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Elements of airplane performance by G.J.J Ruijgrok, 1990, Delft University Press edition, in English. The safe operation of aircraft for longer periods of time. AMTs are confronted with a set of human factors unique within aviation. Often times, they are working in the evening or early morning hours, in confined spaces, on platforms that are up high, and in a variety of adverse temperature/humidity conditions. Get this from a library! Elements of airplane performance. Ruijgrok, Ger. This book contains sixteen chapters and four appendices which form a comprehensive teaching text on the subject of airplane performance. The first seven chapters are designed to provide necessary. Maintenance) or by the restoration of adequate operation and performance of aircraft and its systems (corrective maintenance). The AMP is a corner stone of Continuing Airworthiness management; therefore it must be developed and evolved bearing in mind safety of aircraft, as well as economical aspects.

This book contains sixteen chapters and four appendices which form a compre-hensive teaching text on the subject of airplane performance. The fi rst seven chapters are designed to provide necessary background material in mechanics, aerodynamics, atmospheric science, air data instruments, and propulsion. In addi-tion, the appendices furnish basic data and information on the theory pertinent to a clear understanding of the different problems. Chapters 8-13, in particular, treat the point performance of the airplane, i.e., the performance that pertain to given point on the fl ight path. Finally, chapters 14-16 deal with what is known as the integral performance, indicating the performance items which are related to the course of the fl ight. The text is extensively illustrated and includes numerous worked examples. The book is primarily intended to serve as a textbook in undergraduate engineering courses and as an instrument for selfstudy.

Demonstrates use of appropriate performance charts, tables and data. Describes the effects of atmospheric conditions on the airplaneā€™s performance. The Performance section of the POH / AFM contains operational data pertaining to takeoff, climb, range, endurance, descent and landing performance for a range of conditions.

Preface 1. Basic concepts 2. The atmosphere 3. Equations of motion 4. Aerodynamic basis 5. Air data instruments 6. Propulsion 7. Propeller perform-ance 8. The airplane in symmetric fl ight 9. Performance in steady symmetric fl ight 10. Effect of altitude 11. Flight and airplane condition effects 12. Turning performance 13. Gliding fl ight 14. Symmetric climb and descent 15. Cruise performance 16. Airfi eld performance References Appendix A. Newtonian mechanics Appendix B. Conversion factors Appendix C. International standard atmosphere Appendix D. One-dimensional steady fl ow equations Index
The author, Ger J.J. Ruijgrok, is an Emeritus Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the Brussels Free University (VUB), Belgium, and at the Delft University of Tech-nology, The Netherlands. He is also the author of the books Elements of Aviation Acoustics and Elements of Aircraft Pollution. He was graduated at Delft University of Technology with a degree in aeronautical engineering.
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