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  1. The MAX3815 cable equalizer automatically provides compensation for DVI™, HDMI™, DFP, PanelLink®, and ADC cables. It extends the usable cable distance up to 36 meters. The MAX3815 is designed to equalize signals encoded in the transition-minimized differential signaling (TMDS®) format.
  2. Analog Devices HDMI® switches and DVI switches, as well as buffers, empower designers to easily expand the number of HDMI inputs in their systems. Advanced equalizer technology enables the connection of 1080p deep color HD equipment over more than 20 meters of cable with our HDMI switches and DVI switches.
  3. Specifications: The product VGA to HDMI converter is used to convert an analog VGA signal to a digital HDMI signal. It can be used with computers and other devices with a VGA output interface, and connects to an HDTV, projector,or other display with an HDMI input.The converter supports a wide range of input resolutions and is easy to set up.
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Most of smart TVs are generally equipped with HDMI ARC port. If your sound system has ARC input, it will allow you to enjoy better performance through a single HDMI cord.

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Almost all devices have an HDMI port now, but if you still have an analog system, it may be more difficult to find a display or device that allows you to connect. As technology moves further and further away from VGA and DVI, it may be necessary for you to purchase an adapter to continue using some of your existing devices.

However, many audio receivers have no ARC input, so we need a HDMI ARC audio converter to convert audio signal to home theater system, soundbar or AV receiver with optical, digital coaxial or analog audio input port.

Although we can fine analog AUX or RCA (L/R) stereo interface in some HDMI converter and ARC function, as we known, lots of ARC converters are only available from SPDIF optical output, not available for analog stereo audio. So if your audio speaker only have analog input ports, the only solution is HDMI ARC to analog audio converter (3.5mm AUX/ RCA)

In addition to analog (3.5mm AUX / RCA) audio output, these converters also added the mainstream Optical or digital coaxial audio output, in order to meet the use of various audio.

Download Free Hdmi Analog Cable Converterbackstage

PS: Most latest HDMI source devices have no dedicated audio output, we can connect it to ARC enabled TV and output audio to most speaker/ home theatre / amplifier / headphone with analog/optical/coaxial input ports through HDMI ARC audio adapter.

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The following are the recommended HDMI ARC to Analog converter(s), we will continue to pay attention to it and update more options here.

ROOFULL HDMI ARC to Analog 3.5mm AUX / Optical SPDIF Audio Converter


  • Input: 1* HDMI ARC
  • Output: 1* Optical + 1* Analog 3.5mm AUX audio output
  • Come with 3.5mm to L/R cable to achieve RCA L/R audio output
  • Support HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) to SPDIF Optical/ Coaxial / analog RCA stereo audio output
  • Set audio source format to PCM/LPCM before using because this HDMI ARC adapter does not do Dolby/DTS decoding

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Check this post if you need a HDMI extractor with HDMI ARC function.
Maybe you need a quality HDMI 2.0 switch with audio output and ARC function.

Hdmi Analog Audio Out

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