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Third Grade Units

ClanGrade 3 Clan Matrix
HoganGrade 3 Hogan Matrix
ClothingGrade 3 Clothing Matrix
Places History GovernmentGrade 3 Places History & Government Matrix
StorytellingGrade 3 Storytelling Matrix
Rug WeavingGrade 3 Rug Weaving Matrix
FoodGrade 3 Food Matrix
Arts CraftsGrade 3 Arts & Crafts Matrix

Language Arts Lesson Plan – 3rd Grade Curriculum Total Activities: 197 Chapter 1: “Vocabulary Skills” Lesson 1: Synonyms – 4 Activities The student will demonstrate knowledge by determining the meaning of synonyms from grade level appropriate vocabulary, by correctly choosing a given word or phrase that means the same thing, in reading. I have taught in 3 rd grade and 1 st grade, however; 3 rd grade has been my favorite. I enjoy all subjects but my favorite to teach is Language Arts. I also enjoy Readers Theater, creating books, writing stories, and book discussions. Elysian Fields Independent School District » Teacher Pages » Elementary » Third Grade Please use the menu to the left to select a teacher. We love our students!


3rd Grade Language Arts Pdf

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Unit NameLesson PlanWork SheetsPPT., etc.
  • Clothing.htm
Places, History, & Government3rd Grade PHG Lesson Plan
  • Sacred-mountain-worksheet
StorytellingThird Storytelling lesson plan3rd Grade Navajo Constellations
Rug WeavingThird Rug lesson plan
Food3rd Grade Food Unit Lesson Plan
Arts & Crafts

Language arts 3rd grade

3rd Grade Language Arts Questions

School Year Assessments:

Contact Me:mr. Slack's 3rd Grade Language Arts Curriculum

Unit NameFormativeDFADistrict Pre/Post
Places, History, & Government3rd-Grade-PHG-DFA
Rug Weaving3rd-Grade-Rug- DFA
Arts & Crafts3rd-Grade-Arts-Craft-DFA
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