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Database Export Tool - Export Databases, Tables, and Queries. The Database Export Tool allows users to export single tables, query results, or all tables in a database and/or schema as a delimited file, insert statements, HTML, XML, Excel, JSON, and Text formats. The program's installer is commonly called Convert Excel To XML.exe. The latest version of the program can be downloaded for PCs running Windows XP/7, 32-bit. Convert Excel to XML Software allows you to convert Excel to XML format. Convert Excel to XML Software is a batch XML converter that converts Excel to XML files. That is why Convert XLS to XLSX has been developed, to ensure you that your old files can still be used. Conversion: with its name, Convert XLS to XLSX ’s purpose cannot but be more obvious. It allows you to read your excel files (XLS) with MS Excel 2007 by transforming them into XLSX files.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do i use EML Converter Suite?

    This is very simple to use and convert eml files! Follow below steps one by one and convert multiple or unlimited eml files-

    • Download freeware version of eml converter suite
    • Install the softwaer and open it.
    • Browse and locate EML file folders within software to scan and load
    • Once loading completed, go with real EML file conversion by clicking on 'Convert' button from toolbar.
    • On the export wizard, choose the required conversion format and proceed to export eml file.

    Graphical working of EML Converter software : How EML Converter Tool Works..

  • I want to export EML file to Office365 and MBOX. Is this format available?

    Yes! EML Converter Suite has multiple conversion option including convert EML to Office365 and MBOX file.

  • I am Thunderbird user and i have more than 10K EML files in my external hard-drive! How can i view these EML files in thunderbird.

    Thunderbird email client stores all the messaging data in single file called '.mbox' file. I recommend you to convert eml file to mbox by eSoftTools EML Converter suite and create .mbox file against your all 10K eml files and after that you can easy to import .mbox file into your thunderbird.

  • What is the difference between DEMO/ Trail and Full Version?

    The demo/ trail pack has limitation in conversion counting! The demo/ trail version allowed to convert only 25 eml files to any other format. And the Full version provide flexibility to convert unlimited eml file to pst, office365, mbox, emlx, html, nsf, msg file.

zs2decode reads Zwick Roell zs2 and zp2 file formats.It can generate XML files for convenient extraction of measurementsand meta data. The proprietory zs2 file format is generated bytestXpertII, the control software ofZwick Roell Materials Testing Machines.


zs2 files contain data in a compressed, binary-encodedXML-like structure. The binary data stream is comprised of chunkssimilar to PNG files.

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zs2decode is a Python (2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7) implementation of azs2 file decoder. It can be obtained from theGitHub repository.In order to convert a zs2 file into XML, the followingscript can be used:

The output of zs2decode can be used to extract meta data, acquisionparameters and measurements. An example script is provided to extractraw measurements from the XML output.

The zs2 file format specification is not distributed publicly.All information in this document comes from reverse-engineering offiles written by testXpertII version 3.1 and user feedback onthe github issue tracker.This project is not associated with Zwick Roell.


The zs2 file format is unrelated to thezs file format for compressed sets of Nathaniel J. Smith.

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  • The zs2 file format
    • File structure
      • Data stream structure
    • Chunk data
      • Data structures
  • Chunk type-specific data structures
    • ZIMT parameter and property chunks
    • Event audit chunk
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