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DFX Audio Enhancer is an audio processor which uses various techniques to improve the sound quality of media players, websites, and any other program on your PC.

  • The FxSound Enhancer supports almost any application playing audio streams from Internet browsers to media players. The software whose performance can be improved with FxSound Enhancer includes: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Windows Media Player, VLC, Winamp, foobar, BS Player, Gom Player and many others.
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Download the new FxSound for free. FxSound Premium We no longer are selling FxSound Premium, but you can still download the 7-day trial or register if you've already purchased. All of this is available right from DFX Audio Enhancer’s interface. And if you don’t like the look of the software, customize it with different skins. Some of the features are unclear or don’t work particularly well with headphones. There are two music options, but the software doesn’t explain what each one does.

A simple console offers sliders for Fidelity ('regenerates... missing high frequency harmonics'), Ambience ('regenerates... ambience and stereo depth'), HyperBass ('regenerates... low frequency harmonics, thus increasing the perceived bass, but without exceeding the speaker's physical limits') and Dynamic Boost (processes 'the audio to increase the perceived loudness of the audio without altering the perceived dynamic range').

Each slider represents values from 0 to 10, but the free version only runs up to 5. If you drag it further, an alert dialog pops up to say 'no, can't do that', which is annoying if you keep doing it by accident.

There's also a fifth '3D Surround' slider which doesn't work at all unless you upgrade.

DFX Audio Enhancer offers a 10-band equalizer (or 9 + 'Dynamic Bass'). You can't use most of the presets in this version, but it's possible to save your own.

Please note, DFX Audio Enhancer will by default install other programs along with its own code. To avoid this, pay attention during setup and select 'Skip', 'Decline' or whatever other 'no thanks' options you see, as they come up.


DFX Audio Enhancer made some difference to our test PCs audio, but not much more than you'd expect from an equalizer. We wouldn't want to use the free version, either - too many restrictions and nag screens - and overall the full build seems a little expensive. Audio processing is very subjective so try it anyway, if you're interested, but don't expect too much.

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DFX Audio Enhancer 11.306 + Crack(FULL)
DFX Audio Enhancer 11.306, What's new in this release?
Fixed: performance improvements with iTunes integration
Fixed: Other miscellaneous bug fixes.


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DFX Audio Enhancer improves your music listening experience aplifying the sound quality of MP3, Windows Media, Internet radio and other music files. DFX dramatically improves the sound quality of your favorite media players with 3D Surround, higher fidelity, booming bass and more, providing exceptional playback quality on your PC. The latest version includes a new Explore feature which provides you with quick access to music videos, song lyrics, similar artists, and more. DFX enhances the sound of all the best media players. Simply turn on DFX and be immersed in HD quality sound. That’s it! With its standard settings you’ll immediately be amazed at the added clarity and punch that your media player now provides. However, fine-tuning your audio settings is also an easy option.
DFX Audio Enhancer has an intuitive interface with tooltips to guide you, along with a complete list of finely-tuned presets for all kinds of music. You can even create and save your own custom preset. You can also change the look of DFX Audio Enhancer by choosing from the many available DFX skins in the online skins library, or creating your own skin.
HD Quality Sound Enhancement:
• 3D Surround Sound. Immerse yourself inside the music
• Booming HyperBass. Produce deeper, richer bass
• Stereo Ambience. Renew lost stereo depth and body
• High Fidelity Restoration. Eliminate that “muffled” soundTorrent software download
• Dynamic Audio Boost. Pump up the volume
• Spectrum Analyzer. “See” DFX enhance your sound
• Headphones Optimization. Hear more pleasant, natural sounds with headphones
• Multiple Processing Modes. Optimize sound quality for music, speech and other audio types
• Customizable Audio Presets. Select from many factory-tuned settings or create your own
• Preset to Song Association. Get the perfect sound for each song you play
DFX Audio Enhancer features:
• Easy To Use and Customizable
• Advanced DSP Sound Quality Enhancement
• Explore Artist Videos, Bio, News, Lyrics, Similar Artists New
• Speakers and Headphones Optimization
• Finely-tuned Music Presets
• Dynamic Sound Spectrum Analyzer
• Powerful Audio Processing Modes
• Compatible With Many Players and Media Formats Improved
• Efficient Performance Using Minimal CPU
• Stylish, Shapely Skins Updated
• Space Saving Mini-mode Interface Updated
• Presets Backup and Restore
• Preset Song Associations Improved
• 5.1/7.1 Surround Sound Support
• 64-Bit Windows Support

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The new Explore feature increases your music enjoyment even more, by providing you with quick access to the music content you love.
New DFX Explore music feature:
• Artist Videos Direct links to music videos of the artists and songs you listen to.
• Similar Artists Easily discover new music based on the artists you listen to.
• Song Lyrics Sing along to your favorite tunes with the integrated song lyrics finder.
• Artist Bio Learn about the interesting history behind the artists you listen to.
• Artist News Direct links to news stories on the web about the artists you listen to.

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OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.Torrent software download
What's New in This Release?
* Fixed: performance improvements with iTunes integration
* Fixed: Other miscellaneous bug fixes
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