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Norstar Modular User Guides & Manuals; Are there charges for calling Advicelines for telephone systems? How do I change extension names? How do I change the button programming on my extension? How can I add line buttons or make an extension ring on incoming calls? How do I change the time on my phone system? NORTEL NORSTAR USER MANUAL Pdf Download ManualsLib T-Series Phone Labels. T-Series Phone Labels (9438 KB) NOTE: this is an EXE file, your system may block it's download. It's a program that allows you to create and print labels for your Norstar T-Series phones. (this program is also available on the CD that came with your system).


BCM50 6.0 no free lines

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BCM50 6.0 no free lines

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I'm getting a BCM50 6.0 ready to install next week and have run into an odd problem.
The new 6.0 will be installed at a distant branch office and connected via voip trunks to a BCM50 6.0 at a customer home office near where I work.
I've set the new 6.0 up at the customer's nearby home office and have it connected to the home office 6.0 in the same subnet for programming and testing.
Everything's been working fine for the last 3-4 days but this morning I got a 'no free lines' display and a fast busy when trying to call through the voip trunks to a home office extension.
I checked the active voip lines program field and it was empty.
After doing a graceful shutdown then powering the BCM back up, the trouble was clear and I was able to make several voip trunk calls.
Then 15-20 minutes later, I tried to dial another network call and after a long pause the call went to fast busy without the 'no free lines' display.
Now it's working again without me changing anything.
Can anyone shine some light on what the problem might be?
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