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  • Product description. Platform: Mac Disc Edition: Standard. Dragon Professional Individual for Mac, V6, makes it easy to get started with speech recognition with a new engine- Delivering up to 99% speech recognition.
  • Dragon Dictate for Mac, version 4 merges fast, accurate speech recognition and versatile transcription to fit the way you work. Dictate and edit documents, send email, transcribe voice memos from.
  • Nov 16, 2017 Dragon is a Quartz Composer visualizer plugin for iTunes. With Dragon, your iTunes becomes a dance party for a mythical, fire-breathing monster! You may want to check out more software for Mac, such as Dragon Express, School of Dragons How to Train Your Dragon or Dragon Keeper2, which might be related to Dragon.
  • Fast forward 20 years, and Dragon buys out iListen for Mac, then a few years later, drops the product. Obviously, Dragon HATES MAC USERS. So now, after their latest stunt, there's no 3rd party voice.

What is Dragon Software? Review of Dragon Home & Professional

Dragon Dictate speech recognition software lets you use your voice to do more on your Mac than you ever thought possible. More than just speech-to-text, Dragon Dictate lets you use your voice to.

Nuance Dragon software offers speech recognition technology that converts the spoken word into written text. Coming in multiple versions with different feature sets, Dragon is for anyone who finds that typing out long strings of words is inconvenient or impossible.

Dragon has versions for students, teachers, law enforcement personnel, lawyers, courtroom support employees, and other professionals.

Below, I will review Dragon Home, Professional and Legal to enlighten you about the pros and cons of Nuance’s speech recognition suite. I will also discuss a few higher-end products, e.g. Dragon Anywhere, which places some of its functionality in the cloud. Finally, I will give you a general recommendation to put things into context. So, read on below and enjoy our Dragon software review.

Dragon Software 2021 – Overview

Dragon HomeDragon ProfessionalDragon LegalDragon Anywhere
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Who for? – As I mentioned above, Dragon software focuses on providing a user-friendly speech-to-text recognition and conversion engine for a broad audience. It is designed to listen to your speech, understand it, and convert it to text.

Understands accents – Because individual speech patterns and accents can vary significantly, Dragon software utilizes machine learning to recognize and understand your speech patterns better over time.

Easy commands – It can also execute simple commands, which allows you to do things like open and close software, post status updates on social media, and edit text.

Dragon Software Features

  • Full voice-to-text functionality.
  • Execute commands using your voice.
  • Search and browse the internet by voice.
  • Dictate homework assignments, emails, messages, appointments.
  • Fast, accurate documentation. Dictate anywhere, transcribe later (Pro).
  • Dictate and edit case files, contracts and briefs by voice (Legal only).
  • Deep learning of individual accents and regional intonations.
  • Multiple versions for professionals and individuals in different fields.

Dragon Home, Profession or Legal?

Dragon software comes in different versions to suit your tastes and requirements. The core functionality is present in Dragon Home, with professional versions providing additional features likely to be of use to the targeted niche.

As I discuss below, for those who decide they need dictation software, the choice of which version to go with can be as important as the choice of the software provider.

1. Dragon Home v15

Dragon Home (visit website) boasts a robust feature-set for a “basic” product. It comes with all of the features I’ve described above while coming in at a $150.00 price point.

Nuance emphasizes Dragon’s ability to translate speech-to-text up to three times faster than typing. This capability is borne out by the experiences of users all over.

People report being able to speak at a natural cadence. As long as their hardware was powerful enough, Dragon Home had no issue keeping up with their voice.

Playback feature – This is an exciting addition and one that is unique to the Dragon software. It does what it sounds like: it plays back entered text. What’s interesting is that it does so in your voice. It’s a handy function to have, as one’s voice is infinitely easier to understand than a robotic and generic one. Although it can be eerie at times to hear your voice, with subtle modifications, played back at you.

Fast – Nuance claims to be able to transcribe three times faster than a typist, though this does not include the time spent dictating punctuation and special characters. Dragon Home also requires you to indicate every punctuation mark and special character verbally if you want fully punctuated text. Tutorials are available here.

Dragon Software For Mac

Resources – Keep in mind, real-time speech-to-text recognition and translation are bound to be resource-intensive. Especially when paired with their machine learning functions, users should prepare for that reality. Unless you have a powerful machine, avoid running it, even Dragon Home, alongside other beefy software.

Commands – Dragon software provides extensive command functionality for selecting the text, fixing mistakes, moving in lists, searching or copying and pasting information. However, it is good to know the limitations here. While it can be convenient to be able to launch and instruct applications with just your voice, one must be careful not to leave the functionality on when not needed. For example, you don’t want your conversation to unintentionally become the content of your next Twitter post.

