Crack Samsung Star Phone Lock

For the Samsung Galaxy J7 Star T-Mobile version: - To enter download mode: Power off your phone, connect USB cable to PC only on one end (not to your phone), then press volume down AND home button at the same time, and while holding both down, connect USB cable to your phone. Every Q/A site probably has three out of every eight questions related to, “how to reset a Samsung Phone that is locked”, or “how to reset a Samsung Phone if I forgot my password” and even requests for steps to carry out “Reset Samsung Lock”.

I tried to flash a ROM onto my Galaxy s4 i9505 5.1 lollipop, International version. The phone is rooted and unlocked.and the Rom didn't flash. I did all the wipes beforehand using TWRP so I am left with the Samsung logo now, but it seems I can boot to the download screen. Is there any guide to help me?
Crack Samsung Star Phone Lock

Many Samsung users report various kinds of Android issues that they face regularly. Are you one of them? Are you tired of using numerous methods and solutions for fixing the errors and bugs without any success? Then you must use the Samsung flash tool that is designed for flashing your Samsung device.

Are you encountering issues such as apps crash, boot loop, device stuck in black or white screen, etc on your Samsung device randomly? Then you need to flash the device and install custom ROM to it by using Samsung Odin flashing software. You can also use a specialized third-party tool for fixing all kinds of system issues. Let's check the differences between the three methods.

Or you can check out the comparison table first before choosing the methods:

iMyFone Fixppo for Android Odin Flash ToolSP Flash Tool
What kind of issues can be fixedAll software & system issuesOnly some system issuesOnly some system issues
Success rateHighMediumMedium
Required timeShortLongLong
The way of flashingAutomaticallyManuallyManually
Free download firmwareYesNoNo

Now you may have a basic knowledge of the three methods and you can find more details about each one below.

No.1 The Simplest & Best Samsung Flash Tool/Software

If you want to use a simple and best way to flash your Samsung phones or tablets. iMyFone Fixppo for Android is highly recommended, which is an advanced Android OS repair tool that is developed for fixing all system and software issues on Samsung devices.

  • Full Compatibility: It is developed via the latest technology and is compatible with all Samsung phones/tablets, including the latest Android 10.
  • 100% Workable: With the fastest repairing rate and a 100% success rate, the issues can be fixed quickly and safely.
  • Easy to Follow: You do not need to find the firmware on your own or to be a tech-savvy about Android. All you need to do is 3 simple clicks.
  • Firmware Download Free: It will provide you a suitable firmware to flash your device, and also can help you to flash the custom ROM you already have.

Follow the instructions given below to fix the Samsung issues using Fixppo for Android.

Step 1: Open Fixppo for Android on your computer and click on the Start button. Now enter your device details and choose other options accordingly. Click Download Firmware. The program will download the firmware and extract the software.

Step 2: Next, connect your device to the computer. The device should be in 'Download Mode' before you start fixing the issue.

Step 3: Once the phone enters the Download mode, the fixing process will start. Until the process gets over, don't use the device or disconnect it from the computer, else it may get bricked. After the fixing process is over, the phone will restart automatically.

This powerful tool is trusted by many users and professional websites across the world. Do not hesitate to try the free version now!

No.2 Odin Flash Tool for Samsung

In this part of the article, you will learn about the features of the Odin flash tool and how to use it. Odin flash tool is a very effective tool to flash the stock firmware. Using the Odin flash tool, you can keep your phone updated with the latest firmware version. Please note that you need to find and download the firmware on your own.

Lock Stolen Samsung Phone

Odin tool is easily available online on multiple websites. You need to find a suitable version for your Samsung device and download it from a secure website. The steps for installing the Samsung flashing software are given below.

Step 1: First, find, download and install the compatible stock ROM and the USB driver for your device.

Step 2: Extract all the files to the computer. You need to boot your phone in Download mode. Press and hold the Power, Home and Volume Down button of your device. Release the Power button as soon as the device vibrates.

Step 3: You will see a warning message on your device. Now open the Odin download on your computer and connect your Samsung.

Step 4: The Odin tool will detect your device and will display 'Added' on the left side. Now select either PDA or AP and import the stock ROM file that was extracted before.

Step 5: Click on the Start button for starting the flashing process. When you see a green color message saying 'Pass', disconnect the device from the computer.

Step 6: Now your device will be in the stock Recovery mode and will be stuck in it. To resolve this, press and hold the Power, Volume and Home button again and release the Power button when the device vibrates.

Step 7: In Recovery mode, navigate using the volume buttons and choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset using the Power button. After that, select 'Reboot System Now' for restarting the device. The Samsung device will restart with the new custom ROM installed on it.

No.3 SmartPhone Flash Tool

Crack Samsung Star Phone Lock Case

The SmartPhone flash tool is also known as the SP Flash tool and is designed for flashing custom ROM on Android devices, but the success rate is relatively low. So it cannot be your first choice if you want to flash your Samsung.

