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Game Title: Robert E. Lee: Civil War General
Release Date: xx-xx-1996
Release Number: 1
Next Game in Series: Civil War Generals 2: Grant-Lee-Sherman
Series: Impressions

Civil War Generals 2 Windows 10

Description: Strategic turn-based war game focused on the North American civil war. The game is campaign-based and links eight major battles into a single campaign where you decide the fate of the confederation. Includes simulations of actual historical battles such as Antietam, Gettysburg, etc. as well as a fictional assault on Washington D.C. Uses traditional top-down 2d graphics for the tactical maps, and the game includes a series of fmv clips re-enacting battles, charges, etc. that play upon specific actions. (From Mobygames description)
Civil war generals 2 update

I love the Commandos series and Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty was released in 1999 as a stand-alone expansion pack for the awesome Commandos Behind Enemy Lines game. What is weird about this is that while it was released as an expansion pack, you did not need the original game to play it. Think of it as a shorter version of what we already got and you are on the right track.

Once Again, The Mission Comes First

Civil War Generals 2 Download

The game gives us eight brand-new missions to complete. What is strange about this is that they do not have anything (from what I could see) to do with the original game. They are kind of just there and feel more like side missions. I am not saying that is a bad thing, but I would have liked more story to go along with these than we actually got. The missions are about what you would expect. Espionage, getting in, taking people out, and trying not to be seen.


These missions in Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty are hard as nails by the way! While this is a stand-alone expansion, I would not suggest you play this to see if Behind Enemy Lines is for you! This is made for people who are already experts at the original game.

Any New Toys?

Civil war enhanced generals 2

There is not exactly a ton of new content in the game. Some of the commandos do have a new ability that they can use. You do have a few new items such as smokes that you can leave out as a distraction and handcuffs to, well you know handcuff people. The Spy is kind of cooler in that he can steal uniforms and use them to his advantage. In all honesty, not a ton of new stuff was actually added here which is a bit of a shame and the stuff that was added did not exactly break any new ground.

The Right Commando For The Right Job

Civil war enhanced generals 2

Civil War Generals 2 Demo Free Download Torrent

Once again, Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty has you needing to make use of your commando’s abilities to complete missions. The enemies for the most part are the same, but there are also wild animals that can get in your way too which is kind of fun. One new addition that I did like was being able to grab an enemy and move them around at gunpoint. For the most part, if you played the first game, you know what to do here. It is just much tougher this time around so you really need to have honed your skills from the original game before jumping in here.

I loved the original game and spent many, many hours with it. I feel that with Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty they did as little as they could. Do not get me wrong, as someone who loves Commandos, I had a great time with this. I just feel that they could have added a lot more, especially as this was a stand-alone expansion. I bet more than a few people bought this and were not impressed with how little content there was. Still, for fans of the series, it is well worth playing through.

Final Score

Civil war generals 2 update


Civil War Generals 2 Demo Free Download Pc

  • It is more Commandos which is never a bad thing
  • I still like the visual presentation
  • These missions will really test your skills
  • I liked some of the new abilities
  • Using smokes as a distraction is funny


  • It is very light on content
  • I would not recommend jumping into this unless you have mastered the original game
Overall rating: 7.5
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