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If you’re putting together a book, magazine or brochure, it’s likely you’ll need to typeset large sections of text. While a novelty slab serif might look great for titles, it’s clear that some fonts are simply not designed for setting lengthy paragraphs. These seven typefaces – some classic, others new kids on the block – are the perfect typesetting fonts. Read on to find your perfect match.


What Makes a Perfect Typesetting Font?

Typesetting is a very specific design skill that blends an expert eye for typography with a meticulous sense of organization. Many typesetters will fall back on only a handful of trusted typefaces for their work, and they tend to favor classic, traditional serifs over sans serifs.


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So what should you look for in typesetting fonts for the book or magazine you’re designing?

  • Legibility — the text needs to be instantly discernible, even at a small point size.
  • Clarity — a clear, easy-to-read style that doesn’t tire the eye.
  • A steady baseline — if some of the letters look like they are jumping about, it’s not suitable for typesetting.
  • A wide range of weights — look for fonts with flexibility, including the standard Regular, Bold and Italic weights, plus bonus weights that are ideal for setting one-off pieces of text, such as Black, Medium, and Roman.
  • Familiarity — using a font that distracts from the actual words, such as an unconventional sans serif, will distract the reader and detract from the content. Stick to a traditional serif or an elegant contemporary serif that borrows from older typesetting styles.
  • Beauty — some typesetters prefer a particular typeface because it’s simply jaw-droppingly beautiful and elegant. A book cover might be the place to flex your creative muscles, but typesetting benefits from more restraint. Stick to a typeface that’s conventionally attractive, and you’re sure to have a tasteful piece of typography that will stand the test of time.

But you don’t have to hunt down the perfect typeface – we’ve collected some of the best for you. These are the ultimate typesetting picks, split into traditional and new serifs. Discover one that fits your needs below.

Traditional Serifs

The following serifs are consistently used for typesetting, and for good reason. Their old-style quality exude beauty and make any text look elegant.

English font for thought provoking


Bembo is based on an old-style humanist serif typeface originally designed by Venetian punchcutter Francesco Griffo in the late 15th century. The typeface was redesigned and expanded into a full set of weights by English typographer Stanley Morison in 1929.


Bembo carries this dual-period heritage with elegance, blending old-school character with early 20th century restraint. If you want a typesetting font that feels classic but not antiquated, this is the choice for you.

Caslon Old Face

Every designer is familiar with Caslon, namely Caslon Std and Adobe Caslon Pro. These all work incredibly well for typesetting, but one in particular, Caslon Old Face, is sometimes overlooked in favor of its better-know counterparts. This is a shame, as Old Face brings vintage charm to the Caslon type family. With only three weights it is more restrictive than conventional typesetting fonts, but for certain tasks – like setting novels and poetry – it performs the job beautifully.


Sabon was designed by German-born typographer Jan Tschichold in the 1960s. A revival of Garamond, it is considered one of the most elegant and refined takes on Claude Garamond’s Roman type styles.

Like Bembo, Sabon is an old-style serif typeface, but it’s clean enough to suit almost any typesetting purpose. The typeface is romantic (some would say feminine) in form, which makes it a particularly good fit for typesetting literature.

New Serifs

These new kids on the block borrow from their classical predecessors but bring a fresh flavor to body text. If you’re on the hunt for something more contemporary, one of these might be your perfect match.


Inspired by 18th century transitional types like Caslon and Baskerville, Ashbury is a contemporary take on a formal serif style. Incredibly easy to read, this curved typeface is a lovely median between old-style and new-school. Contemporary novels, reports, and magazines will all benefit from body text typeset in Ashbury.

Fjord One

If you’re tempted to experiment with a sans serif for your typesetting, pause for a moment and consider the suitability of Fjord One instead. Bridging the gap between traditional serifs and sturdier sans serif styles, this typeface feels modern without compromising on personality. The typeface is restricted to one weight, which is available to download on Google Fonts and Font Squirrel. While this makes it suitable for setting EPUBs and other digital media, more print-ready weights could be available soon.

Sina Nova

English Font For Thought Provoking

Another Hoftype foundry gem (as is Ashbury, above), Sina Nova has a slim and open design with a distinctly mid-century vibe. Probably the most legible font on our list, it copes well with a small point size, and with twelve weights available you won’t be short on variation. You can download the Regular weight for free here.


Direct your attention to this 2016 offering from Hoftype. Carrara is based on transitional type styles but has a completely modern and graceful design that translates well to any typesetting job. Highly readable, it comes in 12 weights, giving even the most demanding typographer plenty of flexibility. You can download the Light weight for free here.

English Font For Thought Making

Your Perfect Typesetting Fonts

Typesetting is a subtle art, requiring typefaces to be not only elegant and attractive but highly functional, too. The fonts mentioned here are all highly legible, print beautifully, and have a broad range of weights and styles available. Do you have a favorite font that you come back to time and again for typesetting tasks? We’d love to know about it! Share your thoughts on treasured typefaces in the comments below.

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