Step 1: Find and download ROM that you need for flashing on the internet by yourself.

Step 2: Install MTK driver on your computer. Then download the SP Flash tool and extract the file on your computer.

Step 3: Run the flash_tool.exe file for opening the SP Flash window and click on the 'Download' tab and choose 'Scatter-loading'.

Step 4: Find and choose the downloaded file and click on 'Open'. Then select 'Download' on the tool window.

Step 5: Now connect your Samsung to the computer.

Step 6: After the software recognizes it, the flashing process will begin. After the process completes, a green circle will appear. Then you can disconnect your Samsung and wait till it reboots.


Have a query regarding the Samsung flashing software? If you don't want to complicate things, just try Fixppo for Android OS repair tool. Other than downloading firmware for free and flashing your Samsung, it also can fix the black or white screen, stuck on the boot screen, and more Android system related issues. Just give it a try on this Android repair software, free download for PC.


How to unlock your Samsung Star 3

In this article, we’ll show you how to unlock your Samsung Star 3.

What is a PIN?

Normally, you must enter your PIN to access the device after turning it on.

A PIN code is a four-digit code and is used to ensure security so that everyone can not access your smartphone.

This one, as well as your personal PUK (see below for more details) you receive when you purchase your SIM card in a cover letter.

In case of activation of the PIN code entry, you will only be able to use your smartphone if you have entered this code correctly.

However, PIN entry can also be disabled.

Crack Samsung Star Phone Lock

How to unblock the SIM card on my Samsung Star 3?

When you turn on your Samsung Star 3, you must first enter the PIN code to unlock the SIM card. But what if you entered multiple incorrect code?

If you have entered the wrong code several times, a message asking to enter the PUK code will appear on the screen.

As already mentioned, it is also possible to disable the option that asks to enter the PIN.

How it works is explained below:

To disable PIN entry

  • Go to settings, then “Security”.
  • You will now see several options. Click on “Configure SIM blocking”.
  • If you had to enter a PIN code to access your Samsung Star 3 so far, the option “Lock SIM card” is checked.
  • Click to disable the option.

However, we recommend that you enter the PIN code for security reasons.

How to change your PIN

If you wish, you can easily change your PIN, for example, because it seems too simple and therefore not safe enough, or because you have noticed that other people know your PIN.

To do this, please proceed as follows:

  • Access settings in your Samsung Star 3.
  • Also, press the “Security” option.
  • Click “Configure SIM Block”.
  • You will now see the option “Change the PIN code of the SIM card”. Click on the option to select it.
  • First enter your old PIN. Normally, you have three attempts to complete this step.
  • Then follow the instructions on your phone to choose a new code.

If your SIM card is locked on your Samsung Star 3

If you enter a wrong PIN several times, your SIM card will be locked and you will need to enter the PUK code to unlock it.

The PUK code is an eight-digit personal code that unlocks your SIM card.

However, you can not change this code, as is the case with the PIN.

To enter the PUK code you have up to ten attempts.

If you have not successfully entered the correct PUK code, your SIM card will be locked permanently.

If you have entered the PUK code correctly, you will be prompted to set a new PIN.

Attention: If you do not have your PUK code handy, for example because you can not find the additional letter of the SIM card, please contact the customer service of your mobile operator.

Make your Samsung Star 3 “sim lock free”

In Europe, the providers have agreed that after one year the owner can request the unblocking code free of charge, with which the phone can be unlocked.

In the meantime, too, but then the provider will usually demand a fee, because the economic ground for giving the discount has been lost.

This should be the case on your Samsung Star 3.
There are various possibilities to remove the SIM lock without permission from the provider, for example via an independent telecom shop, but there are potential disadvantages. For example, there is no certainty whether the phone is still doing well after removing the sim lock.

Moreover, it is the provider that acts as supplier of the telephone and is therefore responsible for the warranty of the device.

Unauthorized unlocking is usually considered by providers as a ground for exclusion of the guarantee.

So please check your Samsung Star 3 warranty before doing so.

Legal status if you decide to unlock your Samsung Star 3

Incidentally, it is not forbidden to remove the sim lock in the meantime.

After purchase, the device is the property of the buyer, who may make the choice to switch to another network.

This is usually done by replacing or modifying the software, which is not prohibited if the adjuster or the client holds copyright or a license for the updated software.
Among other things, in a judgment of a Dutch court case the following has been released about the removal of the sim lock of mobile phones: “A sim lock and a service provider lock can not be regarded as copyrighted work” and “Changing a sim lock or service provider lock, or the intrusion into such a facility is therefore not to be regarded as unlawful”. So check all these cases before unlocking your Samsung Star 3!

We hope to have helped you unlock your Samsung Star 3.

You need more? Our team of experts and passionate can help you.

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