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  2. Wanted posters are mostly used for bounty hunting when the police issues a search for an absconding criminal. Such posters are pasted all across region and often come with a big head-shot of the accused with “Wanted” written on top. 186+ FREE POSTER Templates - Download Now Microsoft Word.

Wanted Posters are used to track down or to gather more information about the whereabouts of a criminal. In most cases, it could be a fugitive, or a hardcore criminal who has been committing high-level crimes on a regular basis. Wanted Posters were prepared and circulated by the police official and other people from the police departments or security agencies. They were also prepared by other vigilante groups or companies who had experienced a recent robbery. There are guidelines which you must follow when preparing Wanted Poster Design. Some of them have been outlined below:

Use a clear photo or image.

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For a higher success rate of using a wanted poster, it is always recommended that a photo of the person of interest should be included. In cases where a photo of the person is not available, then a clear sketch of the image of the individual can be applied. It is important to use a vivid image that best represents the person of interest. This means that any significant birth marks or scarring should be included in the photo and at the right place. This will prevent confusion in public, as to whether the person in the photo is really the person that they might have seen.

Use a clear and more detailed description.

When preparing Wanted Posters, it is important to use all the relevant details of the person of interest. The personal details should be outlined on the poster accordingly. This means that the information should be counter checked with the relevant authorities to verify whether it is legitimate or not. Remember, if you are not really sure about the information, consult widely or better yet, just leave it out. A wanted person is always viewed in the bad light by the public; therefore, never risk giving false information, or you will be sued.

Do not use decorations on the Wanted Poster Design.

Remember, Wanted Posters are professional. Therefore, the presentation of your Wanted Poster Design should represent professionalism and serious business. Decorations can also act as a distraction. Putting too many decorations on the Wanted Poster Designs will take the attention away from the main agenda, which is to get people to read about the person of interest. Including decorations will also make many people brush it off and ignore the Wanted Poster as it will just look like another invitation to a party or something.

Download Wanted Posters Template Microsoft Word Document

In conclusion, preparing Wanted Poster Designs is a simple task. However, take your time to do your homework in terms of research. Clarify the information given before putting it on the poster. Look for a strategic position to hang your poster so as to target as many people as possible. Avoid the use of too many decorations and be as professional as possible. Use a clear and very detailed description of the person of interest. Use a decent photo of the person. The photo should be clear and should include any relevant details like birth marks, scars, beauty spots or tattoos.

Here is our collection of Wanted Poster Template (FBI and Old West, Free),

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Allow me to share with you these 13 Free Wanted Poster Templates in MS Word format to help you create and print your own Wanted Poster easily.

A Wanted Poster Template is a unique kind of poster which will use for the purpose of finding rather than advertisement. Basically it’s an informative poster prepare & used by people who want to find something. However in general term we can assume that suchlike poster usually used by security agencies, or cops who working on some criminal case where escaped criminals are required for further proceeding of law. To all appearance a wanted poster will include a big clear photograph of escaped person along with other available information, just like; possibly a certain amount of price money that would be present as a reward to the informer, contact details of searching team, committed crime, the place where from he/she has escaped, actual date of escape, proposed dangers & even more.

Using Wanted Poster Templates

Use as a full disclosure sheet, aware people about an escaped person, prevent people not to further contact with criminal, provide individuals a chance to inform the searching team & get reward. The wanted poster will thoroughly contain a clear picture of the wanted person that for sure will assist people to recognize the face of criminal. If real picture is not available than searching team can also take help through sketch which somehow also relevant to identify the face with the feature image of offender.

Wanted poster template is very famous in western parts of USA includes different states. Still in the age of modernization, police officers deeply trust on wanted posters and the way they work. After the civilization process emerged in western parts, peoples believe in wanted posters started moving downwards but yet still wanted poster template is considered a mean to catch notorious gangsters and criminals. Our wanted poster template is part of our mission. We believe in serving our clients and never wish to disappoint them. Wanted poster template is available in attractive look and enough space for text.

Free Wanted Poster Templates

Here are previews and download links for these Free Wanted Poster Templates created using MS Word to help you design your own poster easily.

Download link for this wonderful Wanted Poster Template.

A Poster is a document that includes a big picture and it’s used for information and notification purposes. You can also say that a poster is kind of a notice that is used by individuals, companies and organizations to announce something important i.e. an upcoming event. Event organizers also use posters for informing people about the event and to invite them in the party.

Publisher wanted poster template

If you take a look around, you will find various kinds of posters around you including political posters where candidates request for votes, musical posters where the organizer invites people to a musical event, protest posters where the organizer request citizens to participate in the protest and educational posters where schools and colleges invite students in seminars, speeches and other programs.

Download link for this wonderful Wanted Poster Template.

Download link for this wonderful Wanted Poster Template.

As discussed above, a Poster is made only for one purpose; informing people about something important and that makes it clear that the most important thing about a poster is that message or statement announcing that particular thing to the public.

Wanted Sign Template For Word

Other than that written statement, there are couples of other factors that also matter in the overall design of the poster including picture, graphics, and colors, theme of the poster, size, amount of written content and the way message is presented to the public.

Download link for this wonderful Wanted Poster Template.

Most of the times, it’s important to use a big size picture because it helps to attract more readers and potential viewers where sometimes when a big picture is not appropriate, you can also use a smaller picture depending on the size of the poster. Keep in mind that most of the readers will only take interest in the poster if it’s designed with good quality picture and suitable colors.

Make sure the colors aren’t too bright or too light for the poster type. For example, for a musical poster, readers will expect to see a bright color poster with different colors and graphics but for a political or educational poster, written information is more important than colors and graphic designs.

Download link for this wonderful Wanted Poster Template.


Download link for this wonderful Wanted Poster Template.

Download link for this wonderful Wanted Poster Template.

Download link for this wonderful Wanted Poster Template.

Download link for this wonderful Wanted Poster Template.

Download link for this wonderful Wanted Poster Template.

Download link for this wonderful Wanted Poster Template.

Download link for this wonderful Wanted Poster Template.

Download link for this wonderful Wanted Poster Template.

Pros and Cons of Wanted Poster Templates

Although using an appropriate software and expert help for designing a successful poster is important but sometimes, it’s not possible for the designer. If you are an individual or a small company and you can’t afford extra expenses of designing and printing promotional posters for your events, maybe it’s better to go with customized Home Made Posters. Yes it’s important to use a different and unique poster but that doesn’t mean you need to hire someone but just by following simple tips and instructions, you can design a beautiful poster by yourself at home.

This will not only save you a lot of money but you can also make sure to design exactly what you want or desire. Describing your thoughts and imagination to a third person is a serious problem and even if you hire professional designer, he might not be able to understand your needs and requirements. When you design the poster by yourself at home, you can turn your imagination into reality with the exact colors and content setting in the exact manner that you wanted.

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