Ddharmabharsar Students

Ddharmabharsar Students

Meet Dhara, a former KD College Prep student and National Merit® Finalist. She scored high on her ACT® and SAT® tests and attends Duke University. Colleyville 817.577.5431 - Coppell 972.906.8825 - Flower Mound 214.285.3500 - Frisco 469.242.0860 - Plano 972.867.6544. In 33 years, DDPS has grown into 5 beautiful campuses and is 9,000 students stronger. Our mission 'Every great dream begins with a dreamer. One such dreamer was Late Shri Jai Prakash Bansal, revered founder of our institution. Regarding students studying Punjabi/Urdu. Regarding registration with National Scholarship Portal.

Annual Social Function

Ddharmabharsar Students

The Students’ Union organizes an Annual Social Function in November of every year. The Students of the college perform Cultural Activities here. Annual prize distribution ceremony is also held during that time. Renowned artists perform there. Not only the college staff and students, local inhabitants also come to join the function and make it a grand success.

Cultural Activities:

The Students’ Union organizes cultural competition during August/ September of every year. College students from all streams compete in songs, recitation and quiz competitions.

Sports and Games

Students with interest in games and sports participate in the following events by which a section of them can have an exposure to District and State Level.
Female students can participate in Kho-Kho, Kadaddi, Table Tennis, Athletics and Carom.
A Football Coach, appointed by the college, trains our football team regularly. The teacher of the Department of Physical Education provides coaching to Kho-Kho, Kabaddi and Athletics Team.

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Academic Activities of the Depatment in 2018-19

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Bridging the Gap between Education and Insight

'Many methods lead to the Path; however, fundamentally there are only two: reason and practice. To enter by reason means to realize the essence through instruction and to trust that all living things share the same true nature...To enter by practice refers to four all-inclusive practices: Experiencing injustice, adapting to conditions, seeking nothing, and practicing the Dharma.'
-- 'The Wake-Up Sermon of Bodhidharma'
(Translation by Ven. Dr. Wonji Dharma)
Buddha Dharma University, the seminary of the Five Mountain Zen Order, is a unique institution of higher learning that focuses on continually forging opportunities to experience a contemporary, in-depth and non-sectarian study of Buddhism, while also promoting the knowledge and understanding of the various word traditions, schools and cultures of Buddhism.
Therefore, programs are taught and mentored by scholars and masters from a variety of traditions, which takes advantage of America’s unique diversity of Buddhist practice and presentation.
Buddha Dharma University provides the opportunity to experience a profound, meaningful and rewarding path to Buddhist scholarship and enlightenment.
We are staffed by Buddhists (including monastics as well as married, ordained clergy) from many diverse walks of life, each willing, qualified, and happily able to guide students along the Buddhist scholastic path. Many ordained Buddhist monastics from each of the three major schools of Buddhism (Theravadan, Mahayana and Vajrayana) are involved in guiding the continual process of the refinement, development, and formation of our programs.
If you believe Buddha Dharma University is right for you, we encourage you to apply. If you are accepted, and become one of our students, please come with a Beginner's Mind: willing to learn...and dedicated to seeing the Dharma unfold in your own life.

Ven. Dr. Wonji Dharma, Mahastavira addresses the 2016 Commencement Ceremony.

Service to our Student Body

We have had many students Graduate since 2008, yet none were offered the participation in a formal commencement ceremony. as of December 2015 the Board of Regents has committed to offering two formal Commencement Exercises each year. As our coursework expands and our reach to students continues we are constantly striving for improvements in our service to our academic community.
Additionally, for our students who cannot travel we will offer two on-line 'Without Walls Precepts Ceremonies' and two 'Without Walls Commencement Ceremonies' for the participants as well as the Graduates from Buddha Dharma University.

Wake Up!

'When you are deluded, you are on this shore. When you are aware, you are on the other shore. However, once you know your mind is transparent and you see no appearances, you are beyond delusion and awareness. In addition, once you are beyond delusion and awareness, the other shore does not exist.'
-- 'The Wake-Up Sermon of Bodhidharma' (Translation by Ven. Dr. Wonji Dharma)
Ven. Dr. Wonji Dharma, M.S. appoints Ven. Do'an Prajna as the new Dean of Student Affairs.
  • Keep a clear mind
  • Truth and reliability
  • Great love/Great compassion
  • Save all beings from suffering
Academic Schedule
Spring Quarter
Apr 8 - Jun 3, 2019
Spring Break
Jun 4 - Jul 1, 2019
Summer Quarter

Jul 2 - Sep 2, 2019
Summer Break
Sep 3 - Oct 1, 2019
Fall Quarter
Oct 2 - Dec 3, 2019
Fall Break
Dec 4 - Dec 31, 2019
Courses Offered
Current Quarter

Graduate School
500 - Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
500 - Liturgical Studies

LIT501 - Chanting Practicum One
LIT502 - Chanting Practicum Two
LIT503 - Meditation Practicum One
LIT504 - Meditation Practicum Two
LIT505 - Buddhist Ceremonies
LIT507 - Buddhist Precepts
510 - Buddhist Studies
BST511 - The Life of the Buddha
BST512 - Buddhism Beyond Religion
BST515 - Intro to Zen Buddhism
BST516 - Mirror of Zen
BST517 - Dropping Ashes on the Buddha
BST518 - Compass of Zen
BST519 - Foundational Buddhism
520 - Buddhist General Interest
BGI521 - Zen and Modern Film
BGI522 - Zen Poetry
BGI523 - Eastern Spirituality and Modern Film (NEW)
BGI529 - BDU Course Development
530 - Sutra Studies
SUT531 - Platform Sūtra
SUT532 - Heart Sūtra (NEW)
SUT533 - Diamond Sūtra
SUT535 - Perfect Enlightenment Sūtra
SUT538 - Lotus Sutra
53A - Pali Cannon
SUT53A1 - Introduction to the Abhidhamma
540 - Buddhist Discipline & Ethics
BET541 - Buddhist Ethics
BET543 - Huayan Buddhism
BET545 - Buddhist Monastic Code
550 - Historical Zen Masters
HZM551 - Bodhidharma - the Man, the Myth, the Legend
HZM552 - Chán Master Huangbo
HZM554 - Chán Master Mazu
560 - Korean Buddhist Studies
KBS562 - Introduction to Korean Soen (NEW)
570 - General Religious Studies
REL571 - Beyond Conceptual Thought
REL572 - Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth (NEW)
REL573 - World Religions (NEW)

590 - Masters Thesis
MTH597 - Thesis I (Proposal)
MTH598 - Thesis II (Material & Format)
MTH599 - Thesis III (Oral Defense)
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