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Epubor Ultimate Converter – Maximum conversion solutions for e-books allows you to easily convert between e-book formats: ePub, PDF, Mobi for one book or in batch mode. Now you can convert your ePub book or PDF format to Mobi format for Kindle minute. You can also transfer the e-mail. Kindle books on iPad, Sony reader and other reader. You can now read as ePub books, and PDF or Mobi.The program does not have any additional requirements.Ultimate Converter supports Kindle, Sony, Kobo, Nook and other readers.


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  • Converting formats ePub and PDF to Kindle Fire and other Kindle devices.
  • Convert Mobi and PDF books in ePub and read them on the iPad and other ePub reader with.
  • Support batch processing, so you do not need to add files one by one. Simply convert all the files in one folder, and it will save you a lot of time.
  • Save all the original content and effects.
  • Simple drag and drop movement.
  • Error messages in the books for the possibility of instant correction.
Como Converter Pdf Mobi Download For Windows 7backstage


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As we know, both Mobi and EPUB are popular known formats. But actually they are not so widely used as PDF, because PDF is supported by more devices or platforms. Sometimes the reading device or app may support pdf better than ePub or Mobi. So converting EPUB and Mobi books to PDF is necessary. You may are looking for a solution to convert the format, but cannot find a satisfactory answer. Here are the useful ways to help you deal with your conversion problem.

Why we need to convert EPUB or Mobi files to PDF

For Mobi to PDF

Mobi is Amazon's unique eBook format, we can only read them on Kindle app or Kindle device. Currently, eReader on the market almost support PDF or EPUB files not Kindle format. Converting Mobi to PDF, we can:

1. Read Mobi files on more available devices support PDF files, such as Kobo, Nook, Sony eReader and iPad.

2. Print the converted PDF files, because Kindle for PC/Mac or Kindle device does not provide any print function.


Both PDF and EPUB are open standard format, though they are supported by multiple devices or platform, there are still many differences between them. So why we need to convert EPUB to PDF?

1. PDF files can be digitally signed, we can set password to securely locked against copying, printing, even opening.

2. PDF files keep the original layout of any document which has all kinds of data, such as text, multimedia, video, maps, full-color graphics and photos.

There are enough reasons for us to convert EPUB and Mobi files to PDF. Next, I will teach you how to for details.

Convert DRM-free EPUB Mobi to PDF

In this part, I will introduce 2 EPUB and Mobi to PDF converters for you, including online eBook converter and a freeware eBook converter Calibre.

1Online eBook Converter

If you don't like to install any third-party app on your computer, you can choose online eBooks converter to help you directly convert EPUB and Mobi files to PDF online, which is totally free.


Currently, there are so many online eBook converter tools on the market that you may don't know which one is better. Here I recommend 3 useful online eBook converters that I prefer for you: Zamzar, and As we have already written related content about it, I will not explain it here again. Please click how to convert EPUB to PDF online and convert Mobi to PDF online to learn the details.


As we know, calibre is a free and open-source software which allows us to edit, read eBooks and convert eBook format. It supports a variety of formats, including Mobi, EPUB, PDF, etc. Now, let's learn how to use it to convert EPUB and Mobi books to PDf step by step.

Step1: Download and install Calibre.

Step2: After you have installed it on your computer successfully, please launch it and drag your EPUB and Mobi files to its main interface, or you can click 'Add books' button on the top left corner of the software to add your books.

Step3: Select all the EPUB and Mobi books you need to convert, click 'Convert books' at the top navigation bar, then it will pop up another window, just choose PDF as output format, then tap 'Ok' to start converting EPUB and Mobi files to PDF.

Then you can see a conversion process at the bottom right corner, when the number turns to '0', it shows all your books have been converted successfully.

To find your converted PDF books, please right-click your added book, select 'Open containing folder' to open the folder which saves your PDF files.

Each converted PDF file is saved in a different folder, if you need to convert many books at a time, when you select all the book and click 'Open containing folder', it will pop up several window which shows your converted PDF files. It's not very convenient for us to find and transfer these files.

Como Converter Pdf Mobi Download For Windows Backstage 64-bit

Note: Both online eBook converter and Calibre can only convert DRM-free EPUB Mobi files to PDF. If your books are DRM-protected, none of them can convert format successfully.

Convert DRM-protected EPUB and Mobi files to PDF

As Calibre and online eBook converter can only convert DRM-free books' format, here I recommend you a powerful tool Epubor Ultimate. Using this software, we can easily convert EPUB and Mobi books to PDF, without considering they are DRM-free or DRM-protected.

Start 30-days free trial

Because of its clean interface, I believe almost everyone will know how to use it at the first time.

Convert EPUB and Mobi files to PDF:

Como Converter Pdf Mobi Download For Windows Backstage Version

There are only 3 simple steps to convert EPUB and Mobi to PDF. Just drag your books from the folder which saves your Mobi and EPUB files to the main interface of this tool, select 'PDF' as output format, then click 'Convert to PDF' button to start conversion.

As you can see that the books will automatically load the corresponding tabs in left bar, just drag and drop them to the right column, all DRM will be removed. Then convert the books to pdf as you like.

Note: If your books are DRM-protected, once you drag them to the main frame of the tool, they will be decrypted soon. But you must make sure you can read them on your computer.

Como Converter Pdf Mobi Download For Windows Backstage 7

When the files have been converted successfully, you can click 'succeeded' at the end of book title to open the folder stored at the converted files. No need to find the files by yourself.

Using this tool, we can convert eBooks in batch within a few seconds, all the output files keep the original content, no need to worry about losing the layout, content of converted books. Besides, it can deal with both DRM-free and DRM-protected files. To convert eBook format, only this 1 software is enough.

That's all I want to share with you. Hope this can really help you.

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