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Dansk Stilgraffiti Movies & Documentaries

Famous graffiti movies from Sweden: Wide Style, Wolume, In Your Dreams, Stockholm Sabotage, Area 08, Commuter Madness, and more. Here is a list of 10 of the best Danish films. They should be a great introduction, for there are certainly many more that deserves your attention. Especially considering how.beep. movies Hollywood produces for the time being. Especially children films and social-realism are strong points in the Danish film industry but also comedy and dramas. GRAFFITI ARTIST (GAY SCENES EDITED OUT).

The eighth-graders have received with great enthusiasm the proposal to write their name in graffiti style, even though at the beginning they did not think to get results so beautiful! The process is simple: you start with a linear text and then you “swell” the letters one by one. You can give a round and soft shape, in “balloon” style, or a stiff and sharp shape for a more aggressive style.

We also watched some tutorials like this, or this one, where it has been written the name “Jack”. The tutorials help us especially to understand the process of construction of the letters.

In the second stage we added the thickness of the letters, and subsequently the color with colored pencils in gradation. The last step was to draw a brick wall behind the writing, to make it even more realistic our graffiti.

The following table is a list of films produced in Denmark or in the Danish language during the 1950s. For an alphabetical list of all Danish films currently on Wikipedia see Category:Danish films. For Danish films from other decades see the Cinema of Denmark box above.

Danish TitleEnglish TitleDirector(s)CastGenreNotes
De Røde HesteThe Red HorsesAlice O'Fredericks
Jon Iversen
RomanceBased on the Morten Korch novel
Café ParadisCafe ParadiseBodil Ipsen,
Lau Lauritzen Jr.
Poul Reichhardt, Ingeborg Brams,
Ib Schønberg
DramaBodil Award for Best Danish Film (1951)
I gabestokkenJon Iversen,
Alice O'Fredericks
Ove Rud, Grethe ThordahlFamily
Smedestræde 4Arne WeelIb Conradi, Ebba Nørager,
Liva Weel
Din fortid er glemtYour Past is ForgottenCharles ThamæsBodil Kjer, Ebbe Rode, Gunnar Lauring,
Ib Schønberg, Preben Lerdorff Rye
Mød mig på CassiopeiaMeet Me on CassiopeiaTorben Anton SvendsenBodil Kjer, Lily Broberg, Hans Kurt
Poul Reichhardt, Ellen Gottschalch
Johannes Meyer, Ib Schønberg
Romantic comedy
FodboldpræstenThe Football PriestAlice O'FredericksJørgen Reenberg, Grethe Thordahl,
Ib Schønberg, Inger Stender
Fra den gamle købmandsgårdSvend Methling,
Annelise Reenberg
Sigrid Neiiendam, Svend Methling,
William Rosenberg, Astrid Villaume
NålenJohan JacobsenEbbe Rode, Tove MaësCrime
Det sande ansigtThe True FaceBodil Ipsen
Lau Lauritzen Jr.
Lau Lauritzen Jr., Johannes Meyer,
Lisbeth Movin, Ib Schønberg
DramaBodil Award for Best Danish Film (1952)
Frihed forpligterAlice O'Fredericks,
Robert Saaskin
Inger Stender, Helga FierWar Drama
Alt dette og Island medJohan Jacobsen,
Erik Faustmann
Sonja Wigert, Poul Reichhardt,
Karl Gustav Ahlefeldt, Asbjørn Andersen
Adam og EvaAdam and EveErik BallingLouis Miehe-Renard, Sonja JensenComedyBodil Award for Best Danish Film (1953)
Farlig ungdomDangerous YouthLau Lauritzen Jr.Ib Mosin, Birgitte BruunCrimeBodil Award for Best Danish Film (1954)
Far til FireFather of FourAlice O'FredericksIb Schønberg, Birgitte BruunFamily
Jan går til filmenTorben Anton SvendsenHenrik Huld, Ib Lundtoft,
Mimi Heinrich
BlændværkDelusionJohan JacobsenMimi Heinrich, Henrik WieheCrime
OrdetThe WordCarl Theodor DreyerEmil Hass Christensen, Birgitte FederspielDramaBodil Award for Best Danish Film (1955)
På tro og loveTorben Anton SvendsenRomanceBodil Award for Best Danish Film (1956)
KispusKispusErik BallingHelle Virkner
Henning Moritzen
Romantic comedyFirst Danish feature film in color
QivitoqQivitoqErik BallingPoul Reichhardt
Astrid Villaume
Filmed on location in Greenland. Entered into the 1957 Cannes Film Festival.
Ingen tid til kærtegnBe Dear to MeAnnelise HovmandFamilyBodil Award for Best Danish Film (1957), Entered into Berlin
Tag til marked i FjordbyPoul BangDirch Passer, Ove Sprogøe,
Buster Larsen, Lily Broberg
BundfaldSin AlleyPalle Kjærulff-Schmidt
Robert Sasskin
Birgitte Bruun, Ib Mossin,
Ghita Nørby
CrimeBodil Award for Best Danish Film (1958)
Styrmand KarlsenAnnelise ReenbergJohannes Meyer, Otto Brandenburg, Frits Helmuth, Dirch Passer, Ove Sprogøe, Ghita NorbyFamily
Det lille hotelThe Little HotelJon IversenHelge Kjærulff-Schmidt, Lisbeth Movin,
Ebbe Langberg
Mariannes bryllupMarianne's WeddingPeer GuldbrandsenHenning Moritzen, Astrid Villaume,
Birgitte Bruun
Ung kærlighedAndré RodriguezSuzanne Bech, Klaus Pagh, Annie Birgit GardeRomance
SoldaterkammeraterSoldier BuddiesSven MethlingPaul Hagen, Vera StrickerComedy
Guld og grønne skoveThe Girls Are WillingGabriel AxelEntered into the 8th Berlin International Film Festival
En fremmed banker påJohan JacobsenBirgitte FederspielPreben Lerdorff Rye
Victor Montell
Bodil Award for Best Danish Film (1959)
Vi er allesammen tossedeSven MethlingKjeld Petersen, Jessie Rindom
Birgitte Reimer, Buster Larsen
Dirch Passer
ComedyBodil Award for Best Danish Film (1960)
Far til fire på BornholmFather of Four on BornholmAlice O'Fredericks
Robert Saaskin
Karl Stegger, Else Hvidhøj
Otto Møller Jensen, Ole Neumann
PawAstrid Henning-JensenEdvin AdolphsonEntered into the 1960 Cannes Film Festival
Poeten og LillemorThe Poet and the Little MotherErik BallingEntered into the 9th Berlin International Film Festival

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