one. Opening up the display he found a tiny connector but no obvious markings of what pins did what. The datasheet was also not to be found. By shorting two pins together, he could figure out what the pins were: shorting the clock freezes the screen, shorting the HSYNC and VSYNC means the screen loses sync. Blues, reds, and greens can be found the same way.

Lvds To Dvi Converter

With the pins identified, a breakout board was in order. This is just a small board to break out the very small wires to solderable pads and a driver for the backlight. With that, and the RIoT with an LVDS output, [Jared] was able to use new hardware with this old but still serviceable display.

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