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Wolfenstein 3D (computer game) by themeworld. Publication date 1997-01-23 Topics Desktop Theme. Wolf-3d.1.png download. Wolf-3dWolfenstein3d(256color).png download. Wolf-3dcursors.png download. Wolf-3dwallpaper1.png download. The Wolf3D Engine is a raycaster engine developed by John Carmack for the hit FPS game Wolfenstein 3-D. It features smooth scrolling with textured walls, variable screen-size,. I wasn't allowed to play Wolf 3D as a kid; I distinctly remember being scolded for doing so. When I found the illicit diskette years later in high school, however, I burned through that sucker.

A sequel of sorts to Wolfenstein 3D that was released by Formgen as a retail only game (not shareware like Wolf3D) this demo version unfortunately contains only two playable levels. However the Spear of Destiny game is still great fun, although it uses the exact same engine, graphics, sounds etc as Wolfenstein 3D and features only new levels.

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Shareware($35 (ep1-3) / $50 (ep1-6))
Single player
Yes (View DOSBox compatibility info)
No. Violence and/or sexual content
320 × 200
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Original archive (, 712k) - The main download link above works in DOSBox after unzipping; the file is the original. Review:Rating: 5
Although there were 3D games on the PC before Wolfenstein 3D (one notable example was Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss), it was this game by iD Software which brought 3D gaming to the masses. It was a simple game: Get to the end of the level, killing Nazis on the way. But it became ridiculously popular because of its fast, fluid gameplay, violence, and its 3D engine which would run on most reasonably recent PCs at the time without the need for a 3D graphics card.

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Video review of Wolf3D, courtesy of Ancient DOS Games

││▌██ WOLFENSTEIN 3-D V1.4 - ID/APOGEE! ██▐││
NEW VERSION 1.4 -- 256 color VGA graphics.
Fastest 3-D graphics of ANY PC game. Sound
Blaster effects and Ad Lib music. Graphics
so real they cause dizziness! Rated PC-13
due to intense, realistic visual effects.
Needs 286 or better. Fixes some video
problems, and adds joystick calibration.

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