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Episode 1: Pilot Episode 2: lawnmower dog EPISODE 3: Anatomy park EPISODE 4: M. Night Shaym-Aliens! Episode 5: Meeseeks and Destroy Episode 6: Rick Potion #9 Episode 7- Raising Gazorpazorp Episode 8- Rixty Minutes Episode 9- Something Ricked This Way Comes Episode 10- Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind Episode 11- Ricksy Business. The center of Dolphin Olympics 2 is improving score and expand your velocity. Each one time you jump out of the water you can utilize the bolt keys to perform flips and twists. The more intricate your moves and the more drawn out you hold them, the more focuses you get. Free unblocked games at school for kids, Play games that are not blocked by school, Addicting games online cool fun from unblocked games 66. Dolphin Olympics 2. Don't press the red button. Don't Shoot The Puppy. Don't Whack Your Boss. Don't Whack Your Teacher.

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Dolphin Olympics 2

How to ideally control a dolphin during Dolphin Olympics 2 while you just have 2 minutes to do tricks as well as gain points? Don’t get worried! We are here to support you!

First of all, press the WASD or arrow keys to guide the dolphin to jumping over, performing tricks, building a multiplier, and gaining speed. But, the primary target is still to get as high scores as you can within just 2 minute-time limit. Further, there is also a FREE SWIM mode, which is designed to remove the time limit so that players have permission to enhance their skills, without the right to submit a high score. Do best to earn more points by guiding other fishes to follow your direction and jump out of the water. Simply jump high enough into space, and you are able to pass different planets and streams of stars.

Let us see how competent you are during Dolphin Olympics 2!

How to play

Accelerate/roll by the Up/Down key.
Turn by the Left/Right key.

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Dolphin Olympics 2 (no 1)unblocked Everything Download

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Dolphin olympics 2 (no 1)unblocked everything came

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Dolphin Olympics 2 (no 1)unblocked Everything Else

Game Description

Dolphin Olympics 2 is an exciting aquatic game that invites you to score as many points as possible in two minutes. The goal is to swim and flip your dolphin. All you have to do is drive the mammal to stellar jumps by building speed and pulling bigger and better tricks. Perform perfect water entries and earn a special speed boost. Reach for the sky with your olympic dolphin!

Dolphin Olympics 3 Unblocked


Dolphin Olympics 2 (no 1)unblocked Everything Came

Up/Down: Accelerate/Roll
Left/Right: Turn
A, S, D: Perform tricks

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