Practice commands – It can also be a clumsy tool until one has the hang of it. Individual commands must be voiced in the correct manner and sequence for them to operate. Once one is familiar with the feature though, it can significantly increase the ease with which one interacts with a PC or Mac. Cheat sheets are available.

Verdict – Dragon Home has much improved over the course of the years, and it does what it is meant to do: reliable voice communication. It is suitable for those who want to use a voice-based approach to web browsing and search, shopping, writing or social media. As discussed it is also resource-intensive and requires some type of training that is available online. Those who need more business features should, however, consider one of the professional editions which I review below.

Systems: Windows, Explorer, Firefox, Chrome
Price: $150. Visit website.
Rating: ★★★★☆
Note: Home v15 is the successor of Dragon Naturally Speaking v13.

2. Dragon Professional Individual v15

Dragon Professional (view website) contains the features of Dragon Home with some additional customizations intended to make life easier for the typical professional.

Dragon Professional makes it easier to create custom words and phrases consisting of proper names or unusual industry terminology. Both of these might be used unusually frequently in a user’s line of work.

There is also custom functionality to make it easier to work on multiple kinds of devices, like PC touchscreens, smartphones and tablets.

Benefits – Do you find yourself repeatedly using the same text and graphics? Use custom voice phrases to have Dragon Professional include them instead. The Professional edition allows you to leave your work at your desktop PC and pick it up again on another device using the Anywhere functionality.

Documentation – Apart from memorizing words and phrases, it is possible to set smart format rules to implement abbreviations, contact details or dates based on corporate styling schemes. Text can be highlighted, underlined or set bold or in different sizes by voice. It works within common business applications.

Verdict – In some ways, though, Professional is the app without a home in the Dragon software portfolio. Dragon Home is ideal for home users. Legal is custom-built for lawyers and legal professionals. Nuance also has solutions for law enforcement, financial services professionals, and medical professionals.

This makes one wonder why anyone would choose a generic “Professional” version when there is likely an industry-specific version with a fuller feature-set? Well, Dragon Professional is suitable for businesses, freelancers and even ambitious home users who want to settle between Home and Legal, and do not need specific vocabulary but require solid documentation functionality.

Systems: Windows and Windows Server, iOS or Android
Price: $300. $400 with Bluetooth headset. View website.
Rating: ★★★★☆

3. Nuance Dragon Legal v15

Dragon Legal (view website) is a specific version of Professional and designed for anyone in the legal industry. The Legal edition comes preloaded with hundreds of legal terms and words, obviating the need to train the software in the use of those terms.

It has the same features as Dragon Professional, including custom voice commands, names and terminology as well as Dragon Anywhere functionality. These features are very useful in the legal realm, which relies heavily on boilerplate contracting language and precedent documentation.

Benefits – Legal comes with the ability to dictate and pre-record a string of text, or conduct an interview, and transcribe it using the tool at a later time. For lawyers in remote locations who are required to perform their interviews of witnesses outside of more formal deposition environments, this feature could be worth the $500 cost alone.

Who for? – Dragon Legal may be most useful for small and mid-sized firms in the private sector. Governmental organizations (including the courts) frequently have access to proprietary methods of dictation and transcription, while large firms can often afford to hire full-time transcriptionists. If you find yourself at one of the small or medium-sized firms and are without a transcription or dictation solution, this Dragon software may be an appropriate tool to use.

Good to know – Similar to the legal issues that may arise for professionals using Dragon Anywhere (discussed below), Dragon Legal may raise some problems for lawyers. Regulations surrounding solicitor-client privilege and confidentiality are notoriously stringent. Lawyers and those who work with them will need to pay close attention to the storage and security of the files created by Dragon Legal. Privacy and data security will be paramount considerations for legal professionals here.

Systems: Windows and Windows Server, iOS or Android
Price: $500.
Rating: ★★★★★

4. Nuance Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere (view website) is the cloud-based version of Dragon’s speech- and voice-recognition technology. It is designed to be compatible, and sync with, several different cloud-based notetaking and file storage apps (like Evernote and Dropbox).

Effectively, Anywhere is a solution for anyone who requires Dragon software functionality away from their desks or laptops. The app works on Android and Apple phones, tablets, and allows for seamless cross-functionality between mobile devices and desktop or laptop computers.

Benefits – The app will enable you to share your work with colleagues and other people, making it a possible solution for teams of more than one person. Unlike some other software, Dragon Anywhere also imposes no word or time limits. You can speak for as long as you wish, and the program will continue to convert the words to text.

