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Field survey reports are a technique to understand a land in a better manner so that it can be The earth is a land that has lot to offer and a lot to hide. Word Templates for Free Download. A satisfaction survey template may be conducted for several reasons such as customer satisfaction survey, employee satisfaction survey, product satisfaction survey, quality satisfaction survey.Whatever the title of the survey.

Questionnaires and Surveys are groups of data or tools use to gather targeted information about people, individuals and organizations for the purpose of analysis. More critically, Questionnaires are bodies of structured questions with given alternatives designed to acquire needed data/information which is used in analyzing or achieving the investigation intended in a survey. So, Questionnaires are more like data/inputs which can be used in carrying out a survey.

Download site survey template microsoft word free microsoft

Questionnaires and Surveys can be used to investigate beliefs, opinions, behaviors, and/or undertake scientific inquiries by the people who administer them. They are usually designed in standard formats to ensure that the facts being investigated are gathered reliably. Some of the ways that data used in gathering data needed for Questionnaires and Survey are: through mails (usually in a structured group), online survey, streets and home interviews, and telephone interviews and survey.

Questionnaires and Surveys for Customers

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There are many reasons why an organization may decide to carry out surveys of their customers, so, are many purposes for such investigations. An organization may decide to investigate the opinion of its customers about a particular product or service. It may also run a survey to drive a market campaign, product development and promotions. A survey may also be necessary to address an issue or complaints by the customers.

Whatever the reason and/or purpose of a survey about company’s customers, what is most important is that the methods and the Questionnaires adopted will be designed to address the issues and resolve them as appropriate.

Purpose of Investigation or Research

Download Site Survey Template Microsoft Word Free

First, an organization should clearly describe the purpose of its investigations. Is it to identify their specific needs? Is it to promote a product to a specific segment? Is it to address their complaints? Is it to envisage their expectations? Ultimately, the style, the questions and the strategies involved are going to be decided by the purpose of the survey.

Research Hypotheses

These are the premises upon which the investigation is driven. It could be assumed that customers are dissatisfied with the quality of services rendered by the organization. It can be that customers prefer a particular product than the other and the company intends to investigate the reason. All these are possible hypothesis upon which the Questionnaires and other data gathering tools are deployed to investigate in a survey

Methods for investigations:

This will specify the appropriate methods of undertaking the survey. Should it be online? Should it be recorded for further analysis? Should it be sent through the mails? Should it be Questionnaires or critical observations? If the purpose is clear, the method is easier to decide. Sometimes, it is possible to combine more than one method for a survey and research activity.


Questionnaires: This will be based on the purpose of the research and the hypothesis upon which it is driven.

Data Gathering and Analysis: Whatever the method chosen, it is important to state the purpose of the investigations and inform the respondents that the information supplied will be discreetly used.

Observations and Recommendations: Observations are made based on the results from the investigation undertaken and necessary recommendations given.

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Download Site Survey Template Microsoft Word Free

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Download Site Survey Template Microsoft Word Free Microsoft

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The earth is a land that has lot to offer and a lot to hide. Field survey reports are a technique to understand a land in a better manner so that it can be out to good and appropriate use and no mistakes are done. It is often said that prevention is better than cure and if certain precautions are taken, many disasters can be averted. This report will help you in doing just that. If you understand the land in a better way, you will be aware of what better use it can be put to. For instance, whether a land is suitable for farming or would it be better to use it for construction. If field survey reports are not presented, construction might begin at a place that was not appropriate which could lead to life threatening consequences. This is the field survey are so important.

There are many steps that are carried out in making a field survey report. It is comprised of conducting interviews, making sketches and measurements and great observation. The importance of field surveys can be emphasized enough. They help you in understanding conditions of a land so that you can become aware of the problems that it has and take the necessary steps. It is an extensive study which cannot be taken lightly. When making a field survey report you have to take certain steps. The first thing that you have to do is identify the reason of the survey. What prompted the examination of this land? Once you have understood the purpose of this survey, you can collect the tools required and the techniques you will have to perform.

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Once you have done all the procedures like observation, measurements, interviews and other things, you can start to make your report. It is important that your report is concise and yet has all the necessary details. You need to organize the information according to the objectives that you set out to achieve that is the purpose of the conduction of the survey and the results you obtained. Make sure your analysis has all the aspects. Support your field survey report with notes, Filed sketches, photographs and case studies. Use a spreadsheet to tabulate the information that you received from interviews and questionnaire. Make sure that your report has the maps and diagrams which will be useful to give a better understanding of the geographical variations. You need to remember that the person reading the report might not be an expert in geographical terms so make sure that the language of your report is easy to understand and has all the details that are required to reach to a conclusion about the land.

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Field survey report is an exercise through which many problems can be avoided which is why it is important that it gets the attention it deserves at every level and this step is not neglected. They will help you in making better use of the land available and would enable you to make correct decisions that will be beneficial for the people.

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