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Download Trinity Hacking ToolDownload Trinity Hacking Tool

Trinity Rescue Kit or Disk is a free live Linux distribution that aims specifically at recovery and repair operations on Windows machines but is equally usable for Linux recovery issues.

What is Trinity Rescue Kit / Disk / CD

Download Trinity Hacking Tool Download

It is possible to boot TRK in three different ways:

  • As a bootable CD which you can burn yourself from a downloadable isofile
  • From a USB stick/disk (optionally also a fixed disk), installable from Windows or from the bootable TRK cd
  • From network over PXE, which requires some modifications on your local network.

Download Trinity Hacking Tools

TRK is a complete command line based distribution, apart from a few tools like qtparted, links, partition image and midnight commander

It’s recommended to keep a copy of TRK in your toolkit, we at Darknet do find it useful, especially for resetting passwords and fixing messed up file systems.

TRK Trinity Rescue Kit Features

Download trinity hacking tool windows 10Download trinity hacking tool download
  • easily reset windows passwords
  • 4 different virus scan products integrated in a single uniform command line with online update capability
  • full ntfs write support thanks to ntfs-3g (all other drivers included as well)
  • clone NTFS filesystems over the network
  • wide range of hardware support (kernel and recent kudzu hwdata)
  • easy script to find all local filesystems
  • self update capability to include and update all virusscanners
  • full proxyserver support.
  • run a samba fileserver (windows like filesharing)
  • run a ssh server
  • recovery and undeletion of files with utilities and procedures
  • recovery of lost partitions
  • evacuation of dying disks
  • UTF-8 international character support

There are plenty of other Security & Hacking related Live CDs on Darknet too.

Download trinity hacking tool windows 10

Trinity Rescue Kit Download

You can download the latest TRK 3.4 here:

Or read more here.

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