Good to know – Dragon Anywhere’s cloud-based technology may pose some legal difficulties for specific users, though. It’s integration with external servers, devices, and even users may run afoul of best practices or regulations concerning confidentiality and data security in some fields, particularly law-related ones.

Therefore, users in professional settings who frequently handle confidential information will want to peruse their organization’s privacy policies before using these features.


Systems: Cloud. All systems.
Price: $14.99/month or $149/year.
Rating: ★★★★☆

Nuance Dragon Software Review – Pros and Cons

There is only one feature that takes top billing in speech-recognition tools, and that is, obviously, its ability to recognize and translate voice to text.

Here, Dragon software does not disappoint. All of the downsides of the product (its tendency to devour a computer’s resources) are byproducts of the software’s ability to accurately, quickly, and adaptively take dictation. Dragon software understands a wide variety of speech well and converts it to text accurately.

It has other admirable features as well, namely:

Dragon software for mac review
  • Excellent compatibility with popular apps like Dropbox and Evernote
  • Wide feature-set including web search or documentation
  • Diverse versions for professionals, especially in the medico-legal fields

Downsides – The major drawback to Dragon software is that, for many people, it will be a solution in search of a problem. In other words, if you are a reasonably competent typist, dictation will not be your bag. I am a full-time writer, and I have yet to see the need for such tools, despite spending eight hours per day at a keyboard.

Voice vs typing – That may be an unfair criticism though, given that many people are not reasonably good typists. For them, this product could be a godsend. Alternatively, typing programs offer a good opportunity to help speed up pace and accuracy and to reduce the time needed for editing, hence, getting the best of both worlds.

Dragon Software Review 2021 – Verdict

Dragon software products do what they say they are going to do, and they do it well. If you have difficulty typing accurately and quickly, and you deal with a lot of written work, this may be the product for you. You will want to make sure that you have a powerful device to run the software, and that you’re reasonably proficient with technology, to get the most out of the programs though.

Tutorials – It certainly requires some “training” and a person who has “significant” difficulties with computers may continue to have trouble with Dragon software. However, there are videos, webinars and material provided by Nuance to get you started quickly and to enjoy the benefits. Furthermore, there is eMail and phone support to ask questions. Below are some of the FAQs listed.

Bottom line – While there are many alternatives on the market, Dragon software is certainly one of the best solutions when it comes to human-computer conversations. If you want to use it to ease daily tasks such as email or writing, Dragon Home is the best option. For professional use, Nuance offers a wide range of customized versions.

Professional solutions – Dragon software includes a growing number of niche products designed to meet the needs of a diverse array of professional users. Lawyers, doctors, police officers, accountants, and other professionals can all choose from versions of the software designed specifically for their industries.

Nuance Dragon Software 2021


1. Dragon Home ★★★★☆ $150
2. Dragon Professional Individual ★★★★☆ $300
3. Dragon Legal Individual ★★★★★ $500
4. Dragon Anywhere ★★★★☆ $149
5. Dragon Medical ★★★★★

Dragon Software – FAQ

Can I install Dragon software on other computers?

Usually, an installment can be made on one PC though each license is per user, not per computer. It is possible to create voice profiles that can be stored on other machines. Therefore, each speaker needs its own license.

Can friends or family use my license?

One license will serve one speaker. This also applies to create voice profiles for different speakers.

Can I use the software without any training

Dragon Software For Macbook Air

There is a smooth setup procedure to quickly get users up and running. No training or research is needed to get started. However, there is a range of tutorials available to make Dragon software more accurate or to use commands more effectively.

Can I record lectures using Dragon?

Dragon Software For Macs

As mentioned above, Dragon is not designed for multiple speakers. However, it is possible to use the tool to transcribe interviews or lectures using voice writing or parroting. A brief how-to guide is available on the company’s FAQ website.

Dragon For Mac

What are the hardware requirements?

Dragon’s full feature-set comes at a hardware cost though as it taxes the typical computer setup. The minimum requirements for desktops are not outrageous, however, trying to run anything processor- or memory-intensive at the same time as Dragon Home may slow down your PC. Therefore, I recommend at least 8GB of RAM, a quad-core processor or higher and at least 8GB of free disk space.

Older editions: Dragon Naturally Speaking V13 is the previous edition. It is not being marketed by Nuance anymore. Beware of any offers selling Naturally Speaking particularly if you are in the market for the latest iteration which is Dragon Home V15.

What is your experience? Do you use Dragon Home, Professional, Legal or Anywhere? What could be improved? Please share your review in the comments below.

Dragon Software For Mac Reviews

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