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I enjoyed everything about the movie. Music, faces, ages and nuances. This might be for people of a certain age but it is a gentle and kind story with a lot of beauty. I am sorry for those who cannot appreciate these things. And I am a Colorado traveler so I appreciated the scenery as well. I have a deep respect for both Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. Both are richly talented actors. This movie resonates with the understanding of deep friendship and that is something that will never get old... I wish there were more movies like this to watch.

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Download Torrent For Our Souls At Night

Soul Movie Torrent

Title: Our Souls at Night Authors: Kent Haruf Id: ZSlsBQAAQBAJ Publisher: Vintage Published Date: 2015-05-26 Categories: Fiction Page Count: 192 Language: en Description: A spare yet eloquent, bittersweet yet inspiring story of a man and a woman who, in advanced age, come together to wrestle with the events of their lives and their hopes for the imminent future. ― Kent Haruf, Our Souls at Night. Like “Sins of omission, Louis said. You don’t believe in sins. I believe there are failures of character, like I said before. That’s a sin.” ― Kent Haruf, Our Souls at Night.

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