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Along with the religion, it also appears to have the religion culture. For example, Chinese church songs would be the beginning. Church music is written for performance in church, or any musical setting ecclesiastical liturgy.

During COVID-19 & beyond, reach more people in your church and community

City Harvest Chinese Service came about as a result of Pastor Kong and Sun’s vision to build a “Church Without Walls”. There was an evident need to serve the Mandarin-speaking in our society, and from just a handful of members meeting as a cell group, this vibrant ministry rapidly increased, leading to the start of our very first Chinese. Any time, Anywhere. ChurchWest online is the best way to manage your account, claims and services. Call Us Today: 800-843-6054.

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Is your church or ministry live streaming from Facebook and/or YouTube, but your church members can’t find your services, or are too distracted by those cat videos? is a free easy to use solution that pulls your social stream onto your own “Live” or “Online Church” website page.

No equipment needed

No expensive cameras, encoders or equipment needed. Just stream from your phone or computer.

No hidden fees
Chinese music for your church services free

Livestreaming from a social media provider is free and we won't charge you for your livestream page. Zero. Zilch.

No tech person needed

Social media providers make it easy to go live within a few clicks and we provide FAQs to help you along the way.

Works with live and prerecorded videos

You can upload your videos ahead of time or go live on the spot.

5-minute setup

5-minute one time setup with no need to login in the future. Whenever a visitor accesses your page, they'll always see your latest video.

Bible, notes and chat

The Bible, notes and chat are included on your page so that your community remains engaged and isn't distracted by social media.

Link back to your website

Include top navigation links to your website pages to help your community engage with what matters most.

Giving callout

Easily connect to your online giving page with a prominent link to keep your ministry running.

No distractions

Chinese2music For Your Church Services Philadelphia

Reach the 30% who don't have a Facebook account, and keep them from clicking on those cute cat videos.

Customizable logo

Chinese Music For Your Church Services Near Me

*Coming Soon. Make your livestream page look like an extension of your current website.

Chinese2music For Your Church Services Near Me

Livestream anytime

Use for services, pastors update and other ministries in the church.

Sign Up

Chinese2music For Your Church Services

Create your free account and connect to your Facebook and/or YouTube pages.

Copy Link

Copy your custom URL and link it to a “Live” or “Online Church” link on your existing website.

Go Live

Chinese Music For Your Church Services Catholic

Go live with your message and it will automatically show up on your website.

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